Sunday, March 27, 2011

life ain't fairballs

hi every bloggie!

I'm back! Boy what a week. See this foto.

That's the final moments of my freedom.


Yep. I was a... ahem.. jail bird. Locked up. Detained.

Can you believe it?

I did have one highlight of my week in jail.

Mango momma came to see me during visiting hours.

PeeWee goes to camp here so she knows everyone.

Go ahead and check it out.

Can you stand it? My momma meanwhile flew all

the way to California to visit these folks.

Cousins... Lindsey, Parker and Kelly.

Oh wait.. it gets worse... and my new cousin Wally Beanballs.

Well I added the beanballs part.

He can't even see woo. Look at his furdoo.

wally beanballs

He's all confused. Can't see. Has a lion furdoo.

Why am I in the hole while momma plays with wally beanballs?

lion cut

Look she even let him jump on her like I do.

It just ain't right. More to be continued.

Oh... momma wanted to show you this video

She ran in a race that goes from Sausalito across the

Golden Gate Bridge to Aquatic Park in San Francisco.

She even took my new norwood cam (mini muvi video recorder) with her.

You can tell she doesn't know how to use it-

she aimed it too high but you can still enjoy the race with her.

Okay- sigh.... more to come. I'm not happy.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

bloggie break-balls

hi every bloggie!

This is just a quick note.
I'll be away from bloggie land for at least a week
But I will leave woo w/ a few of my masterpieces.

Yep.. snow is melted

And I've been trolling the river and pond edges

looking for my froggie pals.
Come out Come out where every woo are?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

nordude's earish jig

Hee hee I hope woo liked my earish jig!
Remember today everyone's a bit Irish!
okay I'm ready for my Baileys!

workout walkies wednesday

hi every bloggie!

Every weekend I walkies with my cousin Tula
It's not only for the Idita-Walk challenge
but to help Tula lose a few chubba chubba pounds.

It was a furry pretty winter snowballs morning.

And we met up with Fun Aunt Dee & Tula.

Here's a sneak peak at our follow the leader game.

Which always always ends the way Tula wants it to end.
Scoring a sniffer of my poop shooter.
A girl's gotta have goals.

She's determined. More like pushy about it.
I feel violated.
That sums up our workout walkies on this wednesday.

*Note- these photos are from 2-3 weeks ago.
We don't have snow anymore.

Monday, March 14, 2011

monday bluez

hi every bloggie

Yep... it looks like... a chance of..


with intermittent home alone boredom.
I got the monday bluez!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

last snow shoe fun

hi every bloggie
Free Smiley Courtesy of
Okay... it's been almost 2 weeks ago.. but I'm finally posting these pics.
I think it was my last snow shoe adventure for the season.
Pretty much all of the snow has melted by now.
But I'm sure sibe-nation will savor this post.

It freshly snowed. Plastering all the trees and trails.
So of course, momma put on her snow shoes and I put on my mittens.
We hit the Marble Hill trail in Stow MA.
We'll start with me looking handsome. hee hee

See I wasn't lying when I said it was snow plastered.

Furry furry pretty.
There was no body...nahdah no-one on the trail.
All you could here is my bear bell ding-a-ling

So I'm zooming along .

We kept running into these weird trail markers.
I guess humans made this trail into a torture course.
All signs said perform at your own risk.

Momma didn't do any pull ups despite my pleads.
Oh well. See.. please please please.
I tried.

We came upon the next part of the torture series.
Now this one I wouldn't mind doing.
Only problem... the logs were buried in snowballs.
I guess I'll come back when it's melted.

Oaky, ready for the live snow shoe action!
As always... here it is.

I hope you saw momma try to poke me with her pole! huh!

Let me tell you... some other evil things she does to me,
you can see it really good on this pic.
Momma gives me home haircuts. See lookie! holes in my furdoo.
It's not right.

Okay this was a photo op stop.
Really it was a rest break for you know who,
momma's heavy breathing.
She said this was a tough ungroomed trail with all hills.
Hmm.. I had no problems.

Okay look up!

Yeppers I was smothered by this huge tree!
That was inside it.

Okay I bet your tired too.
So I'll leave you with my infamous snow balancing trick!
I think I have a few more snow pics left
and that should be it for this season. I think spring is here.
Gotta get the frontline on.. our pal Dex got lyme's disease already
bye bye!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

OTP burpday shout outs

hi every bloggie!
Wowee Yowzer! Today is another special day to celebrate!
See my pal Otis the Potus was rescued by his ma ape one year ago today!
And to celebrate, $2 will be donated to the Delaware SPCA for anyone that
wishes OTP a happy burpday!

Okay OTP! Ready?
I remember it like it was yesterday!
You were rescued!
My postcard

And woo have such a style about you!
I like it! However we won't mention that other infamous
vest wearer Jimmy Tressel from mom's alumni,
Ohio State seeing he got in trouble on your burbday.
I wonder if that was his present to your ape.

My postcard

Finally, I must say, you have funballs in your own OTP way!
My postcard

You down with OTP! Yah you know me!
Happy Burpday pal!
Okay now it's your turn! Give Otis a burpday shout out
on blogger or twitter or facebook!

PS- Momma is to blame! She hasn't let me comment on your bloggies
but we are reading them. Sorry and I hope I can visit tonight.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

norwatch icam

hi every bloggie!

When my momma leaves for work,
she wants to think I just do this all day.
Ahhhh so sweet and being a good good boy.

Yep me I was good! Yep indeedy!
Well then she came across an app called iCam .
It allows you to set up your computer as a webcam
and tah daaaaaahhh abracadabrah!!
She watched me ALL DAY long!
Here's some footage....

I didn't know anything about it.
Now she knows, I AM on the couch (huh? what no couch rule),
I play with my tricky treat balls, I barkie at the window and at the door.

Oh! Wait! I see her coming!

Gotta go!
Hmmm how will I explain all this.... any suggestions?

Monday, March 07, 2011

introducing the new norwood vid-cam

hi every bloggie!
This weekend it was pretty wet and rainy so I didn't go on any trails.
Instead I went running with my momma both days.
Here's me and momma.

Okay- whopeedeedoo. That's nothing new.
But what is new is my norwood vid cam- the muvi veho mini dv camcorder
It's super small and clips right onto my harness!

Yep- woos can get fast action video from moi!
Here's a norwood vid-cam movie from today's run.
Note from momma- it's a 4min movie and if you get motion sickness-
this will do the trick.
Note from me- I think you will enjoy running with me even if you get dizzy.

I hope woo are okay.
After I'm done, I get to cool off and hang out in the snow.
It was 57 degrees- a heat wave !!!

Nothing like a good stick-
Right? Gus my heeler pal and Louie and Callie.
I'm so sad they are leaving bloggie land.
I'll think of them every time I chewie a stick.
This ones for woo heeler pals!

Oh before I leave. Check this out.
Sometimes woo find out about the coolest events
when you go running . I'm so in it to win it.
Lipper licking cool raffle. Who wants in?
Stay tuned for more norwood vid-cam adventures!