Sunday, May 10, 2009

norwood goes green

Hi! Look at me!  I went to Delaney Trails today.
 The trail has these horse jumps as you go along. Hmm I don't think the horses stand on it though.  Oh... I can see for miles up here. 
Then I came across this little ravine.  

A nice cool refreshing drink of water. Wait a minute.. Wait one minute. There are little black things in the water.  It was like a tadpole convention.  I hope I don't turn into frog from drinking the water. 

Oh no... I'm not feeling so well.  Do I look okay?


  1. norwood...did you eat a tadpole? did it taste funny? I like the trails you went on today-Mom and I love trails!!!

    We hope you and your mom had a fun sunday!!


  2. let's just say... if you start ribbeting, catching flies, or singing it's not easy being green.. then,

    houston we've got a problem!


  3. Hey Norwood! If you liked that you should try agilities. They have this thing called the A-Frame that makes you king of the hill.

    So I shouldn't eat a tadpole if I see one, right?


  4. Thanks for making me laugh's my FIRST laugh of the day & you're responsible! Pretty cool trait you've got there...making everyone so HAPPY:)
    Love you,

  5. oh'd better get to bed fast & have mom get you some pepto-bismol...then you'll be back in the PINK in no time! Did you bring some of those pollywogs home so you can grow your own frogs???
    your pal,
    p.s. I really love that first shot!

  6. Ohhh we want to go to Delaney trails..where is it???/ Of course now Aggie has a bum paw so we aren't going anywhere.......HOW ABOUT THE TRIPLE WINS LAST NIGHT!!!! Love Archie( Aggie is resting)

  7. Norwood, Stumpy wants to come over and nurse you back to health... she says you still look good, even in green. Next time, though, you should chase the tadpoles, not drink them.

  8. *giggles, this is funny! there are so many tadpoles!

    best regards

  9. Uh-oh, Norwood! Do you have a frog in your throat?

    Gus and Waldo

  10. Oh ya fun in the woods. Lots of trees to leave a little pee-mail on. You are looking rather green there. We are sure it isn't from the water...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  11. Woowoowooooo...what a great trails you had with your mommy dear Norwood!!!But you have eaten a tadspole really????????
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm....are yummy or not???
    But now you could have a frog in your throat???
    we loved all your photos but the last with green face is super!!!
    We're laughing a lot!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us that adventure....wish were with you!!!
    Have a great week!!!!
    Lots of love and kisses!!!!!!

  12. Yes you look a bit off colour...

    Wizz :-)

  13. You do look a tad bit green to us, Norwood! Did you accidentally swallow that tadpole?!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  14. OK we just got back from the Chiropractors....I jammed my shoulder which jammed my whole leg except my foot......She did lots of stuff and our paws are crossed!!! The trial is this Sat and XSun at the Gardener Fish and Gun club at 10 am.....Oh Norwood I HOPE I CAN GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Aggie

  15. Hi Norwood! Those trails look so cool!
    That black thing has good taste?? I never ate that.
    You´re getting to be green.
    Take care



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