Tuesday, November 30, 2010

speechless wednesday

Siber Monday

hi every bloggie!
Today was a special shopping day! Khyra told me it was Siber Monday! Great deals on floofy tails. She had me busy doing online shopping- sending me all the latest FT fashions to me.

But I also hit the local Pet Source store to check out their Siber deals. Lookie what they had on display! I want them ALL!

Of course mom did most of her shopping this weekend at the outlet malls. Her favorite purchase! SOCKS.. yep these smartwool socks. She seems to think they are the best things ever. BORING.

I found something better. It's the hottest holiday gifts around.

Hee hee... I'm just glad they don't make Mango scarves for us.

To be honest, I was worn out from all the weekend funballs. Yeah! Me? Tired?
Here's the proof.

Let the holiday season begin! Don't worry my re-charging time is brief. I'm back at decking the halls now.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

happy belated turkey day

hi every bloggie!

I'm a bit late but I hope you all had happy turkey day!

I've been furry busy this weekend which meant no bloggie time. I apologize for not getting my adoption story posted. Please please don't be mad... but you'll see I was pre-occupied.

You see, I was in charge of shopping for the feast. So I set out on my regular walkies and OMD! I came across some free range chickens! Chicken or Turkey? It's all fair game right?

I quickly headed to Tula's estate with my find. This is her furry first thanksgiving here. But you see I was kept out of the roasting area. Tula was sous chef. Let me tell woo, you don't want to get near her while she's cooking.

So I did my best to entertain myself. Neener neener neener.. tula's stuffies are lots of funballs. See Miss Sous Chef!

Oh you wanna play like that... sampling the feast with Fun Aunt Dee before it's served! Okay okay.. what to do!

Poor stuffie! I had to perform surgery. Even on Turkey Day! After all that, I was starving. Yipee I got my food bag on... the bird is served!

Wait a minute Wait A minute! I still got room for pie!
I hope your turkey day was just as funballs! Muuuaah!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

moonlight wishes

hi every bloggie!

If you've looked into the sky lately, there's been a full moon blazing. I guess it's the full beaver moon. My pals along the Assabet River will be headed to their winter lodges soon. Back in the day, I guess trappers would try to catch them for their furballs before the rivers froze up. That's not furry nice. But nonetheless, the moon has been spectacular!

Here it is in the morning!

Here it is in the evening!
And just like K did, I made wishes. Wishes that all my pals who haven't been feeling well, would heeler up and feel better soon. Go ahead... when you see the moon tonight.. make a wish. Pawer for the PAWs!

Monday, November 22, 2010

norwood on the run

hi every bloggie!

On the weekends, I go running. Yep. Not just my daredevil dashes at Tula. Not just zoomies in the field and on the trail. Not just leashed walkies thru the neighborhood but actual runs w/ mom.

You see, we have a deal though.

I must take a break at the half way point.

Honestly I do enforce it because we usually run 6 miles. That's far.

I guess it kinda looks like my leaf clean up services too. Huh?

Anywho, umm I was going thru old footage and thought I'd post my K9 trail race video. It's from way back in June. I don't think I shared it so why not now.... here's me crossing the finish line!

I think I deserve a break or a BUD! Run NORDUDE Run!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

leaf clean up

hi every bloggie!

There's a reason it's called fall. Leafers are everywhere!

And since I live in an apartment, I don't have yard clean up. So I LOVE leaves. But I thought.. just like snow is called white gold around here, I'd offer my services and perhaps earn a few bills.
I put theses fotos up all over Marble bureau promoting my services. Me with my quick agitator motion! No rakes or leaf blowers required.
Creating a gusty force aligning leafs into piles.

See what I mean... voila. The leafs are disappearing. Clean up in action.

My signature fish flopper!
Back and forth.. twisting away!

I also help out with fertilizing.

And kicking leafs into piles.

The final clean up calls for my cousin Tula. I do large circles around her. And the leafs end up in a nice pile around her.

Okay well maybe that one didn't work so well... but I still had funballs.

Need yard clean up services? I am your dude! oh yeah! nordude!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

good morning

Hi every bloggie!
Winter is fast approaching. You can see it in the morning skies.

Of course I'm excited because that means snow is coming soon!

Despite my excitement, I'm still not cooperating with the photo shoot. If you notice, I never make eye contact in any of today's fotos. Neener neener neener camera lady.
Oh I wear my safety reflector vest b/c it's the land of darkness now and I'm out while it's dark and actually turns light by the end of my morning walkies! It's not just a fashion statement although I do look good- right ladees?

I almost forget to post this one..Daycamp had a harvest photo shoot too. See no eye contact...
PS- I'm catching up with your bloggies today! I do read them but I'll be around to make fun furry comments today! Happy Saturday!