Wednesday, September 30, 2009

it finally happened!!!

hello every bloggie

I just wanted to say something quickly about yesterday's post. Yep I had an encounter with a nesting swan. I didn't get this close to see it hissing at me. Thankfully I had my leash attached. I actually walked right by it at first and it appeared out of nowhere. Whew.. mom was glad my leash was on. It was HUGE and monopolized the trail. We had to take an off trail way around. I didn't want to mess with this one.

Now onto more important things. IT FINALLY HAPPENED! I was walking along my usual trail. Mr. Frog decided to veer away from the pond side and right on the trail path.
See.. him. I did and before I knew it.. I had it in my mouth. I finally caught him!
Then I heard a "eeesschh nooo". The frog flung from my lips and I began to "froth'. A stream of suds (like Mango but not nearly as impressive) came dripping out. I was spitting and frothing.
Mom checked out the frog and all appendages were in tact. No blood no teeth marks. She was afraid frog guts would start spewing from me. Thankfully no... I guess I don't like the frog flavor but it still hasn't stopped me from hunting them. huh? now I'm confused.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

good samaritan acts misunderstood

hi every bloggie!

Last week Mango and Peewee made a jail break- escaping the estate to oversee a construction site. I saw the news story and called the media to quickly state.. Mango in fact is not a moose.
It really stirred fear amongst the community. I DID NOT call the animal cops to get them arrested. Quite frankly I'm still unsure what Mango is exactly.. isn't that a fruit? I was trying to dispel the fear. That's all.

Any whooo, I not only hunt frogs.. but anything that moves. This includes the fall favorite-squirrels. I didn't seem to get anywhere just chasing them into a tree. I had to come up with a plan. Ah ha.. how about this trap.
Only problem, I have to wait after the trap is baited and spelled correctly. Ho hum where's my bottle of Baileys when I need it.
Wait.. I hear something. Yes indeed it worked!
Gotta Go!

petrock festival fun times!

hi every bloggie!

Finally I'm getting around to posting my fun times I had a couple weekends ago. Each fall there is a Petrock Festival in Worcester MA. No no! not these pet rocks but a festival for dogs and cats. Silly.

It was a beautiful afternoon.. see..
I of course made sure we stopped in every tent. Look at these yummer cookies- Boston themed. Archie & Agatha could've got one to match their leashes.
And yahoo! I talked mom into buying me my favorite- a carrot! Isn't he cute? This one even talks to me. What does a carrot have to say? I don't know.. I removed the voice box immediately.
Fun Aunt Dee came along and got a bunch of stuff for Tula. You know,every event we go to -no Akitas. None.. nadah. I guess they don't like festivals???
Here was the water station area.. Clifford, Elmo the spraying fountain (he was scary to me) and a bunch of pools. I watched this bulldog hog the pool.. Can you move over please? Bulldogs don't swim do they?
Look at all these pups that came out! Mango & Dexter.. does that look like beautiful Raja?
Airedales, Mastiffs, White GSD, Dachshunds, Italian Greyhounds.. the list goes on. But I was the only Blue Heeler Terrier mix. One of a kind I guess.
Then I hit the cat rescue tent. Ohhhhhh cute lil furballs.
Of course I had to touch noses with them.

And the last stop, the massage tent. Tula's not the only one who can get a massage.. right? Here we go.. I think she really enjoyed it too!
Yep! You gotta love a good pet festival. I still think they should've had a pet rock tent. Rocks can be pets too! Oh one last thing.. my schnauzer pal Oskar wanted to join the bandana bonzana! Another bandit Wahooo! The bandana matches your eyes... ahem... just man to man.

Toodle loo!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

eyewatch friday! #14 & favorite #6

hi every bloggie!
happy eYewatch Friday! Oh boy... I'm on my favorite # 6.. the final one. And as everyone knows.. I have my eye on mr. frog all the time. Which means.. favorite #6 as I'm sure you would guess is FROGS & being a DIRTY BOY! Lookie here! I look like this... almost everyday in my search for my dear friend.
Mr. Frog lives in the muddy edges of the pond.
And I am relentlessly (not huge) but devoted to finding him.
And end up wearing mud beards & boots.
What I think is neat is so many people take pictures of frogs now. Look mom was at Fanuiel Hall and had to show me the frogs there... silly but I LOVE it.
Mom prefers these frogs b/c I don't get muddy. Okay.. they're cute but not to hunt.
All eYes are now on mr. frog and he's my final favorite! Yahoo! Opps! Ribbet

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

favorite #5

hi every bloggie!

Yep..onto my favorite #5. Remember Africa wanted to know six of my favorite things? To recap 1- Cooking & eating 2- the Fall 3- Baileys 4-Sunset/sunrises and now..... for number 5.

It's my funball... his name is Harry funballs. Here's a collage which clearly demonstrates why it is #5.

And ! I had quite a surprise today. I was minding my own business checking out at Especially for Pets when I heard... "is that Norwood?" Yep indeed it was my bloggie pal Dexter. I met Dexter and momma earlier this year at the Paws in the Park event. I was so happy to see them. Of course mom left her camera/iPhone in the car but we went around the corner to snap this shot. Dexter was there for class. Yep.. more school.

I had to prove I saw him. I was so excited.

favorite #4

hi every bloggie!

Let's see! We are on #4 of my favorites...
I love sunsets and sunrises..
Look at how spectacular the sunset is here.
For some reason it always turns into a pink cotton candy sky!
Yummy. I don't know it's why always pink.. usually never orange like the Happy Heeler's Lake sunsets/sunrises. I'll have to ask my weatherman.