Friday, April 30, 2010

eYewatch friday- skywatch edition

hi every bloggie

Okay no pantaloons to discuss today because it's eYewatch Friday! Yipee! The other day I felt like I was being followed. What? Don't look behind me?

I mean I went running with mom and it was all sunshine sunshine. Then we finished and I felt an evil looming. Are you sure I shouldn't look?
Whoa ! Jeepers Creepers- these evil dark clouds are closing in!
How's that for keeping my eYe on the sky. How'd they creep up so quickly?

And now for our eYe video of the week. There is this super creepy effect on my iPhone video app- You can make a super zoom eYe spy view in the video.. strange. See for yourself in my flick called: Lost & Found

Tadadahddahaaha more breaking news for the Pawdance Film Festival

My kool pal Sammie submitted a super scary and suspenseful flick.
Co-starring with this guy!
This suspense flick will premier during the Pawdance Film Festival along with many others. You have until May 9th to get yours in! You oughta be in Pictures! You oughta be a star! Now's your chance! Happy eYewatch Friday!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

warning- pg 13 post

hi every bloggie

Pardon my regular posting but I have to tell woo about something going on. Everyone in bloggie land knows Miss Khyra . Oh look she is such an angel. So sweet and LADY LIKE.
Well Miss Khyra is also a sending me these private part fotos.
She said the wind keeps revealing her pantaloons and then sends me the pic! I'm mean really.. is she husky or hussy?

PS don't tell her but I kinda like it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

waiting for wordless wednesday

* Just a couple words on wordless wednesday about the Pawdance Film Festival .Latest entry is from BrucetheCat. You see Bruce fell in love... it might be a love of his lifetime and he captured this beautiful romance in his romantic category flick. Here's me previewing it from my iPawd.
I'm still looking and waiting for your entries- didn't u see me looking for u above! I'll extend the deadline from May 2nd to now May 9th. You can enter as many categories as you like. You have to get in it to win it!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

dirty boys have more fun!

hi every bloggie
I don't know about you but I live by one simple rule....
the dirtier the better.
it's also what's in fashion for the season.
My square pal Eric agrees with mud fun too. Mud couture. See his latest blog posting?! I'm not alone!

Okay now onto an update for the Pawdance Film Festival.
Our latest entries come from Dennisthevizsla- what happens when you cross Ester Williams and a tennis ball? It's gotta a Love Boat kinda feel and is certainly a romantic flick of the century. Check out his entries at Dennisthevizla's bloggie. You have time to entry. Remember no fancy movie making skills required.. just you and the video camera. Pawdance Film Festival Information. Come join the fun!

Friday, April 23, 2010

eYewatch friday- boston marathon

hi every bloggie!

Hooah it's friday it's friday! That means it's time for eYewatch! This week eYe had my pies on a historic annual event here, the Boston Marathon! Our dog bloggie pals' Riley and Toffee's mom was running, we were hoping to see her but missed her in the crowd. Gee I wonder why I missed her!
At first I paid close attention to the runners. 1,2,3,4, .... I can't keep counting. I guess an estimated 27,000 runners participated.
Whoo hoo! Keep it going! I gave everyone big cheers because they were only half way done at this point.
I really like seeing people dress as fools during the race. I don't get it.. a tie?
now were talkin' M-I -C-K-E-Y mouse!
oh and almost missed them... the burger and fry guys. Mmmm they smelled good as they passed by.
And we had the best spot- right by the Upper Crest Pizza place. I positioned myself close to little kids slobbering on pizza. It's perfect, they sit on the ground too so I can get right in there for a piece.
And there was tons of fellow furballs there cheering the runners.
Oh yeah.. back to the race. I'm suppose to be watching.

Of course can't miss a foto op with my fun aunt dee. I think I'll show my best profile on this one.
Last but not last, me and mommie! How's that for an eYewatch. Umm... eYewatched everything but the race! Ha.
Latest news- Agatha of the famous Beantown A team has submitted an action packed terrier adventure in the Pawdance Film Festival. It will be featured in the Action Category! You think you got some moves to show off, get your flick in! Click here for more information on the Pawdance Film Festival!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

walking for hunger wednesday

hi every bloggie!

Guess what? I'm participating in an important event soon. On May 2nd we're walking 20 miles as part of mom's work - the Raytheon Wyman Walkers team! The 20 mile event benefits Project Bread- Walk for Hunger! Here's the walking route- Starts and Ends at the Boston Commons. Click to biggify.
It's a fantastic tour of Boston and Cambridge with food, music and fun along the entire route. Me, Mr. Norwood will join mom at stop 6 Cambridge Boat Club to lead her to the finish line! I think at that point she'll need it.

Please consider donating to this great cause. I have a $500 goal and almost there so $5, $10, $20.. it all counts. Also these silly Raytheon folks are in teams and trying to compete for the largest funds raised. Right now the Wyman Walkers are in a tight race for 2nd. You can donate by clicking on my donation page below.

Also don't forget to get your entries in for the Pawdance film festival. We received our first entry for the Comedy Category... here's a hint. Why did the rooster cross the balloon?
You'll see that stand up act during film festival week!
Remember you don't have to have fancy movie making skills. Just get an old video or take a new video ! I know plenty of cracker terriers that have killed plenty of stuffies to qualify for the murder category. You know who you are.... Get your entries in! Here's a refresher of the rules. If you have a question, please email me Oh..rumor has it Mango has been pulling together a dance routine... I thought I felt the earth shake over here...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the 2010 pawdance film festival

hi every bloggie

I have breaking news. I am pleased to announce a spectacular event! Norwood productions is hosting it's very first festival, the 2010 Pawdance Film Festival. Yep I love watching all my bloggie pals' movies. My bloggie pals are very talented at capturing the tales of: being pest to siblings, running on the beach, training and dancing. I thought hmmm- we need to celebrate these not to be forgotten independent pawsome movies! Yeppers put on your director's hat, get your stars ready and consider entering the first Pawdance Film Festival!
Starting today I will be accepting short film clips in the following categories:

Murder and Suspense Film Series
The ultimate who done it movie? Your film goes right here.

Romantic Film Series
Calling all lovers! Do you love your sibling, toy, chasing things or foodables? All PDAs (public displays of affection) shown here.

Comedy Film Series
Are you a funny pup or kat? Your inner-self is named bozo? Your nickname is goofball? Let's see whatcha got for giggles.

That's Entertainment-
Do you dance, sing, or perform tricks? Step right up into the Entertainment category! Jazz hands permitted.

My favorite.. the ACTION film series. No words required just plain athletic prowess. Levitators line up!

And the last category Special Effects!
Anything goes! See for yourself with my quick feature film City Slickers

Here are the rules:
1- Video clips must be uploaded to Youtube or another video host to be considered. I will not accept original files.
2- Video clip length must be between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Anything over 2 minutes will not be considered
3- You select the category for the film.
4- I will accept up to 10 eligible videos for each category. Get your entries in.. you snooze you lose.
5- The top three videos for each category will be posted for bloggie voting. Me, mr. norwood will select the top three videos for voting in each category. The winner will be selected by bloggie votes.
6. The videos can be new or old. Humans can be used in video but not as main character. The dog or cat must be the STAR!

Your Pawdance Film Festival entries can be emailed to me Please post your name, film category, movie title, brief description and video link in the message. Deadline is May 2nd or when that category is full. All videos will be displayed during the Pawdance Film Festival Week- May 10th-May14th. The winners will be announced once the voting polls close.
Finally, spread the word. Post this badge on your bloggie with a link back to this post.
Okay get your camera set on video. Let's show how pawsome we are at movie making! I'm ready to give two paws up here!