Sunday, February 20, 2011

teacher's pet

hi every bloggie.

Oh boy.. we had spring here.
It was in the 50s and now back to a super cold blast today.
That's okay because I still have footage from
2 weeks ago when we had lots of snowballs.

Yeppers, I went to the trails every day that weekend.
One trip to the Charm Bracelet Trails included a few friends
Fun Aunt Dee invited her spec ed teacher friends to snowshoe!

See here they are but the sunshine blacked them out.
Yep- classic teacher talk moment. You know teachers are chatty patties.
I reminded them we are here for funballs!
Let's go!!!!!! I was flying!

I made sure everyone stayed together.. the cattle dog in me.
Come Jen don't get too far behind.

Rut roh... the ladees are a bit miffed about getting down the hill.
I showed them... easy peasy.

Hee hee I thought Karen required my assistance!
Okay your next Jen!

I'm watching if woo need my rescue!

Ready.... weeeeeee!

It was funballs but I wasn't allowed to do it again.
We kept moving.

I had to take snow munchers break just like Miss Khyra do on her walkies
Whew.. snow shoeing makes woo hot!

Okay.. we are finishing up!
It was super fun hanging with the ladees today!

I think I'm now the teacher's pet! neener neener
Here's a final video- it's momma's favorite view of the trail.

Wait before woo leave
Lookie I took had my norwood cam on during a couple of my trips.
Here's a few pics that moi took.

Here's the trail

Ha ha.. momma is taking a pic of me and I'm taking a pic of her.

Shades of gray... winter tree shot

Whoops! Wait up momma! I'm coming.

And this one's for ShawneetheShepard.!

Before I leave.. my pal Rudy has a fun valentine's day contest.
It's still open. Get in it to win it.



  1. NordicDude, You have too much fun!

    Happy, Waggin' Tails, FUREVER!
    Stumpy and me

  2. Oh my goodness it looks freezing over there
    Benny & Lily

  3. Nordude! You always have the most adventureous funballs! We just looooove your orange shoes!

    Penny & Patches

  4. You are gonna be the Teacher's Pet fur sure after this walkie.

    I love the Norwood chin Shot and I think the pic you took of your mom taking YOUR pic is PURE PAYBACK fur all the Flashy Beast pics she takes of you. BaaaWaaaaah

  5. Nowwood
    It's like you have youw own pwivate ski wesowt
    Soopew funballs
    I think you awe the smawtest woofie I know fow chosing youw Mom
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess Wish you would have come to Camelot

  6. Norwood - you have some beautiful shadow shots here!!! Love the cloud pics and that first shot of you - I like to call it - Norwood, King of the Snow Hill! Videos rocked too, NorDude! I know five Siberian Huskies who would have loved to been out there romping in the snow with you! Happy Sunday!

  7. you enjoy that snow wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much!


  8. WOWZERZ Nor-dude - that'z alot of snow an'u alwayz gitz tu du fun stuffz - we MITE git walkiez sumtimez butt u haz lotza neat placez tu go. We'z gotz 70 degreez tuday butt it will b 35 tumorrow.
    ~Shiloh'n Shasta~

  9. I have to admit you look very sporty in your orange boots. Great exercise for a lightweight who doesn't sink into the snow.

    Watch out! Snow tonight. Brrrr...


  10. Nice walk for everyone! It looked like fun!!!

  11. The Momster was a teacher too and she says you would definitely be the teacher's pet for her. We LOVE seeing that snow - we have wind and sun and 66 here today - bring back our snow!!!

    Great videos, and love the Norwood Cam shots too.

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. All of our snow melted this week & I was happy. Right now it is snowing and I'm supposed get 4-8 inches and I'm not happy.

    Off to Rudy's to check it out.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  13. It's decided! Moma's gonna get some of those snowshoes! AND. She's got a question. About those orange boots you wear. Seems my tenderfeet have gotten even more tender the past couple of years. So. i'm gonna get some snowshoes, too! Here's the question: what kind are those? They look like some our neighbor Nessie has ... but yours are cool ORANGE!

    Do you mind telling us? Pretty please?

    Waiting for our next snow,
    Fergi (and Jake)

  14. You are one with the snow, dude! Looks like lots of fun but we'll pass on the snow!

    Sam and Pippen

  15. Great Norcam shots! I think that looks like tons of fun, although I'm glad winter's coming to an end here.


  16. Why is your grass white like that?


  17. Hot, cold, hot, cold... and then more snow!
    Sure the weather is crazy, right?
    I can see you all had lots of fun there!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Hehehehehe now I get to smooch you back on the chinny chin chin! Isn't it fun taking pikshures of our moms with our cams? A taste of their own medicines, BOL! And Norwood, I has to woof that I is so mostly impressed at how you keep your boots on in the snow and all. It do be a fine art.

  19. I love the shots from your cam best! You do take the better pictures Norwood! You sure can make it to NatGeo :)

  20. That's it...I'm going to have to design a cat-pack for you to wear so I can ride on your back. This looks like way too much fun!
    your pal,

  21. We just love all those pictures (and movies), you look soo good in neon orange booties!
    Thanks for posting the giveaway link :)

    Al - Rudy's Brother

  22. no wonder you two are so physically fit ~~ wow

  23. wooo Norwood that looks like such fun. Think im going to come out and stay with you for a while and zoomie in the snow with you and the ladies.


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