Wednesday, July 17, 2013

iScream it's my birfday pawtee!

Hey every bloggie.

I have big news. 
I turn 6 years old today. 
Since it's super duper hot lately, no better way to celebrate 
than an ice cream pawtee!

Join the pawtee!
Post a pic of you (animal or human) enjoying a frozen treat! 

You can IG, FB, Twitter, Vine, google+
just tag me or hash it #nordudesbday

 Happy Birfday dude! 

Okay..... the pawtee has begun!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Summah = Funballs

hi every bloggie.

long time no see.
it's been super duper hot here.
what's a dude to do.

well let me show woo.
I go dog paddling. lots.

i'm first matey ya know.

Sailing takes me away To where I've always heard it could be Just a dream and the wind to carry me And soon I will be free #dogpaddling #kayak #afternoondelight

i go running early in the morning before most humans are up.
yup and after my run w/ momma, i have funballs on the beach.
see for yourself.

oh yeah.
most of you know, i love peepers.
ha ha. this tricky peeper outsmarted me.

oh and finally.
the eastern mountain store had an outdoor gear free demo day.
you can try out different kayaks, SUP (stand up paddle boards) and bicycles.
i finally got to try the SUP.
momma was nervous about standing up on it with me on it.
we didn't fall in!
we plan to try renting one again this summer.
i guess i have to learn to hold a down stay instead of standing up.

WasSUP Nordude #SUP #easternmountainsports #emsdemoday

oh yeah. i almost forgot.
the trail was flooded out one weekend.
lookies the horse had to cross right in front of me.
good thing i was distracted by hunting frogs.

Today's trail run included flooded trails and horse hazards. #whoanelly #trailfun #runningwithmydog  #stuffiseerunning

wow and the best thing was mrs wild dingo
came to masterchewsitts and i got to see her and mr. wild dingo

Say cheese! Nordude thinks it means he's getting cheese. #sorrydude

they totally love jack and lil moo who met us at the Purgatory Chasm trail
but i think they have a special place
in their hearts for cracker nutters dogs like me too.
more total funballs.

We had a great afternoon hiking with Scott & Julie Starling (visiting from Cali), Pat with Jack & Moo and Dee sans Tula.

i've been a swimming fool
and always wearing my ruffwear swamp cooler vest
to keep me cool.

Happy National Trails day! #nationaltrailsday

i went to barkfest and this  nice lady
gave me a 20 minute massagies.
whoa that was good

and since Toolie needs to keep refrigerated.
i come over and hang with her 
in the backyard.

so that's all for now.
i hope to come visit woo all soon. 
sorry i really haven't been a good bloggie pal.

hope you are having your own summer funballs.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring is in the air!

Yesterday I was reading the news and saw this article "Signs the Big Night is Coming"

The peepers are coming!
The peepers are coming!

Yup... it's true. Listen up. Sounds of Spring are everywhere!

(Sorry camera lens was a bit dirty but you can still listen)
Chasing geese..honk honk
Peeper chatter- chirp chirp!

This year it's not happening until April.
I looked up last year and the peepers were chirping back in March! Wow. 


  Spring has Sprung

Saturday, April 06, 2013

spring fling

I do believe Spring might be here!


So I had to hit the trails!
Yup. Delaney Wildlife Management Trails is the 
best place to kick off the new season. 


Wait. Hold up.
First you gotta rub all in it!
Ahhh! Now I smell like spring!

Rollin' Dirty! #spring #getoutdoors

Which way to go!
Muuaaahhhh the trails are all mine!!!!


See Running like a Fool!
Ladah dee doo dah!


Then out of nowhere.....


Faster than a speeding bullet.
This dude Mr. Darcy shows up and zoomie chase ensues.
Dude's wicked fast.... husky and greyhound mix.
You thought I was nutty.


Then he tried to pull a nutty on me!
Dude I'm not your girlfriend. 

No worries...

I still reign Supreme!
This is MY house!


