Wednesday, August 29, 2012

favorite foto and the september dogs days challenge

hi every bloggie.

Today is Day 29 - favorite foto.

Here's mine.  I'm on top of the world!!!!!

I know.  For those of you who enjoyed the photo-a-day challenge,
wipe away the tears. 

Me and my instagram pals Monkey, Bailey and Bentley 
created a September photo-a-day challenge. 
Back to Skool and Fall theme.

Again the rules are there are no rules.
You can use new or old pics.
You can do any days you want. 
It is not a contest, just a fun photo theme challenge.
You can blog, instagram, tumblr, tweet, etc. 
Just tag it with the #septemberdogdays or #dogdaysoffun
okay that's all for now! 
Get out and have fun the last days of summer!
I am. Wahooo! Live Action!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

live action farm animal funballs

hi every bloggie!
You'll never believe it!
Yesterday I went eyeball to eyeball! nose to nose!
with sheep, goats, chickens and lil squee piglets!
Eyeball to eyeball! Game on!
woo got it!
live action farm funballs.
See dude hanging out up top watching me!

I always feel like somebody's watching me!

Now here's the best.
I went snooter to snooter with live action BACON bits.

oh yeah. They smelled great!
Hee hee I do eat raw. They just don't know.

Norwood got to play kisses face with live action bacon

This white lady stamped her feets at me.
Hmm just like... Tula does at me.
I do know what that means.

Norwood met his first sheep today. He didn't know what to think. Brain short circuited

I'll see ewe later
ole mac-norwood had a farm
ee Yi ee Yi yooooooo!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

dog dayz of summah!!

hi every bloggie

Can u believe it's already August?
In Masterchewsitts, it's been steamy jungle steamy humid hotballs.
That means only one thing to do...
kayaking and swimming.

Look momma use to be a competitive swimmer
but she can't beat my super fast paddlin'

Yeppers and here's my live action kayaking.
Feel the breeze in your furdoo!
That'll keep woo kool.

And if woo haven't heard of this funballs summer foto-a-day challenge.
Here it is. I created it w/ a few of my instagram pals.
Rules?  The rules are there are no rules.
(duh I created it... rules schmules- not here)

You can do all the days.
Or only the days you want to do.
You can use old or new photos.
Just tag your post w/ august dogs days and the theme for that day.

Here's mine to date.

Join the funballs.