Sunday, May 31, 2009

paws in the pawk- part 1

hi every bloggie!

I went to a fun event today. It was Paws in the Park!  The event raised money to help Save A Dog animal rescue!  So I hopped into the car and headed out. Looks like I'm driving-doesn't it.  Silly, I have a chauffeur. It was another beautiful day.. high 70s. 

I was so excited to go because I was finally going to meet Dexter!  aka PeeWee!  He did a great job fundraising $400!  
I can't believe it!  Live in person.  Mango always says his head is pointy.. I didn't think so.  He's actually all muscle- a stealth dude. Must be from wrangling with the relentless huge.  
First we watched the frisbee demonstration!  This dog has talent.. but wait until you see what I did in the next contest. Yep I was invited into the trick contest.  Honestly, I don't have any tricks.  
But I did what I usually do- spin, lay down and catch hot dogs.  Who knew that would win me an award!  I won a banana stuffie!  In my acceptance speech, I accepted the banana award on behalf of Tula- who's tongue is bananas! And time to celebrate.. no champagne necessary for me!
Then Dexter started changing colors.  I think Mango taught him how to sun bake. Look he turned as hot as the sun!  

So we took a quick dip in the pond.  Awwwhhh!

Now time for the walk! It was more like a dog maze!

Look at everyone.. and they kept coming and coming!

At the end, we veered off to the stream.  Sun baking and walking! I can see why Mango and Tula stayed home. 
Look at this.  Can you really bite water?  
Well.. that's enough of the Paws in the Pawk for today.  
The end.  Tail wags all around. More tomorrow. 

fun times @ the festival

Hi every bloggie!  

Yesterday I headed out for my regular walk. It was such a beautiful day too!  

I ran along the river trail then to the field. See what I mean! After a week of rain.. it was so nice to see the sun and big puffy clouds! 
I kept walking and walked to downtown Hudson where the Community Festival was going on.  The minute I get there... look.. I thought it was Waldo! Nope- Waldo's ears are not as pointy!
And look! I looked to to the right and saw a potential Bandana Bonanza candidate sitting right in front of Mom's favorite local pub-the Horseshoe Pub. She always brags about it having 75  beers on draft. If your a beer connoisseur and in the area.. stop in. 
So I'm walking along finding scraps of bratwurst on the ground and saying hi to everyone.  Then I saw these things! LOOK! Puppies, cats, and old Lizards on a string! I had to tweet Bruce the Cat to tell him since he's a lizard lover (or it's that lizard killer). Look at my old lizard impression. Pretty good huh?
By now I'm hot.  These kids were running in the sprinklers.  A bit too many of those little leggeds running wild that I couldn't get a good soak or drink.  

So I cooled out in the shade and watched this lady teach about animals.  I wonder why she didn't ask me to come up and say something. 
I was paying close attention and then she did this! She brought out the BIGGEST Bunny ever! I hope you can see it b/c mom's iPhone does not have a zoom.  Wowzer! I'd really really love to chase him! A Mango size rabbit.  
Well that's it with the community festival!  I hope mom brings money for a real bratwurst next time.  

Rufus, Indie (and Anita) are having a Summer Photo Contest! The only thing you have to do is (if you want) to do a post with your best Summer Photo and leave a comment in our blog with the link and in the first Summer Day (June 21st) we will post the 3 winners. The winners will receive at home a present! What do you think? Do you wanna play? Head over to their site. 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

quiet moments- sky watch #46

hi every bloggie!  

Today I thought I'd share my appreciation for nature.  Sometimes on my walks, I look up and around.  Usually distracted by birds or squirrels but not today. You will see I possess an appreciation for peaceful moments.  Just look at these photos. 

Assabet River early morning.
the Marlboro sky!

the sky's reflection in mr. frog's pond.

Okay that's enough. You know me!
mother nature created me too!

Hope I didn't get you wet! ;)Don't forget to head over to see the other sky watch photos!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hi every bloggie!

Another guest appearance today.  This is my neighborhood friend Zoey.  She was featured back in the winter but the picture didn't show off her cuteness.  Look at that smile.  We run into each other every week on our walks.  Zoey plays hard to get at first. Girls are silly that way. 
She has a Tennessee connection too being from the Rocky Top rescue like me! Can u believe it????Sometimes we run wild in the field but Zoey has a little more common sense then me.  Well... I hear she likes to roll around in wonderfully scented things found in the field.  I like the smell.. quite becoming. 
Zoey "what is that nut job doing now?  This is my moment!"
Zoey "He can't sit still.  Does he have to roach every chance he gets!  This is my moment remember? Boys!  And he's not even two yet."

* PS. Ill catch up to your bloggies tomorrow. Mom's feeling a bit under the weather and I can't sit still enough to type.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

froggy style

Hi every bloggie!  Well it's true. I've gone to the frogs.  Look! I have a new bandana.
Here! Get a closer look.  Yep Frogs on it!
Alright.. you still can't tell.  HERE!
I even started laying down like a frog. 
I guess you would call this froggie style.
And.. oh no. NOT AGAIN!  This happened!
This is truly FROGGIE STYLE!

I sure hope this doesn't last long. I can't see too well.  Although- I love eating bugs. I think I took my new friendship with mr. frog to another level.  Not too healthy. 
Okay okay! I'll leave u with a lil frog humor. Ready for some frog jokes! 

Q. How many frogs would fit in your glass of water?
A. Toadily too many.

Q. Why did the frog make so many mistakes?
A. It jumped to the wrong conclusions.

Q. On what planet would a space frog live?
A. Plutoad.

Monday, May 25, 2009

flippin good fun on the holiday

Hi Every Bloggie!

Here is the park I usually go to for my walks.  Look at all the Memorial Day fun. Baseball and cookouts. Well, hmm, let's just say I had a better idea.  I headed back to the fields to my favorite pond. 
Its full of lily pads now and even better my new friend mr. frog.  
For days I search for him.  I could hear him but tried my hardest to find him.

My frog catching technique?  I go along the side and stomp the water with my paws.
Sometimes I get carried away and think my splash was mr. frog hopping out.  I know.. a bit much. 
Then I dig into the mud side hoping to flush him out.  (Mom really loves this one)
I stick my head into his nesting area.  And then it happened.  3 days later!  It's MR. FROG!
I can't believe it.  Hi mr. frog! Do u have a name?  Nice to meet you. 

Then POW!  Back to the search again!
Now isn't that more fun than a stupid baseball game?  
What should I name mr. frog?
b- Jumpin Jack
c- Hop Along Hank
d- blogger's choice ________
Hope you had as much fun as me????!!