Monday, February 01, 2010

super norwood

hi every bloggie!

Since my meet ups with the Mango Minster contestants, I've been a bit busy. All of a sudden, I've become very popular. I had tons of visits from new blog pals leaving comments like.. "hey norwood- I've seem to cook too many hot dogs, do you want to come over?" I as judge can not accept "friendship tokens" per the Mango's rules. I unfortunately had to resist the tempting offers.. ahem.. wink wink. But thanks pals for stopping over to plug your entries, I'm trying hard to catch up on visiting your bloggies.

Any who... onto other things like my supernatural powers instilled in me by harry funballs.
There he is... once thrusted into the air supernatural powers are released.
Oh yeah baby- I first motor with the speed of lightening!
Look I ran so fast the sun eclipsed the moon! Don't look directly at it! Please.
Wonder Harry Funballs Powers Activate!

Make into a....charging bull and
Make me into a Leaping Frog!
Oh no harry funballs has been taken away.. back to being a plain ole cracker dog. I guess that's why I'm judge of the CDIT group. Okay Mango Minster is underway- go check it out!


  1. maybe you can join our pto society
    we's taking ober the woild and could use someone with such powers
    the houston pittie pack

  2. Norwood,

    Those are are some GREAT photos of you zooming zoooooooming around in the snow! We keep seeing a lot of our friends in the snow and have ben jealous... we just don't get snow fall in our neck of the woods... but this weekend, we are headed to lake tahoe and this will be the first time Captain & Candy get to experience it!!! Hopefully they aren't big wimps about it all!

    xo martine & the kiddlets

    PS: we are glad to hear you are succumbing to bribes!!! good luck with judging!

  3. Maybe I should see if any of the khount test ants want me to pikhk up that lovely frog stuffie I saw?


  4. Hey Mister. With all these NEW FRIENDS of yours you better not forget who your real friends are!

  5. i'm thinking the CDIT winner should get a harry funball... woooo! i said "harry funball" again!
    harry funball!harry funball!harry funball!harry funball!harry funball!

    i amuse myself so easily. i know this. My CD and I are soul mates.

    wild dingo

  6. Hi Buddy first I have to admire you refusing all the bribes. I would have took them all, I love bribes.
    That ball sure must give you super powers, and it looks great fun to.
    Yes it was a Cemetery.

  7. Yeahhhhhhh....
    Nice to see you running so hard Norwood you are very sportive :-)
    I love your yellow ball ....

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  8. I've been strugglin' to make all my blog visits too Norwood. I just added a Harry Funballs to Mom's shoppin' list so that maybe if it gives supernatural powers I will do better.

    Tell your Mom that she did a great job catchin' that lunar eclipse but I especially love that she caught you in mid leap-frog. Dude that reeks of COOL!

    Carry on Norwood!
    Chester ;0=)

    Pee. Ess.-since I am not a judge in the Mango Minster, I can and will accept any of those bribe offerin's that you are unable to.

  9. Great action shots Norwood!! We were right there with you (in our minds). You may have noticed we have delibratly have stayed away so as not to influence you in any way.That blank check mailed to you by our mommy in NO way insinuates that we are to be looked upon favorably when judging commences. It could however be used to purchase a great number of frogs and hotdogs if one decided to cash it.[[wink.wink.]] Just sayin'...

    Ooops.Gotta go now.The Bunko Squad is closing in on us. Arrgggghhh!!
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  10. Nice pics Norwood mate. We especially like the one with the sun shining in the corner of the shot. Noice!!!
    You've still got loads of snow there.


  11. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, we love that picture of you scaling the fence, Norwood!
    We sure wish we had some of your snow!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. i love that you always motor back to those who love you !!!sandy

  13. I guess we will never be a judge because we would so take all bribes of hot dogs. Love watching you jump tall fences in a single bound.

  14. Yup, just a nut for sure.


  15. Can you do that again please Norwood? I blinked & missed it!
    your cat pal,

  16. Hey, Norwood my OLD PAL, MY FRIEND FROM WAY BACK (wink, wink),

    Yep. It's me Fenway. I'm not doing well in the herding competition and saw that I'm behind the rest. Actually, that is the perfect position for a herding dog and my last place demonstrates my superior skills at rounding up.

    Oh, and if you care to paw a vote for me, I just might be able to summon up a frog or two.

    Not that I'm offering a bribe or anything remotely like that.

    Your friend,

  17. Great shots in action Norwood!
    Nice to see you running in the snow!
    Love the picture with the sun in the corner!


  18. Norwood, Stumpy wants to know where i could get her a harry funballs of her own. She needs some super powers to exorcize the possession.

  19. That looks like a wicked awesome time!

    Pruett and Daphne

  20. Woof! Woof! WOWY! you got to play again in the SNOW. What a GREAT photo with the moon eclipse. YES! We've been visiting Mango's site n checking out all the entries. I participated in the Sport Category. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  21. man that sure does look fun! Mesa loves fetch :)

  22. Oh, geez - we went over to say hi to OC, our herding judge,cause for some reason, we had never met those Corgi's.. but we didn't think to cook up some weenies. We are such goobers...
    Your pals, Morgan & Maisie

  23. Oh I LOVE those pictures and just am always wishing we got snow when I see you zooming in it! I specially love those last two!!! Like..."Whew"!!!
    Big Hugs xo

  24. I guess after all this pressure you needed to let go a little. Let some steam off. Way to end your beautiful post with a classic cracker-Norwood shot ;)

  25. WOW Norwood, you are like...SUPER ZOOMIE DOG!!!


  26. You sure showed that funball didn't you.. We love the photo of the eclipse..
    Thanks for voting for me.. Gus
    ACD's rule...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  27. YOO HOO!! THe funniest thing happened why just today!! Archie answered the door bell and there was this GINORMOUS box and we had NO idea what it was! SO we opened it and it was STUFFED with thousands of frogs!! Can you imagine? I said to ARch you had better get them out of here before PL2 gets home so we sat and thought and thought and then we thought of you...... so they should be there by now...Love A+A PS How is heh judging going?

  28. So we can bribe you? Look at you go, Norwood, even eclipsing the sun!!

  29. So. We'll tell ya up front. We're going down our list of comments, visiting blogs in return, 'cause we've been so out of touch for a while, and we wanted to at least get back to the bloggies who've not given up on us. It's not a bribe. It's a friendly visit. That's all. And maybe if we come back more often, we'll learn HOW to become a cracker dog. You are nuts. Truly crazy.

    Jake and Fergs (still the antitheses of cracker dog insane terriers)

  30. Hideehi Norwood,

    Some of your old bloggie pals here! We've been a bit slack about visiting blogs because mum has been too busy playing with her postcards (wish she'd just leave them somewhere that we could chew on them....)
    You are still the chief cracker dog!!!

    Ruger & Neve

  31. Norwood, you sure know how to make a simple ball into a ton of fun.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder


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