Wednesday, May 13, 2009

which way do we go?

hi every bloggie!

We need to finish our walk along the Delaney Trail.  I realized I have a problem though... I need your help. The squirrels and snakes kept telling me where to go - a little bit.. ahem lost. 
Let's see.. which way do I go?
I 'm listening.. but must not look directly into camera. 
Okay.. which way did you say? I'm getting hot and thirsty!
You think it's this way...
Ahhhh good work.  I thought we were lost for a moment. 

Come on in.  It's so refreshing! Perfect way to finish a hike! (unless your bruce the cat).How would you rate this week's hike:

A- Never again ! Snakes did it for me- no thank u
B- Love the amphibious effect from the hike! Being Green is Easy!
C- Getting lost with you is fun! But next time look me in the eye!
D- Move over on top of the horse jump- I wanna see!
E- ____ Blogger's Choice Comment


  1. Hi GB,
    Going wit B! still waiting 4 you to turn into a froggie though. Not sure you should listen to those wiggly stick friends of yours-- i think they get u in trouubbel. Remembah where those hot doggies come from!


  2. Hey Norwood,
    Thank goodness you weren't lost matie. That water looks nice and cool after your hike.


  3. need to follow the Jedi master's rule #1 for dogs....FOLLOW YOUR NOSE! You were letting the dark side take over! Give into the force...close your eyes & just follow your nose!
    Jeez Norwood...even a silly cat like me knows that! As for my answer to your quiz...I pick...
    E. I'll follow you anywhere Norwood cuz you're my buddy!
    Love ya,

  4. You can get distracted all you want Norwood...that's what I let happen to me every fact, that's what happening to me right now...YOU'RE distracting me from getting ready for work...but I LOVE this distraction:)

  5. Stumpy is taking the last option. she is all about following you anywhere.

  6. That hike was scaiwy fow a while, but that wefweshing ending was well wowf it
    smoochie kisses

  7. Thanks for stopping by our blog! We're not fans of water, but that woods looks like a great place to explore and get lost. We don't have any place near our house that looks like that. Comet would probably run out of pee anyway!

  8. hi Norwood, it looks like you found the perfect spot for a refreshing swim. we would go hiking with you anyday if we could end up in that spot. good job.


  9. C for me and what a great place to walk and swim.

    Wizz :-)

  10. Norwood you need to leave a few sticks to follow back so you don't get lost. I must say the Reds have pretty good noses they probably could track your way back.. I would be right there for you in the lake...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  11. Norwood, stumpy wants you to know that Lizards are particularly fun. When you catch them by the tail, they leave their tail behind and it's still alive!!! She warns you, though, not to eat the lizards, they will make you barf like you have never barfed before!!!!

    Actually, Stumpy has never caught a lizard but a red heeler friend of her's is an expert...

    What do you mean you can't post?


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