Sunday, February 27, 2011

the one who screams like a girl loses!

hi every bloggie
woo knows I walkies with tula on the weekends.
Well, the beginning and end of my walkies I get to go off leash
for the fun zone- nutty area.

Tula caught on... and turned all nutty on me.
tula wants a piece of me

I got it all on video but better yet...
momma got a new iPad app that let's you cut
still photos from your video. Good.
I wanna show woos what happened.

It's on!

Oh yeah!!!! catch me if woo can leapin' lizard toolie!

Look at me goooooooooo!

up high! down low! I'm fast! Woo r slow!

They don't call me crackah dawg for nothing!

Oh yeah... daredevil balls me!

Jeepers toolie is tough.. usually she's tired by now.
Must be my pawsonal training sessions.

Okay! Woo asked for it again!
i'll bring out my gazelle moves.

Rut roh! Abort mission! Abort mission!
Wait see her toofers piercing my furballs!!

Hey I screamed like a girl!!!
Stop the tape! Stop the tape!

Okay man up! Bitey face it is.

That's the fun nutty zone. I think Tula left out the funballs part.
Here it is in fast motions.

Okay I'll admit it... Toolie woo won!
Have a grrrrreat day!

Friday, February 25, 2011

run norwood run!

hi every bloggie!

Last weekend the snowballs melted and finally the sidewalks were clear
so Momma decided to take me along on her run.
I thought, hey pawfect time to put on my norwood cam.
Ready? Here we go!!!

We quickly ran to the downtown area.
There's quite a bit of traffic and furry important that woo wait for cars.

There's my momma.
Sometimes I like to put on the brakes so I can check pee-mail.
It's kinda funny because I jolt her a bit. hee hee

Jeepers... waiting for the traffic to stop.
I thought pawdestrians had the right away.

Woo this is one of my favorite places!
Remember this summer when grand pappy came to visit?
We went there. That's the Hudson's Roast Beef and Wings Joint.
Fond memories. (lipper licking good stuff)

That's the barber. He's usually open super early.
Whew... kinda glad he's closed. Don't want someone to get a crazy idea.

I always get stuck at this intersection... ho hum.
Nothing I really want from there.

See... I'm pretty good at crossing the streets.
Always look both ways.
Ah.. okay I really stopped to write my name on the light post.

Okay, looks like we're headed back.
Momma's pumping her arms. She must be trying to sprint.

Oh yes... getting near. That's squirrel alley.
Come on..let me see!

The home stretch!

I'm going as fast as I can! huff puff huff puff! (that's momma not me)

And finished. This shot is for ShawneetheShepard.

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Woo can't forget the cool down!

life is so strange

hi every bloggie!

Life was so strange last week.
I could walkies on top of the frozen snow.

I know exactly what I'm doing at all times- As if?

PS- Momma just put together unused footage. Please excuse the quality but I guess I was interesting walking on top of the world. That's a destination -isn't it?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

teacher's pet

hi every bloggie.

Oh boy.. we had spring here.
It was in the 50s and now back to a super cold blast today.
That's okay because I still have footage from
2 weeks ago when we had lots of snowballs.

Yeppers, I went to the trails every day that weekend.
One trip to the Charm Bracelet Trails included a few friends
Fun Aunt Dee invited her spec ed teacher friends to snowshoe!

See here they are but the sunshine blacked them out.
Yep- classic teacher talk moment. You know teachers are chatty patties.
I reminded them we are here for funballs!
Let's go!!!!!! I was flying!

I made sure everyone stayed together.. the cattle dog in me.
Come Jen don't get too far behind.

Rut roh... the ladees are a bit miffed about getting down the hill.
I showed them... easy peasy.

Hee hee I thought Karen required my assistance!
Okay your next Jen!

I'm watching if woo need my rescue!

Ready.... weeeeeee!

It was funballs but I wasn't allowed to do it again.
We kept moving.

I had to take snow munchers break just like Miss Khyra do on her walkies
Whew.. snow shoeing makes woo hot!

Okay.. we are finishing up!
It was super fun hanging with the ladees today!

I think I'm now the teacher's pet! neener neener
Here's a final video- it's momma's favorite view of the trail.

Wait before woo leave
Lookie I took had my norwood cam on during a couple of my trips.
Here's a few pics that moi took.

Here's the trail

Ha ha.. momma is taking a pic of me and I'm taking a pic of her.

Shades of gray... winter tree shot

Whoops! Wait up momma! I'm coming.

And this one's for ShawneetheShepard.!

Before I leave.. my pal Rudy has a fun valentine's day contest.
It's still open. Get in it to win it.


Friday, February 18, 2011

fill in the foto friday

hi every bloggie Free Smiley Courtesy of

Usually I do eYewatch friday but today
I'm doing something a little different!

It's fill in the speech bubble foto friday!
Yeppers, every weekend Tula walkies with me
in the early morning. If you don't know,
Tula lost at least 10lbs since we started walkies together.

It's funballs but sometimes she gets a bit bossy.
barking mad- fill it in
What do woo think she's saying to me?

early morning sunrise-fill in
I'm an easy going guy but this akita talk is a bit much.
Woo fill in the Tula's comments....
It's finally friday!!!!