Monday, June 08, 2009

whisker walk part two

The whisker walk was so much fun.. I have a few more photos to share.
I know I know.. you can't believe there's more after the kissing booth.  But right next to the kissing booth was the agility course.  Look at me!  Whoaa!  I'm mr. big time now.  
Now I'm jumping over things like a trained monkey! This is fun??? You bet it is!
Yesterday I showed you the cast of characters from my sniffer's point of view.  Here's a few frontal shots.  The speckled stumpy wannabes were here again too! 
Then the frisbee dogs showed off their stuff.  I loved the music selection.  
It was funny because at dog school, the lady in the third picture-Brigitte (right above) was trying to get me to play frisbee at class on Saturday.  So, of course, I thought I should be apart of the show.  I was held back. Click on me to play the short video. 
And look Bruce the Cat- Kitties were apart of the event too!  They got to sit in the cool air conditioned van.  Of course.. keep the kitties cool.  Nah. I hope some found a new home.  It must've been crazy watching all the dogs from there. 

Who could pass up these crews.  They sell themselves. They all put on their corney cheeseball faces. 

But my FAVORITE was this guy.  Here was here from Save Your Ass rescue... He was the cutest ass I've ever seen. 

And.. now time for the siesta.  Mr. Good times is down for the count. 

I'm recharging....  don't worry. It doesn't take long.  


  1. dogs get to have all the fun. I wish you could have gone after one of those frisbees! Next time just think of something to distract & then maybe when you bolt, she won't have such a good grip on that leash! Those cats in the cages selling themselves...well, that is just too embarrassing for me to even look at, but thanks for thinking about me when you saw them.
    Stay cool dude...
    Love ya,

  2. awwwww... you thought about Stumpy when you saw those speckled dogs... she's weaving her web!!!

    Much better view, this time around, of the other dogs. Yesterday's was a little hard to enjoy. Especially when I think of all the possible puppies that will end up gawd knows where...

    What a fun day!

  3. wow looks likea ton of fun

    woodrow sweetie mj

  4. Hi Norwood! Those Pugs are so cute! What a pawsome day!
    No wonder you feel tired!
    Rufus and Indie

  5. what a fun event, Norwood! I wish I could go to something fun like that! I sure do hope the doggies and kitties got adopted! Did the ass go home with anyone?



  6. You're a star Norwood! Great job on the agility course. Next time it WILL BE YOU chasing those frisbees!
    Love ya,

  7. You have so much fun Norwood! I am sure it doesn't take you long to recharge, you always have time for fun, and to entertain us!!

    Kisses and belly rubs!

  8. Oh Norwood why wouldn't they let you play frisbie... I love frisbies.. Must be a blueman thing.. Dad quit letting me play since I always shook the daylights out of them and broke them and wore my teeth down.. I do manage to find one once in a while at the lake though.. Mom doesn't tell Dad...
    No Louie doesn't know how to make breakfast but he certainly knows how to eat it..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  9. Hey Norwood! Looks like you had a really fun time. There sure were a lot of pups for adoption. Did you beg your momma to get you one??
    XO-BRD & Hootie

    we can leave comment on your blog!!!!!!!
    we're soooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!
    woowowowooooo....what a great day you had!!!!!!!!!!
    We want come with you next time...can we pleaseeeeeeeeee dear friend??????
    you look soooo happy.....watching you make agility is very very funny.....and you look a great jumper Norwood!!!!!!!!!!
    And how many sweet pugs...hope they can find a furever home soon!!!!!
    we love your video.....can't wait to hear from your day learning fresbee game!!!!!!
    you have a great we're sure you doesn't take long time to recharge you!!!!!!!!!!!
    We love your sleep photo!!!!!!!
    We love you dear friend.....and thanks a lot for changing comment box for us!!!!!!!!!!
    Sweet kisses

  11. Hey dude, Did I wake you? Wagged over to bark that that walk looked the cats whiskers. Though I admit I was suprised to see you plant one on that cutie. Thought you only kissed frogs. Or did you kiss a frog and it turned into that cute girl?

    I've got a reflector banana too. Think it's good for our public to see us don't you?

    Wiry wags and kissies, Eric xxx

    PPe S not letting you play friz bee what sort of cruel game is that?

  12. That whisker walk rocked! You are an agilities champion already.


  13. We had never heard of a whisker walk before. You are awesome. Lots of good pictures. Hope someone adopts those needing/asking to be adopted.
    Ernie & Sasa

  14. What a fun day you had Norwood!
    I was smiling until I saw the pictures of those cute pugs and other pups awaiting for adoption!
    I pray that they'll find their furever home soon.
    I'm so sorry that I haven't been around much to leave you a few nice words for each post but I did read them all.
    Love ya lot


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