Tuesday, April 07, 2009

u r what u eat

Well now you know what I did on my home alone day. Fun Aunt Dee even took photos! I know she thinks I'm handsome. Look! she got so close to me. She can smell my hot dog breath.  Look me in the eyes.. you are getting sleepy! You will give me all your hot dogs- you are sleepy. hee hee I am part hypnotist. Now snap out of it!

And I love riding in her monstah mobile.  It's always full of tula's wonderful scent, crumbs and who knows what else. (Fun Aunt Dee only cleans her car once a year.. oops shared too much again). Look at that fuzzbutt.  I think I need a trim. Glad I have no dingle berries hanging. That would be embarrassing. 

Good Dog 101 class- Voila! Actual proof that I was a good dog in good dog class! I think a blue background works good for me (a blue heeler)in photos. 
And if you x-rayed me after class, you would find plenty of these tasty morsels. Hey! whatever works. I like the idea of being rewarded for good behavior. It is not free. 
And... your funny for the day! I bol at this one. 

No bones about it! I am what I eat. 


  1. You are funny! I like the x-ray part!

    best regards

  2. Good morning Norwood...Bark Less, Wag More!...I LOVE it! Are you sure you're not part Swedish? And yes, you look SUPER handsome in that blue background. Have a great day!

  3. BOL I like the x-ray :)
    Big licks to you

  4. BOL!!!!

    You guys are soooo very funny!!!

    We just LOVE your blog!

    Lot of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

  5. I just knew you were full of beans!

    Your pal,


  6. Your home alone day turned out a fun filled day, Norwood!
    You're what you eat, hehe, I just like fast and easy food!
    Why my mom has to work 5 long days a week? She's so behind on helping me read blog and wag my tail-without-dangling berries at you!

  7. Blue is definitely your color Norwood!

  8. Great pics. and the x-ray shot very funny. =)

  9. You are a cute butt just like me.. Gus...

  10. You know us Blue Men have to stick together...

  11. Let's see. then GB, you are part hot dog, part banana, part apple, and part chicken chicken chicken!

    Maybe we should have you for dinnah, ehem.. over for dinnah.

    kiss kisses,

  12. Dingle berries...I like that term. Cuz I have a problem with my "zero" (I was injured once upon a time before I lived at the shop and Kevin & Sharon rescued me) sometimes I have those so I am very careful not to sit on anyone's lap. Just don't take a picture of MY rear section....did I just give you too much information?

  13. Thanks for sharing your actual x-rays. Very educational.


  14. What cute pictures! Your little fuzzbutt is adorable Norwood :)



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