Monday, November 30, 2009

Siber Monday Deal

I love shopping online so of course I took advantage of the Siber Monday deals. Check out this deal! Click the play button to hear it.
I wonder if Miss Khyra had anything to do with it. My free pantyloons are being shipped today! Happy Shopping!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

the party's over!

hi every bloggie!
Ho hum.. Thanksgiving is done. Sigh. In order to close out the weekend properly, I have one final thank you. Thank you to my bloggie pals below for honoring me with the "You're a Blessing Award". As you can see, I hang out with only the best.
I want to pass this award onto all my friends because you make my day every time I read your blogs!

Now.. my trip is over.

The turkey is done.
The parade has ended.
And I'm left with no more fun.
Miserable Mondays!

dog park reviews

hi every bloggie!
Don't think that I'm done telling you about my trip to OHIO. Yep.. First I'm being forced to confess that it may have seemed that I was a perfect angel in my last post. I'm suppose to tell you that wasn't always the case.....but but but Todd and Sara started it.. ha there!

During our visit, Mom also wanted to take me to her favorite dog parks and a buddy walk was in order. Here goes.. we hit the Olentangy River Trail.
I'm having a Looney Toon moment.. Which way do we go? Which way do we go? Mom says I shouldn't lead if I don't know where I'm going. Ridiculous.
Of course anytime there's sunshine means I bring along my shadow brother. I think he's pretty cool and we make a good pack.
The trail led to Antrim Park. It was super busy - no off leash time -only in the water. Have you ever seen a norwood fish before? I'm quite the catch.
Then the next day we went to Anheuser Busch Sports Complex. No not time for beer.. and since Mom is from Milwaukee it would have to be Miller Time.. not Bud. Any who, I met up with a six pack in the baseball fields. Here's a few:
Meet Tyler, the hump meister, his brother (forgot his name) and Blue.
Look at the disrespect. Not only did Tyler try to hump me, he stole my ball and his brother kept messing with me. Umm that means only one thing.. unleash Mr. B! Yep Mr. Bizerko !

Works every time. I'm no one's chump! My reviews- Olentangy River Trail.. Love it! Antrim Park- Like it! (too busy to get my off leash time) and Anheuser Busch Fields- Love it! Mr. B loved it too! except the humping. That's all folks!
WRoo Wroo
Oh wait before I go, my cousin Tula did something while I was away... Not sure it was necessary. Check it out, "this home inspection"... she's suspect. Remember I'm no one's chump. Umm well Tula can be more rogue than me.. so maybe it's okay. Don't wanna mess with that large marge.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

looks r deceiving!

hi every boggie!

So I wanted to tell you more about my trip to OH- IO. You see those two cute little faces below. That's Todd on the left and Sara on the right. I stayed with them. Little dogs.. awwww.. so cute.. so friendly-right?
Well I thought the same thing and then this happened.
It was like a scene out of Kujo. I was puzzled. I wasn't sure what to do so I sent mom shopping with Bethy. Maybe a peace offering would help. Oh what to choose. Hmm- the ice cream cone just squeaked- can't eat it. The super-sized monkey was too much money and the hat & sweater set- too foo foo.
I had nothing to offer and then I came across this sign.
Mango the RH has his own day care? Maybe I could stay there.. free online photo editor, fun photo effects
and be safe under Mango's care.. Then I remembered a recent post of his...
Probably not safe under his care either. Oh well, if you can't beat em... join'em. free online photo editor, fun photo effects

Friday, November 27, 2009

eYewatch friday! #20 & Thankful Story

hi every bloggie!
For this Thanksgiving Frankie Furter asked his blogpals to post our Thankful for being Adopted Story. Here goes mine....

Once upon a time, back in 1993, a little boy named Scruffy came into mom's life. You see, she never had a dog growing up. Her household was a "no pets allowed" household. Once she finished up college, she decided enough is enough and adopted Scruffy. He was a bit on the wild side and too be real honest, mom didn't know much about training dogs.- zilch, nada, nothing.

