Sunday, May 22, 2011

cape abilities 5k

hi every bloggie

hey I almost forgot to tell you!
Last weekend I ran in a race!
It was the Cape Abilities 5k in Hyannis on Cape Cod.
Momma was very happy with our race results.
I made her run super fast.

I ran with these cool peeps. John & Gabrielle.
And it was for a great cause... see we raised green papers
for this great vocational program which serves persons w/ disabilities.
Check it out. It was even featured by Oprah for their

Oh I wasn't the only pup running.
See this dude! Skippy
I totally passed him and won the K9 division

But he was fine with it
Then I showed him the proper way to cool down.
I don't think he was impressed.
Hey dude! See!

Okay since I was a land shark in the race.
We went to the historic downtown area for my prize.

Wait I don't see anything. What prize?
Move outta of the way duck.

Oh yeah...
I walked right up to order.
I'd like 2 hot dogs please!
Momma said I ran so good I earned these dogs.

Totally droolies.
Nom nom nommers.

Oh before we headed back, we did a beach and park visit.
We made a stop at the JFK Memorial Park.
I guess he was a furry important man.
He had his face on the wallballs.

Then we went over to the beach area.
Sigh.. stoopid rules again.

I guess it's a nesting area.
Like I would bother a nest?
Please .. hee hee.
Wait... what's this sign say!
these dudes get to do whatever they want?
No fair.

But I stayed on my string and did some beach combing.
It was totally the last day dogs were allowed on the beach until Sept
Whew just made it.

I collected lots of cool shells for my FAD.
Even little claw pinchers.
Yowzers.. they all smelled so good.

Of course I had to do a quick foto shoot in the sand dunes.

Momma made me stand here furevah!
No momma I am not going to look directly at woo.

Oh well. sometimes I find those pincher dudes in the dunes.

I always have a good time on the cape.
Okay I'm gonna talk momma into hitting the hot dog stand again.
Tah tah!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

boyz in da hood

hi every bloggie!

Guess what? for my after work walkballs,
I've been going to a super cool place- Gates Pond.
I'm totally a regular now and have my pack now.

Yeppers... check out my boyz!
I totally have a funball boy pack.

But you wanna know something?
Momma wanted to do a post about my greeting bad manners.
See? She says I shouldn't do this eyeball to eyeball stuff.
And my tail shouldn't be all up!
And I shouldn't get all stiffballs.

oh- ignore my bad home haircut please.
Momma thinks I need to work on being more polite.
No more hard stares.
I guess it'd cause trouble w/ some.....
(ahem like those akita types-Tula)

I think she's being a bit much.
I always end like this.... mr. funballs.

Stay tuned....
boyz will be boyz is what I say!

Monday, May 16, 2011

come & play!

hi every bloggie!

Come and Play!
Everything's A Okay

Hee the little beans left their playground to me!
Muuuaaah! Neener Neener!


Check out my jungle gymball action!

Ladah dah dah dah dee doo dah!


Ahem! Rut roh!
This is bringing back bad memories.

Anyone got bail?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

trail runnah!

hi every bloggie!

You might remember this winter I went
snowshoeing at the Charm Bracelet Trails

Well we went back to do some trail running!
Yeppers the trail looked totally different.

It's actually part cornfields!
trail runner

Ahhh! a nuttie momemt

Norwood being Norwood

Okay back to running!
Lookie my tail rutter looks like a cornstalker too!

Norwood running the trails

Sometimes I'm totally inspired by nature!


And you gotta take a running break to enjoy all parts of nature
Hee hee look out the nor-shark is in the water!


woo think I could swim all the way across?

Lake Chauncy in the Spring

I just love this place!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I feel pretty

hi every bloggie! Free Smiley Courtesy of

Tula's not the only one pretty in pink today.

Look at me! I'm a pretty boy!

Look at me the pretty boy. I'm pretty in purpley pink too!

It's hard not to be pretty with all the blasting blooms around.

Happy Arbor Day


Dog breath

Here's a little dog breath with your dogwood!

FX PhotoStudio Image

Okay- back to looking pretty again. Sigh.

FX PhotoStudio Image

Okay can we stop now?

Sunday, May 08, 2011

boston marathon

hi every bloggie!

oh boy it's been awhile!
I mean really...
Free Smiley Courtesy of
I'm finally posting about the boston marathon
and that was almost a month ago!

Every year me and momma go to watch it.
See us!

My Fun Aunt Dee comes too.

My favorite spot to watch the race is
at the half way point. 13.1 mile marker in Wellesley
Go runners!!
I had lots of friends to cheer on....
Nancy, Theresa, Adam & Rebecca, Matt, Julie, J-Rock.
Okay gotta watch thousands of runners go by...

I watched and watched for them
but got side tracked.
Lots of nice people wanted to scratchies me.
Can't pass that up.

Oh yeah... back to the race.
Each year a few troops walk the course in full gear.
Look at that backpack. Whoa!
Salute to you!

Okay ready to see the race!
Here we go!

Momma says next time we shouldn't stand
in front of the bagel shop.
Seems I get a bit distracted.

Oh man! Marathons are tiring .
Time for a napballs.