Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 was a blurballs

hi every bloggie!

It seems like the year just flew by. 
Before I knew it, I was sporting my santa scarf.

and taking fotos for christmas cards. 

I barely had a minute to sit and enjoy the year. 
Hee hee I do sit despite what woo saw in the last post. 

You'll see...
one minute woo are just standing there. 
figuring out what to do. 

The year moves along.....
and becomes a blur...

and if woo are not looking
something can dab smack woo unexpectedly.

I like to face the problem and take it head on. 

Yup... the year brought many challenges.

and just when you catch your breath,
 more things come at ya. 

Doing things you didn't expect?

so you had to change your approach..

what woo thought was trouble,
and too much to handle...

turned out to be nuttie funballs.

That pretty much summed up this year. 

The year was a blur but lots of funballs.
What was your year like? 

Friday, December 30, 2011

nordude's holidaze walkies tour

hi every bloggie!
I thought a pawfect way to end the holiday season
would be to take woo window peeping and holiday lights walkies with me.

Ready for the sights?

I love the holidaze.
Umm but woo might think being tour guide
in these photos is easy peasy work right?
Lookie at me here. All posing with the big dude. 

Camera Roll-207

Ummmm well don't tell but
I captured some behind the scenes footage.
Warning- you won't believe all
finger snapping. yapping. sit sit sit.
(click the play button on bottom left corner not the middle one)

geez... next year we'll go without her.
I'll take my own fotos.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

orange is the new black

hi every bloggie!

Yeppers it's me.
I hope woo all had a very merry christmas!
I wasn't even on the mailing list but still got lots of cards
from woo. Thank you so much.

okay.... not too long ago it was deer hunting season here.


Yep. Some parts of the trail are marked shooting zones
and others are safety zones.  Momma made me
where my orange vest just in case I was in the wrong area.


I still zoomied along.
Come on and stay close.


Everything is bare.
Nowhere for the deer to hideballs.


Just some tree buds.
Not much coverballs.


Nope it's just me.
Not a deer.


Wait wait a minute.
I hear some funballs music.
Listen here let the band play..... i'm walking on sunshine!


 I walked closer to the water.
Ah... pretty reflection.
No-one over there.


Then I saw peeps across the way.
See the white buildings.


The band was playing over there.
Crazy humans were doing a polar bear swim.
And I'm called nuttie.

Okay... I'll try.


Yikes coldballs.

Ahh but a refreshing drink.
Oh lookie at me.
I'm walking on sunshine. 
Orange is the new black.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

winning! wednesday

hi every  bloggie!

I was cruising along in Tula's neighborhood
and did a little window shopping. 
I still needed to buy all my dwb pals gifts ya know. 

Ah pawfect. 
FX PhotoStudio Image

Oh yeah.. even better! 

FX PhotoStudio Image

Okay what's your beef? 
I'm taking gift orders?

Monday, December 19, 2011

sealed with kissies!

hi every bloggie!

Oh boy... Christmas comes so quick!
I had just enough time to get my letter into Santa!

Dear santa

Yeppers. Froggehs on my wish list.
It was a horrible year.. I only caught 3 frogs.
I can only wish for more froggehs this year.
Please please please Santa!

FX PhotoStudio Image

So I headed downtown.
Yeppers a special mailbox for the jolly chappers. 

Okay! Here goes!

Wish me luck!
I'm quite certain I'm on the nice list.

Sealed and sent!

Okay now the wait.
Christmas eve come quick!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

christmas bloopers

hi every bloggie!

It's been a sad week in bloggieville so I thought 
I'd cheer everyone up with some funnies. 
Ready? Me & Toolie have some for woos.

Hee hee.
And yesterday I went over to Tula's lilypad.
Momma wanted a picture of me in front of the tree. 
So FAD tried.. and tried.. and tried
to get me to sit right in front of it. 

FAD kept saying... "what's wrong with him"
Ummm that's not furry nice. 
Jeepers I hope she doesn't send me back to skool.

What's wrong with him?

Okay okay. No skool for me.
See! I'm staying. I'm staying.

Ready.... drum roll please. 
Here's it is...
15 minutes later and re-produced with special effects!
O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree!

Oh Christmas tree  Oh Norwood

I have to sit and not take pee on thee!
Not funballs. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a hump day special

hi every bloggie!
it's hump day and
I have special song just for today!

ready... click play and proceed!

i wanna be loved by you!

by you and nobody else but you!

i wanna be loved by you! alone!
boo boo bee doo!

i wanna be kissed by you!
just you and nobody else but you!
i wanna be kissed by you! alone!
boo boo bee doo!

I couldn't aspire to anything higher
and to feel the desire
to make you my own
badum badum bee doodily dee dum! Boo!

i wanna be loved by you!
by you and nobody else but you! alone!

boo boo dee doo!