Ummm until I ran into this pack. 
Don't worry. I moved over.

@scrappydo yesterday many horses were on it! Too bad you're not closer! Plus this group had the 2 lil dudes with them!

 Spring Fling done and out.
Toodle loo

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Chilly Cheeks virtual 5k Race Report

hi every bloggie!

Whoa. Yes it's me and I'm posting again. Can you believe it? 

Actually today I wanted to tell you about my virtual #ChillyCheeks 5K race that I ran this morning. See lots of runners start running for many reasons. This dude Big Andy started running for his health but also to help fight cancer. Big Andy was sponsoring a virtual 5k today to raise money for the American Cancer Society. But wait, we were able to do a double whammy. By using our CharityMiles app to track our 5k miles, we also helped raise money to help Stand Up For Cancer. 

Ready to go. 
It's early, about 6:30am.
20F light dusting of snow. 
Reflective vest on. 


Because there was a snow dusting, I had to put on my Musher's secret. 
Gotta protect my paws. 


See?  All waxed up and ready to go. 


Okay here we are at 3.1 miles!
We stopped at Jericho Skill Hill 
and just in time for the sunrise.  


It's starting to rise!!! 
Oh I'm suppose to lookies behind me. 


We actually ran/ walked up the ski hill to get a better view, but momma was using 2 tracking apps at the same time on her iPhone and it sucked up her battery juice.
The battery died right when we got to the top. 


Well  here's us again.
Forget Chilly Cheeks, my fur beard was frozen.  See?


Oh and my post race medal was Dunkin Donut Munchkins.
Yup... Yummers.

It was cold and chilly but all so worth it .
If you wanna help out Stand Up for Cancer or other charities, it's easy.
 Track your daily walkies with Charity Miles app.
Check it out.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

wassup nordude?

Hi every bloggie!

Wahoo it's me!!
Coming at ya.
 Last weekend's winter hike at Groton Town Forest. Trails wedged between the Nashua and Squannacook river.

Yeppers. I'm still around.
I've been out of bloggie land for a bit.
But thought I'd catch you up on what I've been doing. 


Some snowshoeing...

Crossing guard

and more snowshoeing...

❄Snowshoe zoomies

Oh yeah. I cuddled with Mango Momma.

Lookie who came to deliver  presents to Norwood & Tula.    Mango momma and she's wearing a mustache! Buahahaha!

I work from home on Wednesday's with momma. 

Presenting Morning Nappers with Nordude! Who knows where he could be?

and keep the furniture clean.
Paws off and in the air.

Keepin dirty paws off the couch

I'm still trying to figure which way to go.

Norwood's trying to figure out which is his left hand. #stuffiseerunning

I did a snow dance!
Please more snow! Please!

This is Norwood's idea of a rest bresk during our 6 mile run today. Sigh. #stuffiseerunning #runningwithyourdog

I zoomies some more on the trails.

I zoomie run the streets with Tula Monstah!
Lookie at her go!

I play a game of "where's nordude?"
Can you find me?

Where's Nordude? Can u find him?

I report dog walkies weather every morning on facebook, instagram and twitter.

Frosty lippers weather for the morning @charitymiles walkies. Today we 3.2 miles walked for @Habitat_org #weather #instaweather #instaweatherpro  #sky #outdoors #nature  #instagood #photooftheday #instamood #picoftheday #instadaily #photo #instacool #inst

oh... yeah.  I gots a furdoo trim.

Someone said he was looking scrappy (@Tula) So Dude got a home haircut today. I'm getting better. No major divots this time.

Sometimes I charge like mad bull.

❄Snowshoe zoomies

Oh my favorite.
I learned how to hypnotize you.
Cluck like a chicken. Now get me some chicken.

Norwood's hypnotizing. You will do what I want....

I got a new nickname.
Orange Crush

Snowshoeing at Hop Brook trail.

But most of all, I'm still nutty.
I think someone loves snow. Just sayin'

Until the next time bloggie pals.........