Monday, April 11, 2011

my own coocoo kitty saga

hi every bloggie!
Now that the snow is gone, I get to walk along
the Assabet River trail. Wahoo!

the squirrels are out
the beavers are back
the bunnies hopped out
the froggies are chirping!
what else could a blue boy like me ask for?

oh wait... move over tula. I have my own coo coo kitty saga.
You see, the other day, a kitty was sitting by the frogger pond
let's just say... game on coo coo kitty

Note the yelling. I suggest you ignore it
but finally, finally, it was captured and momma's exposed.
See she's not always sugary sweet and nice to me.
Isn't so funballs when the camera's turned on you right?

Speaking of spy cams, I had many inquiries about my spy webcam.
I use iCam - it doesn't stream to the web but to my iPhone.
It's available for iPhone/iPad and Android- $4-5
I use the built in camera on my iMac and point it at the couch.
You can have up to 4 webcams connected.
Sometimes the server connection breaks but for the most part it is pretty consistent.
It will also alert me to any motion detected.
The pictures in the last post were images captured during motion detected moments.
You can opt to save those images or not.
I have an unlimited data plan but for those who don't,
you'll want to consider that and/how often you'd check icam from your phone.
Overall, I like the app and it was cheap.
Now that Norwood's home every day -no longer in daycamp-
I feel better about seeing what he's up to.

You can email me if you have more questions.


  1. dude...i'm so buying that app. It's time we catch the criminal in our house on film, don't you think?

  2. Brillant video - Murray loved that just before heading off to school this morning, Norwood!

    That app sounds great - we must look into it!

    Norwood, we have hundreds of tadpoles in the pond in our back garden - we are going to have so many frogs - we think of you every morning as we go check them!!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  3. It will be nice to go on long walks with mommy now that Spring is here and all the animals are out :) i do chase them kitties up the tree all the time.. *LOL*

    the app sounds like a good idea... for the home alone pups :) thanks for sharing the info!

  4. Ow! My ears! Evil witch voice!

    Hey, trainer lady wants a piece of you in school. She is nutty for cattle dogs and thinks you have some cow dog in you.


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  6. That's one thing I just can't do, climb a tree. Not that I would ever have to cuz everyone loves me:)
    Glad you're coming into the froggy season Norwood. Spring has sprung!
    Have a good week.
    your cat pal,

  7. Now THAT yelling sounds more like my mom! She is always like "This is not multiple choice so do it NOW!" Anyways, you asked about my backpack. I wanted a low profile one since I has to squish myself atween rawks sometimes so this one lays flat against me. All I carry in it is my collapsibull water bowl and a leash but we put litter in the pawkets for me to carry out when we find litter. I do go in the waters sometimes afore mom rememmers to take it off but no big deal. It drip dries. It says to warsh by hand but mom only warshes me by hand (ugh) so she has warshed it in the machine and it do come out fine. We got orange so just in case we axidentally be in a hunting zone (wot we try hard not to) I has my orange on and my gramma likes it coz she can see me better in my bloggie pikshures. Mom also attaches a short leash from my collah to the top zipper so we has a builted in "handle" when she needs to hold me. Anyways, this be it:

  8. Hummmmm now that Cat sounded MAD.

  9. Norwood, I think your mom needs some lessons in effective yelling. That was nothing!

  10. Hey Norwood!! Thanks so much for the App!! Moms going to definitely give it a look!!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  11. hanging on for dear life - quite a sunset too !!

  12. Too bad that kitty didn't lose it's footing...

  13. Yikes, we don't want the MOmster to know about that iCam thingie - she will be checking up on us whenever she is out.

    We used to have a CooCoo kitty next door to us, what a teaser he was. He would sit just outside our fence and stare at us. Guess that was how he got his excitement of the day.

    Our Mom yells like that too - so embarassing. Why don't they learn to just say "cookie" and we would come running?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  14. Wow - we can't believe your mom yelled at you like that! Evidence, Norwood!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. That is so cool. Mom wants one now but doesn't have anything MAC here.

  16. What did FAD think about THAT tone with khute sweet Blue Boy?


  17. Coocoo kitty! Pawesome!
    If my mom would get one of those spy cams... it would be to watch what my grandparents do... because I tend to do nothing at all during the day!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Kitties can be evil!



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