Monday, August 30, 2010

afternoon delight

hi every bloggie!
Not much to say, it's Monday. So, here's something to think about at noon today.
afternoon delight

Okay my version of afternoon delight is a bit different but go ahead and sing. I know you know the words and do whatever you do for an afternoon delight

Afternoon Delight .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Sunday, August 29, 2010

shadow shot sunday- stinky edition

hi every bloggie!

I missed last week, but not this time. It's shadow shot sunday! Today's post is right in line with the theme of my week. Stinky. Huh? How can I capture a stinky shadow shot?! Well I found just the place. Come on and follow me.

(oh- just want to mention I'm feeling kinda handsome in this profile shot)
Norwood the Great
Ready- let's go. Remember I move fast. We're headed along the Hobbs Brook Trail again. I was here once before . The trail is right behind the wayside inn which is a famous historic stop along the Boston Post Road a super old road.

blurry norwood
Yoohoo- let's go please. While walking over the boardwalk, you can look down to see lots of frogs take their mud spa treatments here.
Norwood ALERT
Rut roh next is the railroad track bridge? Remember? Okay DON"T look down here. Just keep moving and walk straight.
the railroad dance
Well I stopped to snap a shot from the railroad bridge. It's a bit scary since you can see thru it while you walk over the brook. Eeeuuu!
hobbs brook from above
Okay We're almost at the shadow shot spot but I'm hot. Time for a dip.
afternoon dip
It's a beautiful day! You can come in too! Just take your clothes off! Ha just kidding. Yep.. I'm just gonna take a minute to see if any peeps of mine, I mean peepers are around. I'll only be a minute.
norwood fin
Alright. Shake off and now ready.. here's my stinky shadow shot for sunday!
gotta go?
Can you believe this pooper shack is right in the shadows of the trees along the trail!!
I bet it smells worse than me! Whew! A shadowy poop hole! Eeeeuu!
Well it is fitting for this week's theme. Happy shadow shooting. Check out more shadows on hey harriots bloggie! Bye! Signing off stinkee boy

Saturday, August 28, 2010

that was yesterday

hi every bloggie!
Well everyday is a new day right? So- this week I was scrubbed down not once, not twice, not three times.. but I had at least FOUR baths because of that squirt.
Dirty boy
But don't worry... everyday is a new day! I'm back to being......
Dirty boy
a dirty boy. Oh yeah!

Dirty boy
From my head to my toes!
Dirty boy
Check out that under carriage. Take that skunk juice! I think it'll cover up that stench quite nicely.
the eyebrows
Oh... this dirty boy knows that the eYebrows always stay clean and have the last word. Hubba hubba! Gets me out of trouble every time!

Friday, August 27, 2010

eYewatch eYe stink friday

hi every bloggie!

TGIF- Well you might rethink spending your friday with me after this post. You see, every morning eYe watch for this guy . Yep a white floofie tail that crosses my path every morning walkie. See for yourself. The lil stinker has me whining and whimpering.

I guess I'm hoping it's THIS Miss Khyra floofie tail that I'm seeing but..sigh.. no.
Then on Wednesday it finally happened! Yep you guess it! See the re-enactment for yourself as mom did not have her camera ready for some reason.

okay okay I had to see the white floofie tail up close just to make sure it wasn't Miss Khyra. But then.... this happened. Dun dun duuuun! You GOT to be kidding me.
See my pitiful self.
oh how about this pitiful look!
Wait I really nailed it now. Don't you feel bad for me? Sigh. Well I headed off to camp but no one wanted to sit next to me. Not even the goon squad labradorks. (click the thumbnail to biggify)
Owly Images
Geez.. I thought LABS were friends with everyone. Now I know who my real friends are...sigh. Signing off- smellee boy

Sunday, August 22, 2010

what's so fancy about flying bugs?

hi every bloggie!

There's been some strange things going on around here. Lookie! that's my mom below. She's sprouted wings? Oh, well she was off work this past week and touring around those old folks we mentioned earlier. Seems they even went to places- gasp- dogs are not allowed. One being the butterfly place. Seeing it was kinda kool, I decided to allow a post about it on my bloggie.
The garden was enclosed in a 80-85 degree room. Seeing they were trying to keep out of the heat... it was probably not the best venue to visit. Anyways, hundreds of butterfly species were just flying about. Who knew bugs could be beautiful? This one here is a .. I don't know. I think it's related to the Owl Butterfly.
This one is a Scarlet Swallow tail
The next one a blue morpho- so pretty

I think this one is the Hecale butterfly.
Then I thought it got a bit creepy. Look at the cocoons hanging around.
And big massive moths.
Okay- ready to enter the flying bug zone. Check this out, mom got a bit freaked out with them flying at her. Seems she shouldn't be "touched" by a bug. You may want to prepare yourself to lower the volume when she starts to squeak in high pitches. Silly. I think this confirms she is a full fledged woos.

Here's a longer video clip if you want to see more and hear mom babble. Okay tahdah.. here is the owl butterfly. Still creepy if you ask me.
He seemed to attach himself to my grampy's pantaloons.
But the sign said.. no hitch hikers. Owl face fly had to stay.

if you'd like to catch more butterfly action, all the fotos are posted on my flickr page!
Anyways, it was a good thing I wasn't invited. Remember? bugs, fancy schmancy or not, bother me!

and gulp! I don't hesitate to eat them. That would've been a problem with the garden peeps, I think.

Okay enough of those fancy bugs. More funballs time with me.