Saturday, October 31, 2009

trix or treats

hi every bloggie!
it's finally howloween! Whoohoo! Check out my trick or treating adventure. It was scury but worth the treat.

trix or treats by norwood
Have a ghoulish day! Happy Howloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

he made me do it!

I am not responsible. See what he made me do!
I'm a foofoo clown!
click to listen

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

adventures of the ghost hunting society

hi every bloggie!
Shhhh! I'm reporting from the sleepy hollow graveyard. It's 3am. The temperature is mid 30's and there's an eerie wind blowing from the north.
click play to listen to the spookie sounds!
Tonight is the night for the ghost hunter's club meeting. We are investigating paranormal activity at this graveyard. Rumor has it in 1832 a woman named Roxie was in an unfortunate accident that left her only child dead. She now haunts these grounds in search of her baby.
oh my dog! did you see that.. I see movement
what.. wait you can hear a faint cry
I capturing some temperature changes

Holy crap.. i'm getting the h*ll out of here!
Next time I'll just call the Ghost busters... no more do it yourself.

boogie night

it's boogie night.. get down get down! click play to boogie with us!

Monday, October 26, 2009

norwood's nightmare

hi every bloggie!
Whew this fright week, I'm even scaring myself.
I dozed off finally after yesterday's walk in the woods and had a disturbing dream.
I was swallowed by a bright red creature!
oh no it's elmo! I'm absolutely petrified!
I can't seem to shake him! He's got me! Please don't tickle me.
Get this red giggly creature off of me- okay tickle- maybe it will wake me up from this nightmare.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

the norwoods project

One day norwood went into the woods in search of the paranormal....
and he did. He captured the floppy ear ghost who haunts the river trail. Now all will believe!
click here to listen to the woods
Coming soon to a theater near you!

welcome to fright week

hi every bloggie!
It's fright week here at norwood unleashed. Come on in and grab a glass of chianti!
click play to hear my special message

It's gonna be a good time all week long until halloween!
Come join my pumpkin patch... Pumpkinize yourself and send me your foto to add to the patch.!

Friday, October 23, 2009

eYewatch friday! #17 & pet pride

hi every bloggie!
Once again I am offering my apologies. My- ahem blog assitant's - ahem after work schedule hasn't allowed for much time to blog this week. Geez. I promise to catch up with every bloggie this weekend.

Now it's time. Oh yeah eYewatch Friday! This is a good one. There is this guy-Liu Bolin ~ aka: The Invisible Man
Liu paints himself, no kidding. He uses no trick photography; he just paints himself. The beauty of it; his ability to paint himself as the scene plays tricks on your eyes! Check it out for yourself. The last two pictures are amazing!

hint: look for his toes in front of the front tire! Amazing.. so I thought I'd give it a try.
How'd I do? Happy eYewatch friday! & Pet Pride!