Friday, April 03, 2009

No Towel No Problem

Happy Friday!  You know after a nice refreshing crisp swim, I need to dry off.  I need a towel. Could you hand me one please? 

Oh.. no.. you don't have one?  Hmm  no problem.  Music please.....

Laaaahhhh dah dah dah de dah tah dah

Laaah dah dah dah dee doo dah
Lah dah dah dee doo dah dah tah
dee doo doah!
deeeeee doo dah tah de dah

Tah dah!  All dry now.  Hold the applause!

TGIF- Happy Friday


  1. Skip the towel, Norwood, nothing beats a good shake!

    Love from Gundo

  2. Love the last one of you Norwood. I can actually see the water flying off of you! You sure are one clean dog:)

  3. Great job, Norwood! Towels are for playing tug-of-war anyway!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  4. towel??? highly over-rated, espeically when there are pleny of trees, leaves around that won't need laundering. and of course, none of that is worth anything without an expert shake!!! Norwood,I think you can shake rattle and roll with the best of them.
    Where are you swimming? there's a lot of great little lakes and ponds. I worked on Locke Drive before I headed west. stumpy's treat for coming to work with me was a swim, sssshhhh... in the resi...

  5. Towel? I dont need them either ... I prefer a good shake instead!

    best regards

  6. shaking and rolling in the dirt is the bestest way to dry off. towells are highly over-rated.


  7. Oh Norwood...towels are for sissys and I agree with rolling in the dirt as the best way to dry for me, here at the shop, it's bondo dust. Hope you have fun this weekend! I think I will continue to catch up on my sleep. A good dream is my favorite adventure:)

  8. Oh Norwood, you never fail to make me smile, you handsome devil you!!!

  9. Woof! Norwood. Happy Happy Friday. You sure had FUN! Have a wonderful weekend. Woof! Sugar

  10. Ya Norwood. What an awesome job. Callie does the shaking and then the roaching at the lake. She has to make sure she gets as much sand in her fur as possible to get deposited in the Heelermobile..
    Have a great weekend..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  11. Hey Norwood, I just had to come by and say

    You are NOT Just a Goofball, You are a HANDSOME SUPER MAGNIFICENT HUNK of A GOOFBALL!!!;)

  12. Ooops, I did applaud you!
    Who needs a towel when an earth-friendly leafy tower is near by. I like your musical voice deeeee doo dah tah de dah. Next time if you left your kibbles instead of pawprints, I'll follow you better all the way to the park, hehe!
    And please come to my blog to pick up your 2 Rose and Friendship Awards and to see me proposing to my dream girl.
    Love ya lot

  13. Mom never has a towel for me either, so I just rub it out on the sand and then she makes me get wet again to rinse it off. seriously make up your mind woman. Love the shake. =)


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