Saturday, November 13, 2010

king of the hill

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I just got a message from Callie, Gus and Louie reminding me that an entire week has gone by since I last bloggied! Wow wee.. that is ridiculous! I guess stupid work interferred with my assistant's bloggie responsibilities.. I'll save you from the boring details. But thanks to my heeler pals to herd me back to bloggieland.

Okay now woos know I am far behind on blogging and in fact most of the trees are bare and brown now but I still have fotos from this spectacular fall to show you. I hope you don't mind.

Okay- ready I will be pawsonal trail guide. Back in .. ahem.. October, I went to Stow Ma to hike the Marble Hill trail. I like this trail because it is not too busy so I can run wild and free!

Okay- your trail guide is ready.. Hmm. Which way to go?
I guess it doesn't matter. Let's go!

Norwood on the Marble Hill Trail

You should always mark your trail so you know your way back! Go ahead! I'll wait.
mark your trail

Whew pee wars! that's exciting I gotta shake it off.
shake it off

This is the fun part- some spots along the trail you have to leap over any fallen tree obstacles! Weee! COME ON!
flying norwood

And then stop to enjoy the beauty. Ahhh!
Marble Hill Trail

Oh boy great! I found some huge rocks to climb. Look at me this is my mountain lion pose.
Marble Hill Trail

You didn't think that last one was huge but it was apart of this HUGE rock! I'm king of the HILLLLLLLLL!
king of the hill
Yep that is Mango size! So while my photographer was climbing up.... I happen to find something that sparked my snooter. Get close.
dirty boys are best
Yep...get closer... Dirty Boyz always have more fun!
dirty boy lippers

As part of my trail guide duties, I had to make a video of a little leaf crunching and fall ambiance for my Florida pals Brucethecat and Sharon. They don't get to enjoy fall like I do.

Yep.. ..... autumn is splendid.
Autumn bliss

Oh and don't forget to join in! My terrier pals Jake & Fergie are requesting all our participation in the 2nd annual Worldwide Moment this Sunday! Nov 14th 11pm GMT. For details go here.


  1. Nice walk! Buffy would love to go on long walks, but when she gets home she limps around,so she doesn't go on too many walks in the woods any more!
    Have a nice day~xxoo
    Deborah and Buffy

  2. Pawesome hike khomplete with jingles and khrunch!

    Woo must get your assistant to improve -

    After all, The Good Skhwad might have gotten woo!


  3. Thank dog those heelers reminded you that you have a fan club out here, missing your Norwacked adventures!

  4. Wooo Norwood you make a great trail guide.

    Agree fully you have to pee on the trail to make sure you can find your way back.

    Dirty nose, fantastic, me and you could have a lot of fun together, peeing, climbing rocks and getting dirty noses :-)


  5. That was a fantastic hike! Yes, pee wars are fun!

    The Road Dogs

  6. We missed you!! What a wonderful trail guide you are!


  7. you are a most excellent trail guide


  8. Being Chester's assistant, I understand all too well how blogging takes a back seat sometimes, Norwood. Give us a break, we only do it so we can buy you treats and funballs!

    That's a mountain lion poser I would just love to hug!

    Chester agrees, dirty boys are best! (and so do I)

    Hope you have lots of fall walkies and pee wars this weekend!
    Chester's Mom ;0-)

  9. Oh Norwood - you are the BEST hiking guide! You take Mom back to her girlhood days, when she walk and rode a horsie through pretty fall woods! AND... you took us on a hike that we would LOVE to share with you - that rock is just awesome and your grubby nose is simply perfect - we love to get down and dirty heheh! Have a great weekend... we are sure you will! Like your new yellow bell!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  10. Norwood - You are a BLAST. You love climbing up on boulders for photos just like my dogs do. And you look awesome among those fall colors. Love the bandanna!

    When K gets better (paws crossed), she wants to go hiking with YOU!

  11. Hey Norwood!
    Great pix of a wonderful woodsy hike! I looovvveee your territory. It's so pretty there and lots of fun for hiking. I espeially like the pix of your well-used snout. Digging is the best when you get it all over you...even on your tongue! Great job.
    Grr and Woof,

  12. Norwood, your hikes inspire us! Loved that decision-making and tree vaulting and that mountain lion posing. Speaking of which ... have we told ya about the mountain lion pee baggies Moma stashed in our new garden? Makes for really good sniffing AND we're learning to roach. (It seems lots of good sniff stuff gets deposited in the night in our yard.) You'd be proud.

    Counting the hours
    Jake and Fergi

  13. We were about to report you as CMIA (cracker dog missing in action) but glad to see you back. And when do you ever not run wild and free?

  14. Thanks for the leaf crunching Norwood. We thoroughly enjoyed it! Nothing here in Florida but SUNSHINE...not saying that's bad though...we Floridians LOVE our winters. (not officially winter yet, but at least the temp is getting down into the 70's in the morning). Sure love your fall colors!
    Thanks pal,
    Bruce & Sharon too:)
    p.s. Sharon's been missing in action lately too...been busy putting together a snapfish book for our 2010 racing season...loads of photos to sort through. Good news - just finished this morning!

  15. Autumn is sure beautiful in your neck of the woods, Norwood! We love that last picture with the HUGE red leaf!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. Guys just gotta have dirty snooters now and then.. It turns the girrrrls round and round. hehehe

  17. Since we didn't get to go hiking this weekend, I enjoyed hiking vicariously through you! That sure is a nice place you picked!


  18. Great leaf crunching, Norwood. We haven't been doing too well with our posts, and that may be slowing down even more:( We love seeing all the beauty of New England in the fall - thanks for sharing. In that first pic of you on the smaller rock, you have a very "Puppy" look to you:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. I'm glad Gus, Louie, and Callie herded you back into blogville! We missed you. That looked like a very fun hiking trip!

    Elyse and Riley

  20. What a nice walk. We see you eat dirt like Lily. BOL
    Benny & Lily

  21. How can you leave us for so long and not even know it? GEESH!

    Looks like you had another great adventure. You sure do get around. hahah

  22. Nordude! Glad some doggies are still having funballs. I did go walkies yesterday, but not very far. Certainly no big adventure in the wild woods west of 495 like yourself.



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