Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ahoy! first matey

Ahoy every bloggies!
I had the bestest weekend!

Yeppers that's me as first mate!
1st mate
I went kayaking for the furry first time.
I'm a regular seadog now.

Okay we were at Hopkinton State Park on a lake
but arrgh I loved the breeze in my furdoo.
land ahead
Get your eyepatch mates!

All aboard! It's ruff seas at first
so wear your life jacket like me!

I also got fishing fever too!
I mastered my swipmming skills.

See! I'm a dogfish
The fishies think I'm one of them.
nordude swims like a fish
NO poles required!
on the hunt
here I come fishies!
paw work.
And I used my frog hunting technique
Bite at anything hoping it wiggles.
Hee hee kissy kissy lil fishies.
a fish's eyeview
oh yeah! I love kayaking!

it's super funballs
I'm a kayaker
I got room for one more!

Oh and I might have fish for dinner!

Come aboard!

Monday, July 18, 2011

dog dayz of summer

hi every bloggie!

It's hot. Dog dayz of summer are here!
You know what that means!
Wahooo! Who let the dogs out?

and.... swimmers take your marks.

A swim meet ensued.

Rut roh.. I need a lane marker. Off course.

The winner!

Hey I think I know that tail and ears...

Ha yeppers that's a cattle dog. Billy the red heeler.

We had a few things to talk about. That's right Billy.
We'll herd that stick stealing swim meet winning fool.
I'll distract and you snag the stick.

For you bloggie pals who need to cool off!
Last one in is a rotten egg!

I bet woo feel better now!

Thank you for the all birfday funballs. Muuuahh
I have the best pals ever!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

norwood's birfday pawtee- join the funballs

hi every bloggie!
Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net
Yipee! It's finally here!
Yeppers today is my birfday!
I'm no longer a terrorible three b/c I turned four!

Let the pawtee begin.

Go ahead.
Find the nearest place and get some ice cream
I had to ring the bell.
ring-a-ling I'd like 2 scoops please.

nom nom nom
pawtee on!
It's okay to bite it too.

Join the birfday pawtee.
Have your bean get you some ice cream!
Post your ice cream pawtee pic on blogger, facebook, twitter, google+
Humans can join the fun too!
birthday suits required!
woo say it's my birfday!
neener neener nee!
oh yeah it is..

Friday, July 15, 2011

south boston harbah walkies

hi every bloggie

Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net
whew it's been super hot here so I've been going places to keep cool.
The other day I went here. That's Carson Beach!
It's in South Boston and they have a super cool Harborwalk.
You can even download the audio podcast to listen
while you walk and learn about points of interest.

Camera Roll-512

Oh you might notice, I'm wearing my new cooling vest.
I got it b/c I'm always running w/ momma and
anything to keep my furbody cooler is good to me.
Plus I think my gal pal Sagira wears one too - gotta be coolballs-right?
Here's me and momma before we got running.

Camera Roll-551

Take a lookies. It was about 85F that day.
Ahh.. even for the harbah.. it was pretty.
Actually they keep the beach furry furry clean for a city beach.
In fact Logan Airport is right around the corner so planes fly super low
- a bit noisey but a nice place to walk, run, and hang out.

Camera Roll-519

The harbah walk goes right past the yacht club....
I'm a regular seadawg! arooo!
Camera Roll-554

Yeppers... I had to do alot of posing. snooze city.
Camera Roll-552

So I got up on the breaking wall.
Sea breeze in my furdooo! Feels so good!
Camera Roll-530

But to properly cool off, you gotta take a dip.
No worries... the recent spotting of great white sharks is off cape cod
which is south of here. That's just me.

Camera Roll-534

Okay we finally reached castle island.
A really interesting spot b/c it has a fort.
You can get tours during the summer but
I like the spot b/c they have a hot dog stand.

Camera Roll-553

Around the other side of the fort is a Korean War Memorial
People come and pay tributes here.
There are many war memorials along the path.

Camera Roll-539

Momma has a really neat phone app that takes 360 panoramic images.
She took one here so check out the link http://360.io/cEQEqX
-if you can't see it below.
Rotate the image with your cursor to see it 360.

Camera Roll-550

Then we follow a path that goes right across pleasure bay.
You are surrounded by water.
Of course- you have to see me running along it.
It's not a bloggie post w/out me running!

On the way back to the car, I refused to go further.
Hot dog stand! Hot dog stand! please please please!

Camera Roll-545
Ahh shucks! it didn't work. Oh well.
If you ever make a trip to Boston, you'll want to check out
the HarborWalk if the weather is nice.
Hope you had funballs with me. TGIF