Friday, January 29, 2010

eyewatch friday

hi every bloggie!
Whoo hoo Friday is finally here... and it's time for another edition of eYewatch. Hitting the trails, doing zoomies, chasing harry funballs... can make a nutball like me very thirsty. Here's me taking a break. Yeah I said it.. a break. I do stop once in a while.
One thing I like- oh other than a tall frosty one....
is to help myself to mother nature's best.
Fresh crisp snow.
So refreshing on the lips. Get really close. You can see my andy rooneys too.

And to appease my blog assistant, she was trying to capture not jut me, ahem but the beauty and textures of winter along the Assabet River. Please appease her and take a view.
Oh sunbeam me up please.
The March of the Quackers
This is what mom's hands look like right now.
And I just like this guy. Kinda reminds me of Chip's beard!

Okay... I have to get working on my CDIT judging for Mango Minster 2010 . I am very impressed with the crackeree and totally insane entries. Thanks for making my job difficult!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mango Minster CDIT Meet Up Part Three

hi every bloggie!
Whew.... after yesterday's fun at the gill n thrills pub, I had one more CDIT group to meet as part of my judging research for the Mango Minster 2010. Fortunately, this group had there own idea. Since most terriers look like stuffies... they decided to participate in Biggie Z's Pile On contest. Again.. not suitable for children but go ahead... hit play.

That about does it... certifiably crackery insane. You're all in! See you at the judges table.

It's not too late to participate... Jan 27th last day for Mango Minster 2010 entries and Biggie Z's Pile On contest ends Feb 1st.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mango Minster CDIT Meet Up Part Two

hi every bloggie!
Breaking news... we interrupt my regular Mad Monday post to report on the second Mango Minster CDIT group meet up. Okay... let's get some music going....
(click play if you want to dance during this post)
The next group met at one of my favorite pubs- the gills n thrills owned by my froggie pal Kermit. And just as I suspected, the debauchery quickly started.
The most dignified contestant Hamish took the mic and belted out his signature rap.. My name is Ham Bone- Go figure.. his name is HAMish. Quite the ham on the mic. Meanwhile the others partook in plenty of libations. Patches tried hard to get every one to polka- I mean frog-olka! Remember it is an amphibious pub!
And the ladies Sally Ann and Bonnie came dressed in proper terrier attire! I think- well yes for crackery insane terriers.
Oh looks like our small pints can't handle the large pints.
Oh no-this is too much pitty love. Give me a break Bella and Coco Channel. Winky winks with hot dogs only work. See u at the judges table!

After witnessing this group, yep I certify them eligible for the CDIT group! Whew I think just one more group of terriers to go... stay tuned

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mango Minster CDIT Meet Up Part One

Mango Mister part one by norwoodsworld

hi every bloggie!
The Mango Minster 2010 deadline is fastly approaching.. January 27th. I, as honorable judge norwood, decided to see what the terrier crew was up to as part of my judging research. Come see. I invited a few contestants to Boston Commons for a meet-up.

Warning- this video may not be suitable for children.

I think this contestant group proved their eligibility. The next crew might be more difficult because believe it or not, some terrier contestants are protesting the group title- cracker dog insane terrier group. Stay tuned... they may prove themselves wrong.....

Friday, January 22, 2010

eyewatch friday

hi every bloggie
happy eYewatch friday! Today you will get an up close shot of what aunt dee calls my "andy rooneys" . Check'em out
I certainly don't want to look like the man.. but I must say... we have one similar characteristic
but as he expresses verbally
i can speak volumes just moving these bad boys around
watch the ladies will swoon!

And I'll leave you with an infamous andy rooney quote, " if you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it."
Yep.. I see u smiling. TGIF!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

diary of a stick hustler

hi every bloggie
What's it like to be a stick hustler? Well... let me sing you a diddy- music please..
Boink bacha boing boing... First you look for that perfect stick!

Boink bacha boing boing... and then you cover it with your lips
Boink bacha boing boing... You caress it with a gentle kiss

Boink bacha boing boing... and they you carry it off like this.
Boink bacha boing boing... you give that stick a little dip
Boink bacha boing boing... And run fast with a real tight grip

stick solo! bada bada baddadda bing bong

Boink bacha boing boing... oh yeah.. stick hustling is a man's thang
Boink bacha boing boing... it's not easy hustling all day long
Boink bacha boing boing...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

mad mondays

hi every bloggie!
Happy mad monday and MLK day! Over the last few weeks I've been in trouble. You see I love my harry funballs but between the snow and the darkness, I kept losing him and someone ahem who will remain nameless kept getting mad about it.
Hi harry funballs! I miss you! But don't fret! I got a different toy to play with.. yeppers a flying squirrel. A little easier to find in the snow.
Could you imagine seeing that!!! Well... my flying squirrel is orange and blue..but he sure can fly!
oh yeah baby here we go!
I was getting some mad leaps trying to get him!
That is if my ahem blog assistant could throw decently.
This flying squirrel - (i think i'll call him chuckee) made me mad like bull.

Chuckee tastes good too!

nom nom nom

oh.. time to go!

Here are the answer's to the looney tunes eYewatch challenge
1-speedy gonzales
2- foghorn leghorn
3- elmer fudd
4- porky pig
5- wile coyote
6- sylvester the cat
7- barnyard dawg
8- yosemite sam
9- sam sheepdog
10- pepe le pew
11- tweety bird
12- marvin the martian

We had some close guesses.. from Bruce the cat, Tula, Noah and Kari in Weho but no 100%. Honorable attempts made by the Happy Heelers and Kareltje!
Happy MAD Monday!