Monday, May 31, 2010

paws in the paahwk!

hi every bloggie
I hope everyone had a super Memorial Day Weekend and took time out to thank and remember all our military heroes.

Okay I'm a bit behind on blogging so let me take you back in time. Close your eyes. You are traveling back to last weekend. Here in Massachusetts it was hot in the 90s. But that didn't stop me from going to the Paws in the Park event to raise money for Save a Dog rescue.

The event was held at the historic Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA.
Look I think this guy has been here awhile.. and old Patriot greeted everyone.
And of course I had to register to enter. No problem, I have very good paw writing
I quickly walked around to sniff the sights and sounds.
So many dogs reminded me of my blog pals in bloggie land. See for yourself.

And of course there was alot of action packed entertainment.
These two were center stage showing off their spectacular frisbee skills.
And this bernie drafted his way onto center stage.
Meanwhile I was a bit distracted. Pizza pie was in my center stage.
Go ahead and check out the frisbee show and you'll see for yourself I was totally into it.

Yep.. I'd catch the frisbee if it was a pizza pie!!!

Okay it was way too hot.
Gotta go!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

walk for hunger part two

hi every bloggie!
You might remember earlier in the month, I walked in the Project Bread Walk for Hunger 20 miler event. Here's my first blog post walking for hunger- part one. Well I took lots of fotos and even a couple videos that were not posted. Since I had lots of funds raised from my blog pals, I thought I'd finish sharing in today's post.

And we're off... a video from the initial mile. Oh.. I only walked the first 6 miles. Dogs were not encouraged to walk the event but I had to do my part for a few miles. We broke the arrests occurred though.
The walking route took the walkers along the Charles River. The Boston University Sailing team took advantage of the hot day.
Darn.. I was hoping that dog was Lady MFT- aka Miss Khyra. No luck.
Here's the Harvard Boat House... of course fancie.

Hmmm.. Dennis? DennistheVizsla is that you? I know you're always hungry but to come from Cali for food is a bit much.
Finally, we hit mile 19. Here is the gate to the Boston Common's Public Garden.
Walkers everywhere!
Just a perfect last mile to end the race.
The infamous swan boats.
Yes! Yeah.. that's what mom was waiting to see! Her 4 huge blisters were anxiously waiting to see it too!
Can you feel the energy and excitement? We did it!!!
And here's one more video of mile 17.
Thanks again every bloggie for your generous donations and I hope u enjoyed your visit to Beantown.

Friday, May 28, 2010

a ribbeting eYewatch friday!

hi every bloggie!
It's Friday! It's time for eYewatch Friday! And I have GREAT news to report. It's been hot! which means one thing. Frogs Frogs Frogs. eYewatching out for the peepers. Yeppers that's me early evening in midst of a hunt.
All along my walking route, peepers are appearing! This peeper likes to sit in the canoe launch area to the Assabet river.
Hmm.. now where did he go?
I can't seem to find him but my blog photographer got a zoomed in foto.
Okay that peeper got away but don't worry, I moved from the river trail to the frog pond and continued my tactile ground mission.
These peepers like to sit along the edge in the tall grass. Whoo hoo! My snooter smells u!
Due to lack of detection, my ground mission went into amphibious water patrol.
Oh wait! I got my eYe one!

It was a success! I found him but when I tried to play bitey face...... looked what happened!
He croaked! I wasn't allowed to sample his tasty legs. Humph!
Oh well! I'm still one happy boy..... ribbet!
Happy eYewatch friday!

Monday, May 24, 2010

me and my shadow

hi every bloggie!

The other day I ran into my gal pal Stella. We always have funballs and we put a little routine together for you. Now playing...
We perform for tips! Please leave one in the comment section!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

hi every bloggie

It's been awhile since I posted. I'm trying to catch up with all of you. As the Pawdance Film Festival came to an end, I rendered a decision to award all winners and not declare a top flick. With that said, Miss Sunshade felt I unduly implied that I suspected she cheated. Rest assured that is not the case. Unfortunately the voting can not be tightly controlled by anyone and based on my analysis of the voting, I rendered a decision I believe was the most fair. I do continue to this day to have a lack of confidence in votes tallied and stand by my decision that all category winners should be awarded. The last thing I wanted to create was a storm of drama and conflict in our wonderful blogging community. Unfortunately there were some misunderstandings and Miss Sunshade felt I accused her unfairly and questioned her integrity. That was not my intent, most definitely. I hope we can just live with the fact that there was multiple winners.

Let's move on. I made a new friend. I tried to play bitey face but mom wouldn't let me.

I guess I can't have fun no matter what I do.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

and the winner is...

hi every bloggie

Wow what a great week. I had a super fun time with the festival. The final vote for top honor"Flick of the Year" was conducted this weekend. I've made a decision. In order to maintain the integrity of the Pawdance Film Festival, I will not name Top Flick of the Year. I don't believe fair voting practices were maintained. With that said, I don't feel comfortable awarding it, therefore we will just honor all the category winners! All are winners to me anyways! Way to go!

Okay, meanwhile, life went on as usual.
Oh yeah... frogs frogs frogs woohoo?!!!
Thanks again everyone for participating in the Pawdance Film Festival!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

the Golden Norwood goes to.....

hi every bloggie!
What a fabulous week! I had a pawsome time at the film festival and hope you did too! It was a great celebration of our talents. This event even brought out new talents in bloggie land. Miss Mayzie discovered her inner songbird while viewing Lorenza's flick. You HAVE to read Mayzie's post! Amazing!

Okay, first a big thank you to the participants! (round of applause please) And next a huge thank you to everyone who came out to vote! We had a great response (round of applause) Ready! the Pawdance Film Festival is excited to announce the category winners and recipients of the Golden Norwood.
Please go to the Film Festival to view the category winners and place the final vote- the FLICK of the YEAR!

Polls are open now until Saturday May 15th at Midnight EST.

*PS I hate to say this but there was a great deal of very very last minute votes. If voting is suspect due to a last minute large increase in votes, I will over rule the voting and determine the winner myself. Keep it one vote per person. I really want the viewers to decide! Thank you! Now back to the fun....