Saturday, June 04, 2011

paws in the pawk

hi every bloggie!
I've been super busy having lots of fun.
A couple weekends ago, I went to Paws in the Pawk
at the historical Longfellow's Wayside Inn.

Ha... momma couldn't get me to sit still
I was too excited but here we are!!!
About to enter the K9 funball zone!

I got in and this was my first sight!
This is gonna be grrrreat!

Lots of rescues here trying to raise funds or adopt pups out.

okay a trip w/ me is not complete without live action
Hold on to your leashes... let's go!

All that table surfing made me hotballs
Time for a dip.

Whoa! Tula and Mango size!
I bet he can drink that whole pool of water!

All sizes were welcome
Lil dude got prime time seating.

Ha.. poodles are always suckahs
They have to wear that foo foo stuff.

Treat? Ha. Momma had to get my attention.

But someone else wanted a treat from me.
Yep this boy wanted a liplocker kiss.
Come and get it.

But the best part of the funballs
was this game of bobbing for hot dogs!

I gotta practice more..
I'll tell momma.

Before we left, we took a walkies thru the grounds.
I like to live on life on the edge,
the water drops off to the Grist Mill waterfall..

no worries... I didn't go in.
But I found a pawfect tree to hang out under.

That's all folks.
I missed woo guys.
I'll be around to visit this weekend 4 sure~


  1. NORWOOD! We've been wondering about you and your Mom. I KNEW you were off having fun somewhere or other. I see Olympic gold (hotdog bobbing event) in your future.

    Happy, Waggin' Tails, FUREVER!
    Stumpy and me

  2. LOL," Labradork" hahaha.. You did great Dude! Hey ask yo mama where she gets all that cool music for your videos?! Woo guys made my morning! Wove woo!! xo BTW Great idea for a Max dip into the hot doggies! LOL

  3. That must have been a real funball time... BUTT... Norwood.. BUDDY I think you need to become more PAWlitically correct.. since you DO have Dachshund Furends..

    WE call those thingys...
    TUBE STEAKS!!! OR sometimes

  4. what a super fun event!


  5. Oh wot funs! I did that bobbing fur hotdogs a long time ago. Must make mom watch that video - hint, hint.

  6. Uh, dude, that dog was not admiring you. He was wondering if you were ever going to finish the bobbing for hot dogs game. Just saying.

  7. Dude, what a crazy fun time that looks like. You must have been worn out after all that fun.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. So what did FAD get you? I bet TM was busy in front of her cooling tower that day, right? Why didn't you go in that inflated bouncy tent?


  9. That looks like a great event. Can't get over how many tents were set up. You are too funny bobbing for those hot dogs. :)

  10. That looks like a great event. Can't get over how many tents were set up. You are too funny bobbing for those hot dogs. :)

  11. I am green with the jellyness again! What a super cool event! If only we had something that cool here. I admit, I lost my train of thought a bit when I saw that table with deer and moose treats on it! How did you manage to resist eating the whole table?


  12. Did you leave any hot dogs for your admirer? That looks like fun, but we prefer ours served on a bun with ketchup:)

    Happy weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. sure looks fun. Love all those different stickers
    Benny & Lily

  14. That looks like fery good fun. I would be good at the hot dog bobbing. Hu-dad puts my frozen corn & peas in my water bowl sometimes 'cause I like getting them out.
    Did FAD buy you a treat? Or was it all for Toolie??


  15. What a fun day! Bobbin' for hotdogs sure looks like fun!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. Super cool trip Norwood. Good job bobbing those hotdogs!
    your cat pal,

  17. what fun please take me next time


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