Monday, September 07, 2009

someone's gotta do it!

hi every bloggie!
What a fun weekend! I had a huge job- helping celebrate birthdays. If you didn't know, I am very talented at throwing parties and opening presents. I got right to work.

Then I checked out this box. (sorry about picture quality-mom should get a real camera w/a flash)
I had the most fun with this box. Hmmm.... what's inside??
Little bottles? What? They smell delicious....
I really love this one. I nom nom nomed (is that a verb) for a while until it was taken away.
Yep... I love garlic. Mom puts it in my meals as a natural tick, flea, bug repellent. I don't smell do I?

Then I had to give Fun Old Aunt Dee a birthday kiss.
And hugs for mom.
Oh boy... for me? How did I manage to get a gift for me? Mom says thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes. It sounds like the 40s aren't so bad after all.


  1. quite frankly, all presents should be for you!

  2. And with woo around, piece of khake!


  3. I'll be following your mom in to that same club in just a few months. I'll consider myself among good company!

  4. Hey Norwood! Does that garlic stuff really work? We were going to try it, but the bottles were so stinky that momma couldn't stand it.


  5. That was so nice of you to throw the girls such a good party Norwood! My sister & I are 4 days less than one year apart in age, so for 4 days every year we are sort-of twins too! I loved sharing my b-day party with her every year! Sisters are the best! Happy Birthday again!
    love ya,

  6. quite a big birthday bash. I'm glad to see you are a birthday professional . mine is next week.

  7. Where are the party hats Norwood? You missed your opportunity to make the girls look really silly...then you could have taken their picture! Remember that next year! It's always nice to have a reason to celebrate..makes life so much more fun! Hope you all have a Happy Day!
    love ya,

  8. That's really interesting about the garlic. We might give it a go mate. Thanks for the tip.

    You're very good at giving hugs.


  9. Great to see you got some treats too Norwood!

    We're real strong believers in garlic here. Our Great Grandad lived to 99 and eat several raw garlic cloves a day (yes, you could smell him several paces away) but he lived a very happy healthy life!

    One of the favourite dinners in this house is a chinese braised chicken dish with - wait for it, 3 whole bulbs of garlic!! Anytime, there is a hint of a cold or sniff in this house, the chinese garlic chicken is cooked!!

    Roasted garlic bulbs are also a weekly regular along with other assorted roasted veg - and I get to eat some always - and I'm a very healthly dog!!

    If we all eat the garlic - we all smell the same!!


  10. Wow, You party animal you!

    Sounds like you had a blast! Your mommy doesn't look a day over four!(that's in doggie years).

    We're glad you got a pressie too. You surrrre worked hard for it buddy!

    Luv ya,
    Riley and Star.

  11. I hope your Mom had a GREAT day :)
    I like also garlic,
    I eat it whem my Mommy eats it,
    on her sandwich .... LOL
    I eat almost everything !!!!
    Have a wonderful day Norwood
    Kareltje =^.^=

  12. hello norwood its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow garlik??? garlik is for keeping the vampires away!!! is yore areea infested with vampires??? it sownds like this may be a job for buffy the faymus vampire slayer!!! ok bye

  13. Norwood, you're the life of the party! Did you get some cake?

  14. What a great day! And presents for you too? Delicious!

    Rufus and Indie

  15. Oh Norwood, you deserve gifts everyday, for all occasions, didn't you know?

    Hugs and belly rubs.

  16. Hi Norwood - happy birthday to your Mom! And to your fun Aunt Dee! We're twins so we obviously realise that twins ROCK!!! Hey, our female human turned 40 a few months ago herself and she loves it! Love the photos of you opening the pressies, looked like great fun. Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  17. Oh it looks like you really threw a great party for Mom and Auntie Dee.. You are such a great pups. Glad you got a present too..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  18. Looks like you got a nice bag of treats - what did they all think of that frog legs layered cake with a tuna cream frosting? Our mouths are drooling just typing that out.

    Play bows, the OP Pack

  19. Hi, Norwood!
    Sure it was a pawesome weekend!
    Celebrating your Mom and your Auntie, opening presents and getting treats for you too!
    Kisses and hugs


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