Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mango- Thank Woo 4 Being a Friend

hi every bloggie

The stunning news spread quick across blogville this morning. 
Our beloved Mango has passed to the rainbow bridge.

I sure am lucky because the mango estate is only miles away from my lily pad
Can you imagine joining blogville and learning RH lives around the corner?
Is it possible, he's bigger than my cousin tula?! Whoa.

With that said, I searched thru my archives and 
found my fav memories 
with Mango.
Grab a bone and beer. 
Sit back and enjoy. 

Mango getting fresh with me. 

Ha ha .. Mango is a skool fool 

Mango vs Tula duel at grad skool

My bet's on bubba. Lookie at him go!

Ah agility bubba.  He sure could move for being a RH dude. 
I can't find me and tula and mango dancing...
but will leave you with this handsome photo. 

Thank you for being a friend
Run Free Pal!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

favorite foto and the september dogs days challenge

hi every bloggie.

Today is Day 29 - favorite foto.

Here's mine.  I'm on top of the world!!!!!

I know.  For those of you who enjoyed the photo-a-day challenge,
wipe away the tears. 

Me and my instagram pals Monkey, Bailey and Bentley 
created a September photo-a-day challenge. 
Back to Skool and Fall theme.

Again the rules are there are no rules.
You can use new or old pics.
You can do any days you want. 
It is not a contest, just a fun photo theme challenge.
You can blog, instagram, tumblr, tweet, etc. 
Just tag it with the #septemberdogdays or #dogdaysoffun
okay that's all for now! 
Get out and have fun the last days of summer!
I am. Wahooo! Live Action!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

live action farm animal funballs

hi every bloggie!
You'll never believe it!
Yesterday I went eyeball to eyeball! nose to nose!
with sheep, goats, chickens and lil squee piglets!
Eyeball to eyeball! Game on!
woo got it!
live action farm funballs.
See dude hanging out up top watching me!

I always feel like somebody's watching me!

Now here's the best.
I went snooter to snooter with live action BACON bits.

oh yeah. They smelled great!
Hee hee I do eat raw. They just don't know.

Norwood got to play kisses face with live action bacon

This white lady stamped her feets at me.
Hmm just like... Tula does at me.
I do know what that means.

Norwood met his first sheep today. He didn't know what to think. Brain short circuited

I'll see ewe later
ole mac-norwood had a farm
ee Yi ee Yi yooooooo!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

dog dayz of summah!!

hi every bloggie

Can u believe it's already August?
In Masterchewsitts, it's been steamy jungle steamy humid hotballs.
That means only one thing to do...
kayaking and swimming.

Look momma use to be a competitive swimmer
but she can't beat my super fast paddlin'

Yeppers and here's my live action kayaking.
Feel the breeze in your furdoo!
That'll keep woo kool.

And if woo haven't heard of this funballs summer foto-a-day challenge.
Here it is. I created it w/ a few of my instagram pals.
Rules?  The rules are there are no rules.
(duh I created it... rules schmules- not here)

You can do all the days.
Or only the days you want to do.
You can use old or new photos.
Just tag your post w/ august dogs days and the theme for that day.

Here's mine to date.

Join the funballs.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

dog dayz of summer

Hi every bloggie!

I have some summer fun to announce.

You probably know I get around.....
not just on the trails, rivers and to fun doggie events
but also on the internets.
Me and a few pals from instagram got together and
created a fun dog dayz of summer daily photo theme for August.

Each day you post a photo for the theme of the day. That's it. Easy peasy.

See here's an example
Day18:  fav human snack! That's me and a DD jelly munchkin!
You don't have to be on Instagram to do it.
You can post it in blogland, twitter, facebook, G+, tumblr, etc.
Just tag or label it with the day's theme and augustdogdays.
You can do all the days or any combo. It's just for fun!
Okay that's all! Toodle loo!

Monday, July 23, 2012

the nordude paddler

hi every bloggie!
I first want to thank everyone for the burpday wishes.
I've been gone so long, I'm surprised anyone remembered me.

