Sunday, August 16, 2009

funballs with harry

hi every bloggie!
I forgot to tell you for my birthday (which was over a month ago)! I got a new funball. I named him Harry. I figured most things,even humans want hair. So being a baldball, I named him Harry Funballs.
Harry Funball's cute and bouncy! Harry didn't know but I really really liked him. So I gave him "the look"!

And quickly snatched him into my grasp!
Harry Funballs screamed! I don't know why! Isn't this what you do with Funballs?
At first I surveyed the area! What to do What to do with my new Harry Funballs.
Then something came over me! It was like Mr. Bizerko appeared and Harry went silent.
I saw smoke signals coming from Harry Funballs. Something like S.O.S.! I'm in distress! HELP! This is fun isn't Harry Funballs?
Harry Funballs put his best smile on.. but inside wondering what has happened to his life. Where did he go wrong?

And finally a sense of relief when the human took Harry Funballs away. Don't worry Harry Funballs. I have fun every day and so will you!


  1. Thanks for showing us your new friend, Harry!!! He seems so fun to play with

    best regards

  2. Oh, he he he!!! Norwood - LOVE this post. Poor Harry - he did seem to be having - erm - fun....! We find that our favourite throw and chew balls really, really enjoy playing with us too!! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  3. We haven't gotten to our Google Reader yet, but we saw on Twitter it's your birthday, so we rushed right over to bring you special Happy Birthday wishes!

    It looks like you had a good time with Mr. Funball.

  4. Harry hasn't got a chance !1sandy

  5. "So remember, kids, stay in school, or you might end up being a dog toy just like poor Harry Funballs."

  6. UH OH! We don't think Harry Funballs is having too much fun right now! Better go easy on him, Norwood!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Poor Funball. Guess you had more fun than he did. Do they have a hospital for Funballs?

  8. You're silly Norwood. Hey guess what...Kevin & Sharon are coming home tomorrow night! Pretty soon I'll be blogging again! Yipee!
    Your pal,

  9. You sure are a nut. Too right, that ball needs to learn it's place in life. Balls, whether a Harry, a Martha or a Potter, they are there to serve us, to bring us fun. That's simply what they are bred for so it's all natural.

    Hey, the Winnie dog did come back. She lives around the corner so it's all cool. But you know what it's like. We'd just like to have the whole pack around us all the time.
    The more the merrier...

    Take care of that head of yours and don't make yourself dizzy.

    Love, Inky and Molly

  10. Norwood, buddy, how are you handling the heat? I thought it was safe to go out and bitey pee-wee last night, but then I overheated and I was crying and momma was bracing to take me to Tufts. It took two hours and lots of ice cubes to cool off.


  11. Hi Norwood
    Happy belated birthday my friend :)
    I send you a big kiss hugg =^.^=
    Your new bal is fantastic,
    I want to play with you ;)

  12. Thats a cool toy, does he talk to you??

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  13. BOL! Mr Harry looks like he's having a great time playing with you as well!

  14. Hope you get to play with Harry Funballs again soon - he looks like a lot of fun.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  15. Harry Funballs was prolly sending up smoke signals for Sally Nofun to meet him... bet I'm right.

    Wiry loves and kissies Eric xxx

  16. Well, you certainly enjoyed him!!

  17. HA his head looks dented..HOT ENOUGH FOr YOU TWO?! love two melting puppies.....

  18. Hi, Norwood!
    It does not look like Harry Funballs is having lots of fun!
    But sure you are!
    Kisses and hugs


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