Sunday, September 13, 2009

a special day to remember

hi every bloggie!

Today is a special day to remember in our household. You see that boy below. His name was Snoopie and he would have been 15 today. That was the special boy in mom's life. He unfortunately succumbed to congestive heart failure two years ago.

He was a beagle terrier mix. I'm a blue heeler terrier mix
He had fuzzy eyebrows. I have fuzzy eyebrows.
He wore bandanas and sweaters. I wear bandanas- not so much the sweaters.
He was a black white gray fuzzball. I'm a black white gray fuzzball. See our puppy fotos?
Hmm I'm sensing a theme here. Oh well, we would've made great brothers.. so today I'm wearing his old bandana to celebrate his birthday.
Happy Birthday Snoopie. You trained mom well.


  1. Happy birthday Snoopie. It is important to remember all the dogs who went before us. Be extra nice to your mom today!

    wally t.

  2. Happy barkday Snoopie - we bet you're running in the sun at Rainbow Bridge. He looks like a snuggly fellow - you're so right, you would have made great brothers! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  3. Happy birthday Snoopie!!! did you get inot as much trouble as Mr. B???

  4. We never forget I lost 3 this summer and cry so much sandy

  5. Happy birthday, Snoopie. He was cute. And so are you, Norwood.

  6. Snoopie looks like he was a very special doggy. we can see a lot of similarity with you two.


  7. What a cutie Snoopie was! Happy birthday to angel Snoopie!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. This is a good day to remember Norwood and I have to say that Snoopie would be proud to know that you are following in his footsteps! You're a GREAT doggie and I know that you bring your Mom much happiness! Happy Birthday Snoopie!
    love you all,
    p.s. I LOVE the cartoon character, Snoopy, I even had 2 snoopy watches when I was a teenager:)

  9. Happy Birthday Snoopie! Norwood, you look so hadsome wearing his bandana. Hope you're giving your Mom extra kisses today!
    your pal,

  10. Hi, Norwood!
    Happy Birthday to Snoopie!
    Glad you are remembering him this special day!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. That is such a nice tribute Norwood. Happy Birthday!

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  12. hello norwood its dennis the vizsla dog hay this is a grate way to keep snoopies memry alive eeven more then yoo do just by beeing yoo happy birthday snoopie!!! ok bye

  13. Happy Birthday Snoopie :)
    So sweet to think about him.
    Kareltje is my first pet,
    I have never lost a (big) pet
    (oops..only a parakeet ;)

    give your Mommy many hugs today,
    she needs it and I now you do that.
    Kareltje =^.^=

  14. Norwood, when the ones we ♥ so much leave us there are times when our sadness creeps up on us. And, there are times when we remember all of the good times and we smile. Your momma loves you furry much but if she is anything like our momma, she wants ALL of her furry ones to be with her and to never, ever have to say good-bye - ever.

  15. What a great and sweet way to honor Snoopy!!! Great job, Norwood. Extra hugs and lickies to your Mom from us today.

    Hugs, the OP Pack

  16. Happy Birthday to Snoopy out in the universe! He looked so handsome in his sweater (maybe you should try too, Norwood).
    Isn't that amazing how much you had in common?! We bet he was crazy too....

  17. Aaah, that's so sweet! Just think how sad youe mommy would be today if she didn't have you? You would nave been great pals, we just know it!

    Riley and Star.

  18. Happy Birthday Snoopie...

    Moms nevFUR furget the special ones!


  19. Happy Birthday Snoopie! Mom and I know that you are still loved and dearly missed!! You did train Norwood's mom really well! he has the bandanna thing down pat!!

    It's very nice that you are wearing his bandanna today! I think you two would have had a great time together!!



  20. Many similarities! I always enjoy reading your posts :)

    I’m doing my rounds and just wanted to pop by and thank you for commenting at my blog last month. I appreciate your input.


  21. the kennel for a week????? oh man... I hope mom doesn't get carried away posting stupid stuff.

    sheesh... no Norwoood for a week... might as well take away our ice cream, too, while your at it :(***

  22. Happy barkday snoopy... norwood is doing a great job continuing training the hoomans!

  23. Happy Barkday Snoopy. Your Mom has excellent taste in her doggies Norwood. And in the bananas they wear too.Cool that you wore Snoopy's today. Make sure he's in your bandit gallery....

    Wiry loves and kisses. Eric xxx

  24. Norwood, that was a lovely birthday tribute to Snoopie. We sending birthday wishes skyward to him.

    Take care

  25. Happy Birthday Snoopie. Great of Norwood to pause and remember you on this special day.

  26. Snoopie looks like he was a great doggie. I bet you would have been great pals.

  27. My mom person says her heart feels sad that we didn't get to know Snoopie! You were both adorable puppies!


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