Anyways, it's be kinda hot. I mean really hot this summer.
So on the weekends, I've not only hit the swimming holes
on the trails but I've been kayaking too. 

This past weekend I went to a new place.
We rented a kayak from some really nice people at Nashoba paddlers
and paddled down the Nashoba River


It was about 87 degrees. Ready for a nordude?
Float Coat. Check.
Hot dog. check
Emergency Treat bag. Check
Okay... here I come!

Tula being an Akita, is not much of a paddler.
Well let's just say she melts when the sun hits her furdoo.
So FAD (fun aunt dee) came along ... while Tula snoozed in the AC

Fun Aunt Dee where is @tula ?

Hey FAD usually wears a chicken pocket. 
Wait for me FAD!!!!
Float Coat Pawers Activate!

Ha...woo didn't know I was a swimmin' fool too!
I'm not all nuts. wocka wocka.


Okay, back to being the first mate.
Gotta go.
The captain is yelling at me.

Oh PS. I turned off the comments section for now.
Don't worry.. thanks for stopping by! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

woo say it's my birfday!

Yeppers it's me! Can woo believe it?
Even more unbelievable is today I turn FIVE?
It's  my barkday!
You know what that means,  I'm gonna have a funballs day!
A froggie funballs day!

Even if it's for only 30 seconds, oh wait make that 10 secs.
eat cake all day!

Friday, February 10, 2012

this and that

hi every bloggie!

TGIF. I thought for today's post, who needs to type.
Not me. 
I'm gonna paw a message myself.

this and that

lah dah dee doo dah.

this and that

bee doo dee boo bop

this and that

skeeeldee dee doo dah

this and that

tah daaaaahhh!

this and that

I think woo got what I was sayin'

and one more this and that.....

TGIF pawtee animals
H & G

Sunday, February 05, 2012

why? oh why?

hi every bloggie!

I can't believe it's superbowl funballs weekend
guess what I had to do?

see for yourself.

I know. Me contained?
We don't even camp! Why do I have a tent box?

I'm practicing hanging out in my tent box. sigh.

Please send help soon. Unbelievable.
H & G 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

dudes will be dudes

hi every bloggie!

Lookie! I was snowshoeballing again.

a snowdude

Last Sunday it was a pawfect winter day to hit the trails.
Cloud porn. 


Yep. I put my mittens back on. 
We hit the Charm Bracelet Trails. 
I be blazing!

blazing the landscape

I was off! I saw this dude and ran to tackle his hu-dad.
Then it was game on!
His name is Sonny.  
And he wears a remote control collar. 

Here we go again... chase

Hee hee I came when called but lookie at the remote control boy.
Way back by the tree.
He's eating poop .

trail blazing

So his hu-dad brought out the walkie talkie thing.
It went Bee boop bah.
Here come's Sonny. With his stinky poopers breath.
You probably can smell it. 

sonny the poop eater

Off we go. 
Sonny's hu-dad said the coyotes were active last night 
and he saw a killed deer and possum on the trail. 
He told momma she should carry pepper spray on her but it 
was a Sunday afternoon w/lots of peeps out.  We weren't too worried.
I'm a crackah dude. I got this.

i am snowdude

Then I ran into this dude.  
I forgot his name.. something like Marka. 
I think he looks old but he's only one.  

coming at ya

Here lookie.
 Momma says I'm a jerk boy sometimes w/other dudes.
I just like to play ruff.  Crackah funballs. 
What's the biggie deal?

rumble in the jungle

See. I think he likes it anyways. 
The chase is on. 

the chase is on

eeerrrrttt.. we put on the brakes.
What? You have sweet potato sticks?
Nom nom nom. 

give us treats!!!

I ate his treats and said goodbye to that dude.
Off to finish up trail blazing.


Are we really done? 
Come on! Let's go further!!!
That's what dudes do. Come on. 

just by the hair on my chinny chin chin

Until next weekend.. Oh that's right. The snow melted already.
Sigh. That's all.  Tah tah