Of course the natural thing to do would be to adopt another dog. She may have had a college degree but common sense didn't kick in yet. But Scruffy was happy he now had a brother, Snoopie. Snoopie was the perfect balance to wild child Scruffball. Unfortunately, we lost Scruffy early- and Snoopie was left alone.
It was mom and Snoopie for a long time until he developed congestive heart failure. Two years after ongoing treatment, he went to the bridge. He was a very special boy and went thru many milestones... boyfriends, relocations, job changes, graduations, etc. He had a calming effect and a peaceful soul. He went to the bridge 11-27-07 and mom was very lonely.

Finally, a search began: Petfinder, 1800-Save-A-Pet, local shelters. After a long search, my handsome self was posted. I was wearing a winter scarf and a cute scruffy look. She has a thing for terrier mixes. (unfortunately my posting was lost on her last iBook which crashed).

Here's the story from the PAWS New England Rescue which saves animals from southern states. They bring them up to New England for adoption due to the overpopulation problems in the south.
"Little norwood was picked up roaming the country roads by Animal Control back in early November and took him to the kill shelter. He was such a sweet boy that they kept overlooking him on euthanasia days. we finally had room to get him and several others out of the kill shelter on 12/4/07 and take them to hillcrest clinic in memphis. Norwood had an upper respiratory infection at first and was immediately put on a broad-spectrum antibiotic and then he didn't want to eat while he was sick so the vet techs would hand-feed him just to get something in his stomach and two of the vet techs would go back to the clinic late at night to hand-feed him small amounts and to hold and rock him in a blanket. Several nights i'd be on the phone with one of them when they were back at the clinic when they should've been off work and at home. they do so much for our shelter orphans.So they nursed him back to health in just a couple of weeks and they were ecstatic when he finally got to go "home" last week :)"
Here's cute and handsome me from my first weeks at home.
Yep, I was running the streets of Memphis at 5 months old and sick. I'm very thankful for the rescue and shelter staff who were able to save me from the kill shelter and nurse me back to health. Mom is thankful she found a perfect match for her.. a wild boy who loves to run, hike, swim and give lots of kisses. We are peas and carrots (just like she was with Snoopie). True companions.

Okay, now for eYewatch Friday fotos.. See what mom is holding.. She calls it evidence of my recent killing.

Hmm I don't know what she's talking about! You have to have a good eye to see it streaming from my lips. Oh well, serial killers always hold onto a keepsake.

Happy eYewatch Friday and Thankful Adoption Story Day!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

gobble gobble!

hi every bloggie!
It's my favorite holiday! Football, feasts, feathered guests and fun times! Come see the fun I had...

happy thanksgiving by norwood

Happy Thanksgiving! I kinda like my new friend Tom.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

destination nutsville

Hi Every Bloggie!

Pardon my recent absence from blogging! Saturday morning I was awoken by a 3:50am alarm! Huh what was going on?? I had a suitcase packed and we quickly hit the road.

Look! This ain't right. It was pitch dark for awhile then the sun rose behind us.
I really wasn't sure where I was going and what was going on.
I was a bit dazed and confused. That's why I'm all a blur.
We made a few stops where strange things greeted us. Why would a bear greet us? I think he looks more like a beaver anyways.
The day was bleak, damp and cool. But even at these rest stops, I caught a whiff of a deer.
and it set me in devil dog mode. I tried to dash towards it in the field. Geez.. why not? I needed to stretch my legs.
The welcome center in PA was surrounded by vineyards but NO vino for sale. Ahem, you know who was a bit disappointed.
Then more and more hours of my excellent co-piloting. 12 hours to be exact.
Finally, I had to take over. I do have my backseat driver's license.

Our destination? I ventured to a place filled with nuts! Yep. Buckeye Nation- Columbus Ohio- terrority of the Ohio State University Buckeyes. I don't care what mom says, that Brutus Buckeye looks creepy.

I immediately did a proper "norwood" style greeting to my Ohio friend Bethy and
a heeler hug to Kenichi. I know they are going to enjoy my visit.

PS... I'll catch up on your bloggies soon. I'm sorry I haven't been around.