Thursday, January 01, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE-the Return of Old Man Winter

Yesterday not only brought in the new year but a return of old man winter.  
That didn't stop us from enjoying the snow!
Norwood's terrier personality was out.  
He somehow thought there were rodents under snow/ground.
Pounce pounce pounce!  Stomp stomp stomp with paw!
 Dig Dig and then pounce again! It makes him happy who am I to stop him.  
 Oh that's right, it's hard to stop a "terrier" in a kill mode- I don't have a say in it. 

This past year was good to us- it brought Norwood to a new home.  This new year we can only hope is as good.  Happy New year to all our new blog friends!  


  1. HELLOOOOOOOOO our down the street neighbors!!!! BRRRRRRRRR it's bad out today isn't it??!! Happy new year to you!!! We are glad to see you digging in the snow( that must be the JRT in you!!) and we are happy to have new local blogging pals!! We are looking forward to many adventures with you in the new year!! love A+A


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