Saturday, March 05, 2016

It's been a year #missingNordude

Right now marks one year. 3.5.15 12:30am

 I thought time would heal but I miss him just as much today.
 Look to the sky for a shooting Norstar tonight. 🐸☄🌟

Monday, February 15, 2016

He's One! Happy Birthday Seager Beans

Oh boy! I can't believe this lil monkey🐒 turns one years old today!

He's done so many things in his first year.

Before he came to Massachusetts, he was helping the skool kids in Mississippi! 

Gotcha day!

Monkey had a roaster box with a drop top for several months. Ahem....Until he chewed off the zipper.

He's been a dapper dude from the start.

Seager Beans now had a momma bear Tula! 🐼🙃

He showed me many talents like his built in hover board. 

He's always been well mannered. Excuse me sir can I get a sammie?

Like I said, always well mannered🙃😝

He earned the nickname bean because he always laid out like a string bean!

He became a SUP pup!

He made tons of friends on the trail.

We moved into a new house down the street from FAD and Tula and he now has a huge backyard!

Seager learned to love orange!

He even ran in his first 5k turkey gobbler race!

Seager made the good boy list and had a wonderful Christmas!

This Mississippi boy even learned to love snow and winter!

Every day was a bit like this..... 

But you gotta love his attitude and style! 

Happy Birthday Seager Beans!  You had a heck of a first year!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Birthday 💗Bombs

Guess who's turning one? 
Yup Seager 🐶 Beans is celebrating his first birthday on Feb 15!

No better way to celebrate than to give back to his rescue!
I heart that boy and since his birthday is the day after Valentine's day, 
we'd like you to hang heart knit bombs anywhere you love to go with your dog! 
Fill the world with love💗,

We'll send you a heart knit bomb for a $10 donation to one of his rescues:
AFR finds homes in Massachusetts for the rescued Mississippi pups.

ARF Animal Font Rescue
EMAR East Mississippi Animal Rescue

1- make a donation
2- send us an email that you donated and gives us your mailing addy
3- hang your heart💗 knitbomb at a place you love to go with your dog
4- FB, tweet, IG or email Seager a pic or just to wish him a happy birthday on Feb 15th!