Friday, January 28, 2011

eYewatch friday on my walkies

hi every bloggie!

Ahem! It's friday that means it's time for another edition
of eYewatch friday! Today's is furry simple.
Just some outtakes from my regular walkies.

When I'm in the car as a backseat/frontseat driver,
all momma's eYes can see is this.....

FX PhotoStudio Image

Here's me walking along
Minding my own bidnezz when these tracks caught my eYes.

FX PhotoStudio Image

I caught up with some cuckcoo kittie tracks
(I think they are kittie tracks?)
FX PhotoStudio Image
eYeball them and tell me what you think?
See how they are parallel?
I'm not so sure but whoever it is... I'm game!

FX PhotoStudio Image

And the last one is for our swiss pals loki & juno & their wild dingo momma
Who said they miss seeing harry funballs!
Well every since momma stopped bring treats!
my drop it command stopped working.
She throws it once, I get it and basically I do this...

FX PhotoStudio Image
no fair trade.. no harry funball access.
All in favor say eYe!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

nor-art for the herd

hi every bloggie?

Remember my snowshoe adventure post earlier this week
when momma was playing around with her
latest and greatest iPad app- Photo Copier
making me into art master pieces?

Well I got this request......

Blogger The Thundering Herd said...

How about a little Salvador Dali? Sat Jan 22, 09:40:00 AM

Seeing that I never want to upset the Evil Queen Natasha,
I quickly went to the app and found it does have that photo effect!!
Here's the photo reference used- Salvador Dali- Autumn Cannibalism

Okay I'm a little concerned the Hu-Dad and Herd
have a interest in cannibalism but here goes!
And voila!

salavador dali photo effect

Bam! Another one!
salavador dali photo effect
How ya like me now Hu-dad? I aim to please!

Don't forget to enter the "Find Your Better Half" contest.
We are getting some good entries.
You have until Jan 31st.

Monday, January 24, 2011

it's bleeping cold out

hi every bloggie
Holy cow it was beyond cold Sunday morning.
Can you believe it was -6 outside!
Lookie everything was frozen!

But that didn't stop me from hosting my
Sunday walkie workout with Tula and FAD (fun aunt dee)
No sir! But lookie- it was so cold FAD's breath frosted her hair.

Yeppers THAT's cold!
Here I am on my walkies.
The snow is so high it's like walking thru tunnels.
Watch- Tula couldn't see me for a minute!
hee hee tunnels are funballs

Okay- I already got a few entries for
the Mango Minster Find my Better Half Contest!
Oh and breaking news- Ronnii & Richie
will help Miss Khyra judge
in place of Frankie Furter. Thanks guys!

PS- I asked momma to please visit your bloggies tomorrow.
She's been bad again

Sunday, January 23, 2011

find your better half contest

hi every bloggie!
I have some big news to report!
Yipee.. Mango Minster categories are closing up fast.
But I thought I'd be apart of the MM show by hosting a contest!

Okay, Frankie Furter had a really cool idea for a Mango Minster contest.
Remember when his cousin Francine took over his bloggie!
Well Frankie thought it would be a super cool idea to
have every bloggie dress up as the opposite gender.

Well I was thinking, who needs to dress up? Lookie!
I found girlie me on Petfinder- Tasha
cross dresser?

And everybody knows Rocky- Miss Khyra went on the search mission to find him.
I think Rocky and Tula share a same cookie face too!


So here's the contest...
Find an opposite gender on Petfinder or anywhere but who looks just like woo.
Do a blog post of it and send me an email to let me know.
norwoodunleashed AT

Which one of us is not like the other?

For each entry, a dollar will be raised.
I will leave the voting up to Frankie Furter and Khyra
to select the winning match.
The dollars raised will go to a charity of your choice (max $50)
AND woo will get one of
Khyra's infamous transports in your honor!

PS- Check out Frankie's and Baby Rocket and Hootie's Contests too!
Join in all the Mango Minster 2011 Funballs!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

yes- there's more

hi every bloggie!
Okay... I'm back in bidnezz! Fully re-charged.
Geez- even lil dude crackah dogs like me need a few winks.
Every bloggie was surprised.
Okay brace yourselves. More snowshoeing photos.
I know I know how many times can you see me zooming around in the snow.
Well - momma took tons of photos so bare with me.
This trip we went around Gates Pond.

Okay I have my blue mittens on and momma has on her blue shoes

Gates Pond is furry pretty and relatively flat for this area.
Pawfect for a beginner snow shoer like momma.

Super tall trees everywhere!
Pawfect for shadow shot sunday.. but I couldn't wait.

Look at all the snow. It made this tree droopy.

And here's live action so you can join us on the trail.
I'm furry thoughtful like that.

The next photos are because momma is playing around
with new iPad photo app.
Same trees but with a different effect.
shadow shot

Oh this one I like to call mystery man.
Okay Gates Pond looks a bit mysterious too.
gates pond

You can even turn fotos into famous paintings with this app.
A touch of Monet Painting styling effects.
Coy Boy

I'll leave you with my fav painting style photo effect- Van Gogh- Starry Night
I will call this one "a blueman's pawfect day"
handsome fella
I guess you'd say I'm a masterpiece!
Happy Thursday- Nope it's not Friday yet.

Monday, January 17, 2011

a snowshoe adventure

hi every bloggie!
See this smile! You know why? I had a great weekend!

Seems I'm not the only one who gets to wear weird boots.
Momma got a pair of snowshoes!

I think I prefer my cool mittens!
But now we can at least hit the trails even with deep snow!
We went back to the Desert Natural Area Trail! Check it out!

Okay now for the good part.
I wore my Pet eye's view cam.
Yeppers come see the real action.

That's the trail!
Let's go! Trail BLAZING

Always take a look around.
Even if it's up!

I thought I heard something in there.

Hold on I'm gonna check it out.
I'll be right back

Next stop- norwood graffiti time!

Hee hee.. there's my momma!
Come ON!

The snow was still pretty deep!

Oh seems I'm wanted.
Good thing she brought treats with her.

See why I'm smiling!
It was a blast!