Friday, December 31, 2010

wait the holidays aren't over yet!

hey wait every bloggie!

It's true the holidays aren't totally over! I'm still feeling the spirit!

Plus I have a furry important pressie to send- better late than ever!

My gal pal Miss Khyra always sends me froggies and I just have to send her a gift fur her thoughtfurness. Think think think! Aha! I think I got something she'll really like. Oh it's something super sweet but hint hint- it's not cookies.

Hee hee and sometimes it's snow covered too!

I better get wrapping!

I bet the mall could've used my help. See fur yourself.

Yoo hoo Khyra MFT! I'm at your backdoor! Special delivery!

Hope woos all had your 2010 wishes come true!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a nordude's point of view

hi every bloggie

You remember my recent post about all the Christmas gifts I received: mittens, a training book and gasp- a vet visit. Well not ALL my gifts were bad. In fact, my good friends Todd and Sara (not dog bloggers) from Columbus Ohio sent me some really cool gifts.

norwood & his xmas gifts
Yeppers I got the long dong dog stuffie and a Pet's eye view camera!
Woo attach it to your collar and it takes fotos from your point of view.
How cool is that?

Pet cam
No more need for a blog assistant.
I can take my own bloggie pictures.
Wanna see mine from the last 2 days and walkies with Tula?

Here I am walkies right behind Miss Tula Muscle butt herself.
I think I'm the only doggie in the world that can walk behind her.
Trust me... she doesn't like other doggies behind her.
Big time grrr
pet cam 27 dec 2010

We made our way to the playground area!
It's fenced in so Tula can run around free.
Yeppers that's where we headed.

pet cam 27 dec 2010

After the walkies, Fun Aunt Dee invited me over for dinner.
Of course, I did zoomies throughout her house. I was furry excited.

pet cam 27 dec 2010

For dinner Tula made her famous Tula Tacos. I positioned myself at the table.
Come on Fun Aunt Dee, drop something drop something!

pet cam 27 dec 2010

See my furry lips are awaiting!
pet cam 27 dec 2010

Then the next day we went for another walkies together.
Here's the street we walkied down.
pet cam 28 dec 2010

Here's Tula sticking her snooter on something good. She really gets into it.
pet cam 28 dec 2010

Oh yeah. One of my favorite snow banks.
I always leave furry fun messages here.
nordude rulez!
pet cam 28 dec 2010

Hee hee- that's Fun Aunt Dee's hand.
She's always delivering foodables to Tula to get her calm.
I love her hands.
They smell like and most often have chicken in them.

pet cam 28 dec 2010

Hee hee of course you need a furry handsome foto of me somehow?

pet cam 28 dec 2010

Here's proof, lookie how close I can get to Tula.
And she's ignoring me-huh?

pet cam 28 dec 2010

Okay- the funballs walkies was over. I'm on my way home.
Classic backseat driver.

pet cam 28 dec 2010

I'm keeping my collection here on flickr- all of them.

I'm glad woos see things my way now.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

blizzard schmizzard!

hi every bloggie!
Free Smiley Courtesy of As you many of you know, a blizzardy
snow storm hit masterchewsitts.
FX PhotoStudio Image
Well, woo know what that means. I re-verted to my norwlmer fudd self.
Bleep bleep bleep but that's not all folks. I took live footage
(click here if embedded video is not showing) of my walkies in the early morning 5am.
Then later that afternoon, I went for another walkies with my cuz Tula. It was a pretty winter wonderland scene but the winds gusted up to 30 mph. Wooowzer.

FX PhotoStudio Image

Although I hate to admit it, my mittens came in handy. In fact, I was dashing and thrashing in the snowballs with them. And, no frozen toe toes!

FX PhotoStudio Image

Yep, you can tell from the behind that's muscle butt Tula and Fun Aunt Dee.
FX PhotoStudio Image
This is attempt # 443 trying to get Tula to sit and look at the camera
but finally got it. I don't think Tula looks so white anymore. huh?
FX PhotoStudio Image
Enough of photo shoots. I dashed after my ball right in front of her. grrrrr!
neener neener neener!

FX PhotoStudio Image

Umm Tula! That's not very lady like.
Good thing Mango prefers his ladees rough around the edges.
FX PhotoStudio Image

Yeppers... a blizzard can't stop funballs! That's for sure.
FX PhotoStudio Image
blizzard schmizzard! bring it on!

Monday, December 27, 2010

bad boyz bad boyz whatcha gonna do?!

hi every bloggie!
First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I did!

Right before Christmas, I went to downtown Marlboro for a very important reason.

Well, I do like to look at the holiday decorations but something even more important!

Yep, I mailed off my wish list to Santa! Then I prepared a delicious plate of cookies.

I sat by the window to wait for the man with the bag! I believe! I believe!
first snowfall

Then something horribly went wrong. I dozed off only to wake up to these gifts!

What what what? Mischievous dog training? Oh come on. I just finished grad skool. Then I opened the next package.

Oh no! MORE mittens! That is SO not what I asked for.

Okay okay fine. I might need them. But then this happened.

I know you know this scene. I was at the VET. Okay, I love my vet hospital. They are great people. See! I couldn't wait to say hi since I haven't seen them in a whole year!

They must've missed me. Look at them. Getting all close and touchy feelie. Hee hee feels good. Not so bad not so bad.

Then things went horribly wrong. They grabbed me!

And stuck things in me. Dripped things in my nose!

I hope I wake up soon! This has GOT to be a dream!
Come on Santa! Was I really that bad?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

norwood's bedazzled holiday lites tour

hi every bloggie!

It's here! It's here! Christmas is here! And do I have something special for you! For the last couple weeks, my neighborhood walkies have been bedazzled. I took plenty of photos and today... tadadadadah! I present to you- norwood's bedazzled holiday lites tour!

Okay every furbody! line right up here.

To get in the mood, let's start with a Christmas carol! Ready!
Fa la la la laaaah la la la laaah!

Okay- let's go! Follow me!

Here's another live action video for your viewing pleasure if woos have time. (and aren't too dizzy from the first walkies)

Peace Love and Joy to you all!

PS-Just enjoy- no comments necessary!