Thursday, July 30, 2009

eyewatch friday! #7 + pet pride

hi every bloggie!

It's Friday! It's Friday! Ladah dee doo dah! That means it's eYewatch Friday! and Pet Pride!

I of course have been engaged in my favorite frog hunting expeditions. I've had my eye out for mr. frog- can you tell?
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My sniffer seems to get lathered during my intent hunting in the nesting mud areas along the pond looking for this guy. Doesn't stop me!
Then mom was walking along and saw this guy.
I swear I had nothing- ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it.

Now time for the eYewatch challenge. First of all, hmmm we have a mr obvious amongst the group who is not like the others. hee hee. Post your all answers in your comments! Good luck!

Don't forget to check out the other Pets with Pride! TGIF... music please! Ladddee dah doo dahh tah dah! I love that song!

Monday, July 27, 2009

squirrels don't swim

Hi every bloggie!

Whew... I know it's not Texas but it was very humid and hot today-you could cut the air it was thick. So we headed out for an early run this morning on the ARRT. For my fellow tweetin dog bloggies, you can follow the national rails trails tweets. They tweet about local and national rail trail happenings. Here's me and mom. She has a hard time keeping up with me. I'm trying to get her into shape.
About mid way, I found a nice spot in the shade to take a cool off dip.
But I got a little distracted. Mom says squirrels don't swim but I thought I'd check out the tree anyways. What does she know. Squirrels talk to me why can't they swim.
Well maybe she was right. Okay okay.. time to swim, cool off and hit the spin cycle.
You didn't know but I have a wild ob eye (short for wildlife observing). Wild obing is my latest thing, check out my postings. My gal pal Sharon is Sharing is the master wild ober. That's quite a title. You can get the iPhone app and join the fun too!
Along the trail, I sniffed my way to this mushroom and told mom to capture it. Neat huh?
The trail has benches for break time. They're surrounded by black eye susans. I wanted to sit and enjoy but had to get back. I got an after run romp at the frog pond for coming along. Sweet deal!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

bandana bonanza update

hello every bloggie!

Today I have a Bandana Bonanza update! Did you think I'd have a birthday without getting a new bandana! Not a chance. Yep! The grandfolks sent me a nice package which include a bandana! Yahooo ! I like it. And I liked the $20 to buy some treats to share with Tula.

I also have an announcement for the bandana bonanza! Paco and Milo have become bandana bandits. Very nice! My first Italian Bandits!
Drop by the latest bandits to tell them what you think!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

scrapbook saturday

hi every bloggie! 

I thought I'd finish showing you my scrapbook photos from last week's trip to the cape. Come on! Take a look at the sites of Woods Hole in Falmouth.  This is the starting point for mom's race.  11,000 runner will fill the area.  It gets a bit smelly with sweaty racers everywhere. 
He smelled delicious!  I had to be careful of the claws though. Great poser for the camera!
Most people take a ferry over to Martha's Vineyard from Woods Hole.  I think if I jump in now... I could catch it!  Wait for me!
And colorful fisherman buoys decorate the local restaurants. 
The NOAA is located here. I loved the decorated whale and the ship coming out of the building. Someone had a clever sense of humor with that one. Nice work.  
Despite my lack of listening to instructions ( which I think are more like demands), my ears were moving all around in the wind.  I just might take off!
But I had to come back to mr. lobster.  I was hoping I could get a nibble. 
Thanks for looking through my scrapbook.  Have a super Saturday!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

eyewatch friday! #6 + pet pride

hello every bloggie!

It's Friday! Whooo hoo!  That means it's eYewatch!  

Let's see....  I initially refused to look at the camera! Hee hee!  Ladah dahh dee doo dah.  I could do this all day!
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Uh? What? You have a treat???!  Okay! CHEEEEZZZZEEE!
Snap!  It's an eYe watch moment.  

This week no challenge but I had my eye on the sky.  Look at the moon!  Hmmm look's vaguely familiar.  Oh... I know it's a Tula moon. How'd she do that!!! Tricky.  La Bella Tula!

And then you won't believe what happened next.  I was enjoying my walkie about town... I looked up to say hi and wowzer.... Is that Bruce the Cat's reflection?  How could it be?  I know he was MIA but that is some kind of cat magic.  

Well... that's all for eYewatch. Snap! Oh no! Wait. Don't move just yet. 
I really gotta go now!  You can join in the fun each friday. All you need to do is post an eye or two.. yours or whoevers?!

TGIF! Also check out the Pet Pride photos. The proudest pets around!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sand in my toes

hello every bloggie!

I received many comments about my visit to the cape.. thank goodness I took more pictures.  I guess Clive the Autistic Assistant Dog's humans will be heading to Boston and the Cape this weekend.   And Phantom and Thunder's mom is from this area.. reliving some fond memories from the photos.  Well, here you go! My blog photographer took many more to share.

First off ! The most important thing to do is make paw stamps.  Look at mine!  I'm not allowed on the beach but across from it was sand dunes!  I LOVE IT! I stamped all over and wrote my name!  Yeah you know it! I was here!

Everywhere I looked ! Sand crab holes!  I pounced around, hopping in the air like a gazelle! Trying to catch one. Look at my focus- determination ! I know I can catch one.  Anyone out there ever catch a sand crab? Do tell. 
I never hunted one before so not sure if my gazelle leap is the appropriate technique.  My blog photographer doesn't seem to think so.... 
In the words of Mango.. or is it Kool Aid Man-  anyways.. Ohhh Yeahhh! 
I'm loving this ocean life! I wish I could go on the beach! Listen to the ocean  Click the mic to hear it! Wind in my long fur... ahem.. time for a haircut.  I'm I'm .. king .. I'm not gonna say that corny line.  
I started singing " Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world!"  
And then we drove along part of the race course which is beautiful.   In the distance and up close the Nobska lighthouse and beach!

I'm still looking to jump in.... someday.. after summer beach rules end,  I will. 
A dog has got to have dreams!