Sunday, August 28, 2011

go away irene

hi every bloggie!
Free Smiley Courtesy of
As you know, hurricane irene came to visit this weekend
Here's my news report...

go away irene  from Norwood on Vimeo.

It's gonna be a long day.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

pawrole release pawtee

hi every bloggie!
hey I almost forgot to tell woo.
While I was away from bloggieville,
momma dropped me off at lock up.

She said we were going shopping-see!
But that's the kennel lobby- trickery.

I didn't know she went to texas!
And to make it worse, she went to visit the Happy Heelers~
Yep Gus, Louie & Callie without ME!!!

Lookie! I fit right in there!

And momma shared my cookies with them.
I wanted to give them in pawson.

I'm still mad about it!
But now comes my release pawtee!
come on you're invited!

(*pardon the narrow camera angle-
momma forgot to hold her iphone sideways for the wide angle view- duh!)

Free at last! Free at last!

So just to recap- after lock up I went directly
to lake chauncy and the charm bracelet trails.
I swam and swam and swam

and I zoomied


and zoomied!

and I fell in love with
Mi bell na-bell. Yeppers that's her name- na-bell!

Whoops- private moment:P

We did a little dancin'

Na-bell loved me!

then more pups came to the pawtee!
bombs away!

Dude just like to stare at the ball in the water.

So I challenged him to a swim off and he got in.
Weird but he won.

Okay it's on like ping pong!

Last one in is a rotten eggballs.

This was the best release pawtee evah!

And it was topped off with a trip to DD!

Now that's a welcome home!

Monday, August 15, 2011

a sea dawg burpday adventure con't

hi every bloggie!
wowee! two bloggie days in a row.
can u believe it?

well this post is a continuation from yesterday's burpday funballs update.
when you last saw me.. I was having fun in the sand dune marsh area.

well that wasn't all.
i had momma take me up to the street to the beach.

ahhh... refreshing salty breeze!

momma made me wash my toes off in this shower.
silly..since wet toe toes still pick up sand and I don't wear flip flops
oh well, the shower was a nice tribute to this ladee

but then I noticed that stoopid sign again.
no dogs on the beach.

all I could do is lookies at the peeps having beach funballs.

so i went for a walkies down the street.
big fancie houses lined it.

even the birds have big fancie houses

rut roh! warning will robinson warning will robinson
i didn't know it but i was under attack.
see tula's video & post about my wildob burpday it..
she thought it was funny.

a momma osprey (sea hawk) didn't like me so close to her babies
umm.. i can't climb poles so what's the big deal!

lots of birds around.
i do like their tasty presents.. good eats

some birds had their eyes on the waves.
i don't see anything. do u?

this guy did a dive bomb!

but i think he came up empty
i gotta learn how to fly... how funballs

so next stop.. woods hole
boop booop!

the ferry that takes peeps to martha's vineyard coming in

it's a very pretty harbor

with lots of boat traffic
i even saw some real sea dawgs riding in the boats.
*( u can't really see from this pic but of course labradorks & goldens)
why can't that be me! why can't that be me!!

then all of a sudden... i was told to wait.
excuse me.. cattle dogs are not the patient type

rut roh.. the bridge broke.
oh letting boats thru.. toot toot!

i wanted to jump onto his boat but
momma wouldn't let me.
no fun

oh well... we went to the uptowne dog cape cod bakery afterwards.
i picked out some burpday cookies to share with tula.
don't worry they don't bite or pinch.
well... tula does if she doesn't get a cookie

yummers.. so that was it for my burpday adventure!
next year woo should all come!

oh i wanted to pass along a few announcements.
my pal pip told us all about a hat-a-thon on aug 24th
post a pic of woo in a hat and help out if u can..

and since momma is bad about keeping up on blogville things
we read sarge's bloggie, he posted all the upcoming events
check it out.. lots of funballs ahead!
okay that's it. tah tah!