Thursday, September 30, 2010

the froggyville horror show

hi every bloggie!

Wanna good scare? Check out the froggyville horror show. It's from my after work walkies. Let me just say... it wasn't the frog who was screaming!
The horror! A frog hopping at a human! Buuaawwwaaahh! Mom should've let me eat him.

Monday, September 27, 2010

wacky workout

hi every bloggie

Tonight I'm having blogger issues. Geez blogger's so moody lately. I'm trying to comment and it keeps saying no service on Safari so I switched browers. Then on firefox I couldn't add photos so what to do what to do. Blogger failure can't stop me - no way!

Okay here goes..On the weekends, I usually go running for about 4- 7 miles/day but sometimes that's just not enough. See that's me.... fast like the wind or breaking wind- huh?
A little dude like me can store unused energy resulting in... well watch.....

Yep that's my wacky after run workout. Dugout sprints are funballs!! Please feel free to sign up for the next class.

*Sorry facebook/twitter friends about the re-post but I'm sure you don't mind seeing it again- besides you need the exercise. Oh did I mention blogger just sucks tonight. Yeah it does!

flashlight terror

hi every bloggie!

Whatever you do, just don't look into the light!

Just don't! or your fate with the flashie beast is sealed and captured.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

i wanna ..ahem.. be like.. ummm.. mango?

hi every bloggie!

Umm.. tic toc tic toc... I'm up. It's 12:50am EST but not midnight on the west coast so I still have time to get my entry in for the "I wanna be like Mango" contest... phew. Mom says this is so ridiculous but I gotta enter.

Dude is in my grad skool so I have an advantage over my other dog bloggie pals to win this thing. I've been able to study the moose up close. Okay supposedly the RH is a sharp dresser. Look how he showed up to my barkday pawtee at skool. Uggh.
Ummm... nah. I don't wanna look like that. Plus momma won't let me slobbers so I can't even try that. Then supposedly he's quite agile. I saw it up close in class.

Okay.. I'll be a good sport. I'll copy mango. In fact that was the lesson in class, follow the leader. The leader was big goof mango so I HAD to do it.
Okay whoopdeedoo. So far Peewee's Labradork contest is way cooler. Then I continued my studies... in live action. Watch this moose weave pole.
Okay... he did pretty good but still, agility tips from Mango? Think think think... why would I wanna be like Mango? Okay maybe there's a couple things I'd wanna be like Mango about... it's very hard to ignore them. Quite impressive package and always on show. Ready...

The Mangoness makes the ladees love him and guys wanna be him... true dat!
Mango Oh Yeah Mango! okay night night for me now!

Friday, September 24, 2010

eYewatch friday- sad eYes

hi every bloggie! Free Smiley Courtesy of

Whew what a long week but it's finally time for eYewatch friday. This week's edition ... are you ready.. get a tissue handy, it's sad eYes. Yes it's rare but on a few occasions I'm sad. See? Just pitiful.
Let me tell you what happened. One day I was minding my own bidness, galavanting the trail when a tree lobster taunted me and I chased him up a tree. Well there must've been a nest of bumble bees there. They got mad at me! As you can see I was totally shocked.
A few chased me and I got stung right on my BEE-Hind. Lookie.. this is the sadest boy you'll see on the trail.
Don't worry, I was fine after 15 minutes but totally milked it with mom for a good while. hee hee.

Oh message to the RH Mango.. taunting me with the tick tock comment- I'm still working on your entry. And you too have time to get your "I wanna be like Mango" entry in too! Due Sept 25- Saturday. For every entry, mango momma is donating green papers to Tufts doggie medicine skool

Sunday, September 19, 2010

a furry big deal!

hi every bloggie!

A furry big deal? What you ask? Well you see my cousin Tula is working furry hard in grad skool to learn that woo don't have to grr and get mad at all dogs. In fact, I've been working closely with her so some day we can play together.

Well after grad skool, I decided to take a trip to Lake Boon to cool off after a furry hard day working on my master's degree in refined conductology. I was minding my own business ......

And then all of a sudden - here comes tula! She came dressed for a pawtee wearing her pawtee hat (aka muzzle) just in case she got carried away. She is a large marge you know being 100+ lbs. You see it's been awhile since she's pawteed with anyone up close. Hmm she's checking me out with a hard stare.. rut roh shake it off. shake it off.

We got it right on video- you are witness to our first play pawtee!

Then I resumed my regular goofball activities.
Neener neener- aaahh not quite sure- but neener neener!

Tula doesn't swim so Fun Aunt Dee had to play lasso with her.
Look Ole!
Umm FAD (fun aunt dee) wanted me to share this video... see my face. I'm covered in sand. She had a problem with it. But lookie ! me and tula getting along just fine. She even took off her pawtee hat!

Now that's a furry big deal!

Arrr, tis talk like a pirate day!

Ahoy Bloggie Mates

Arrr, tis' talk like a pirate day Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty! Ne'er!
These pirates are ruthless... watch!

Arrr, thank goodness for tula and bruce A pence for an old man o'de sea?

Okay and speaking of pawing it forward. I was a rescue dog. Like you, I have many friends that stayed in shelters until adoption. Mom also volunteered at the BayPath Humane Society and learned first hand the bare bones budget they operate on and the generosity of others to maintain the shelter. Pedigree is donating a bag of food to shelters for something so easy to do and right from the comfort of your home. How easy peasy! Please help. Today is it. Like Pedigree on facebook and create blog post. You still have a few hours left.

Okay head to Blog Hop Special Edition: Pedigree's Write a Post, Help a Dog at to enter your post.

Arrr, okay I'm off doin' pirate stuff, gar! good day!

Seadog Groglegs Nordude

Friday, September 17, 2010

eYewatch friday- friday nite lites

hi every bloggie!

Geez it feels like it's been a long time but here goes! It's friday it's friday! that means it's time for eYewatch friday! This week's edition is friday nite lites! Yep you guessed it. Since I walk around the local high school at night, my eYes are on some great high school football. Friday night lights!!!

Woot woot! the Hudson Hawks were about to score! I had my eYes peeled on the football!
Fri night lights
Then I closed my eYes. I wished I was on the field! the blinding lights on me! The crowd squinting their eYes to watch!
Norwood-friday nite lites
The crowd cheering Nordude Nordude! Nordude! We wanna a TouchDown!
Look in my eYes! Pure fixation. I sprinted down the field in a lit up blur. All eYes on me!
and then the launch! I did my best imitation of Brady to Moss! See!
And finally I got to do the Lambeau Leap!
Yeah baby! Happy eYewatch friday! Friday Nite Lites edition!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

introducing my little dude friend

hi every bloggie!

Remember a long time ago, this dude kept popping up in my fotos? Well, it happened for real.. I even got it on video!

Okay - the video quality is super poor- it was dusk and mom's iPhone app- well let's just say it kinda sucks lately so she's looking for a new one. The poor quality has nothing to do with my jarring movements... nope. Plus mom is annoyingly asking me to "leave him alone" again. I wished she'd sing a new song already. You might wanna turn down the volume first.

Ready part one.. we were heading out on the trail and dun dun dun.. lil dude waits to meet me.

Okay- I left him alone. Now part two-on the way back thru the trail.. dun dun dun. Lil dude comes out of the tree and puts his snooter in my face. He even tried to swat me with his lil paw. Dudes got some balls. Oops I mean courage.

Strange lil dude but I think we'll make good friends. Better than that el stinko friend I made a couple weeks ago.