Sunday, January 15, 2012

super jacket powers activate

hi every bloggie!

I totally forgot about Dress Your Pet Day yesterday.
But since it was super cold this morning, I'm gonna post for it today. 
Yeppers it was 6 degrees Fahrenheit with a windchill making it feel like ZERO.

Hee hee see my snooter is frozen.
Nordude in his new track jacket

Momma thought she was miss bargain hunter and got it at 
the REI Garage Sale  for only $10. It retails for $75. 

My new ruff wear coat

I look furry coolballs but she forgot one thing. 
I AM NOT A GIRL. It covered my pee pee shooter. 
So here's the quick fix.  sigh. 

Quick fix since I'm not a girl

As woo knows, me and Tula and my FAD (fun aunt dee)
meet every weekend mornings for a walkies. 
It was super cold that Toolie even wore her keep me calm rugby shirt.

FAD & Toolie

Believe you me that is TULA's foot print.
I think someone needs a pawdicure.

Toolie's monster print

Ya know what? I'm no sibe hussie but 
I love love love the cold.  I was like super cool nordude in my cloud chaser.
Zoomie alert  Zoomie Alert!

Super powered zoomies

I zoomied in to close to Tula and had to activate my super jacket powers
Check it out.

I don't know why but momma wanted to get a photo with me... sigh. 
Toolie had other things on her mind. She launched the TM missile at me. 
Who's being good and who's not? huh huh huh?

Me and norwood and charging tm missile

Then Miss Keep Me Calm shirt wearer started
molesting me. Me?  Good boy nordude didn't know what to do.


oh that's right. Akita rules apply here.
... nobody moves and nobody gets hurt. 
Yep.. she's looking for my funballs. 

Security check....balls..nope no balls

So sad those funballs are all gone.
Somebody help me. 
I know I look good but make her stop!!!

She's all over me

super jacket powers activate. 
gotta go.


  1. Norwood, I think your mom did a great job modifying that jacket to accommodate your pee shooter. That paw print of Tula's looks like a bear left it! Fun times for you and TM as always.


  2. I like your gear! And that fix is pretty good! I love your zoomed too, nice work!

  3. Hey Norwood!
    Wow, what a pawesome jacket! Much better after your alteration. Love that blur of a zoomie pix!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. Wimmen ... they always furget about us guys needin Pee Shooter space. BUTT that worked out OK.
    That thingy surely did make fur cuttin down on the wind resistance when you did THOSE ZOOMIES!!

    HOLY GWALK A MOLEY... Tula's prints look like they were left by a GIANT BEAR!!!

  5. OMD Norwood, I have been away for too long. Where did your fun balls go?? I am scared for you now. I hope you are ok. You look very handsome(blushing) in your jacket even if it is for girls. Stay warm Norwood and dont' lose anything else please.

    licks and sniffs Sasha

  6. Very cute. This one over here thinks every day is dress your pet day
    Benny & Lily

  7. You look very handsome in red, Norwood! We're glad to see that your new jacket got that important alteration!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. OMD it be even colder up by you, BRRRRRRR. Gotta run around and keep the bloods moving so they dussn't get frozened. Tula thinks you is hawtballs in your snazzy jacket. I has been wanting one of those coz I duss not has a pee shooter and I need sumpin to keep the backsplash off my belleh. I runned ofur to the garage sale and snootered around and I cannot find them fur 10 buckaroos. Boo. Mebbe I missed the sale.

  9. You don't have to be a sibe to love the snow, Norwood. In fact, if you were a sibe here, you wouldn't even have any snow:(

    Cool jacket and nice Mom modifications:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Hey Norwood! Love your jacket! Nice zoomies, too!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. It is important to be free for.... pee pee issues, right?
    Glad your mom found a way to fix it!
    Aaaand Tula was looking for what??
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Wooo thats one hell of a turbo button on that new jacket of yours. Good job you have it for monstah emergencies BOL. PS you look super cool in your jacket


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