Thursday, February 04, 2010

traversing with norwood

hi every bloggie
Believe it or not, I have so many fotos I haven't posted yet. Think back.. yep think think think.. Well let's just say it was a time when lights decorated homes, a fat bearded fellow dropped into homes and I enjoyed many gifts. That's a while ago.. I headed to one of my favorite parks. Wahoo!
This is Hopkinton State Park- It's close to the Boston Marathon start line. That's the lake frozen over. It's pretty for winter standards.
The park is filled with many trails. Hmm which way do I go!
I decided to take the trail around the lake. Sorry- no ice skating for me. Ahem.. someone reminded me to the dangers of ice.
So I traversed quickly along the trail until I hit this spot.
Huh? It's so loud and scary. A scary rushing stream! I'd call for help but the Mango doesn't go outside the 495 force field and this is on the edge. And let's just say Tula is no service dog.
Oh good grief.. do I have to cross!
Listen to this scary monster! But I made it!
And made it to the kayak area.
Oh think about kayaking on ice. Now that would be a trip and more like the kinda fun I'd like to have.
I tried to move one out but no luck. Ah look at them, the colors reminded me of skittles. Hmm I'm getting hungry. Oh. I think I have some hot dogs with me sent from.... oh.. never mind.
Okay I have more shots but I'll leave u with artistic me. Toodles and see you in the ring at Mango Minster 2010.


  1. Kayaking on ice? How does one do that?

  2. Mango Minster AND the 495 Force Field ROKHK!


  3. So brave in the end, its funny how odd things can scare. Well not me Mop Boy . Bright things scare him.

  4. Same here. We have a ton of photos and feel we haven't posted about anything. So it goes...
    Love the winter park!

  5. You are very brave to cross, Norwood! hummmmm, we're not sure we would have!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Great pee-mail Skittle Butt!

    You made it but did your Mom? It's not a party till your 2 legger has a wet foot.

    Just sayin.....

    Carry on Norwood!
    Chester ;0=)

  7. Clearing the icy water while the human does not - our favorite game.

  8. BEAUTIFUL photos! I would LOVE to go on that walk with you & your Mom Norwood, but my snow boots are at Gunnar's house in Utah! And yes...skittles...definitely skittles.
    love ya,

  9. Winter looks cold, you can keep it.
    Stumpy is VERY serious when we get to the bank, or any time a treat is invloved. So serious that she'll do about anything for a treat.
    She got her ear back so you can keep yours. It was nice of you too offer. Stumpy was a little worried that borrowing your ear might cause her to grow rooney eyes.

  10. I'm loving that red bandanna Norwood!
    your pal,

  11. I see a dog with a very good life and it could hve gone another way- I asm so happy for you the adventurer

  12. That looks like an ocean of snow. Too cold for dachshunds. Better you than me... butt I think by Sat. it will be Me too. Grrrrrr I'm just sayin'.

  13. We think those Kayaks look like skittles too!! Is it lunchtime yet??


  14. Norwood,

    How many hotdogs can you eat a day? You should enter a contest!!

    xo martine & the kiddlets

  15. Wow what a great park! And those kayaks are totally skittle colored.

  16. Pssst! Hey Norwood! You know what goes great with snow and kayaks? Hot dogs! Great big beefy ones, none of that tofu dog junk. And I just happen to have some extras so they are being FedExed to you right now!

    Mmmmmm! Snow and hot dogs!!!!

    Your pal,

    Petey the Cairn TERRIER

  17. Now that does look scary bet Callie would show you how it was done. She is a fearless pest..
    Oh all four of us were totally pooped that is how we got that picture... Lots of zoomies in the mud. You should see how we redecorated Mom's floors.. He he sorry Mom..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  18. Norwood, you're adorable. I know I should help maintain your tough image, but you are. So cute going over that loud and scary spot. I'm proud of you. One of these days, when the snow melts, we should go kayaking for fun.

  19. We thought your jingle bells were almost as loud as the stream. Kayaking - let's do it.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  20. Hey Norwood! Check out my latest post!!!

  21. hello norwood its dennis the vizsla dog hay thats kwite a frozin layk yoo hav their did yoo see enny ice rode trukkers going akross it??? ok bye

  22. so how much do you charge for kayaking lessons??
    ush pibbles would love to learn
    lotsa pibble sugars
    the houston pittie pack

  23. I am not so sure about kayaking on ice!
    Did you get bribes?? Huh?
    Kisses and hugs

  24. dude, i love how the harry funball is stuck to your harness. that rocks.

    wild dingo
    pee ess: i said harry funballs!

  25. Norwood. I like the jingly bells. Almost Rudolph. Wicked photo's and wickedly good you crossing that scarey stream.

    Wiry love Eric xx

  26. Be careful on the ice Norwood! It sure does look chilly :)


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