Friday, October 28, 2011

the grande finale conga line pawrade

hi every bloggie?
Animation from
it's here!it's here!
the grande finale for fright week in the paranorwood
the conga line pawrade!

are woos ready!
get your street side seat - click here!
enter the paranorwood and

Thursday, October 27, 2011

the house of chomp

hi every bloggie!

Animation from

Yipee I hope you are having funballs for fright week.
Today's scary tip...

Okay now you know how to handle ghosts
Come over to Thursday's House of CHOMP.
My ghost hunting society's new adventure is today
and you're gonna need to remember that tip.

Animation from millan.netReady - Click here and go to Thursday's House of Chomp

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

wicked walkies wednesday

hi every bloggie!
Woos ready to get your fright on!
Well before woo head over to wicked walkies wednesday
check out my halloweenie tipballs.

okay, are woo ready now?

walkies on over to the paranorwood and

the monstah hill gang

hi every bloggie!

Ahem I'm sorry to report we have a slight delay

with Toolie's Terrors on Tuesday post...

ummmm..I'm not gonna argue with her.

It'll be posted tomorrow but in the meantime...

enjoy this brief halloween interlude by the monstah hill gang.

yeah baby! Come back tomorrow for

Toolie's Terrors and Wicked Walkies Wednesday
Here's the video link- some of you said you couldn't see it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

it's alive! it's alive!

hi every bloggie

fright week begins!
it's alive! it's alive!
the paranorwood is now live!

head over to the welcome page!
enter if woo dare! for muuuuaaah monday!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

fall follies with tula

hi every bloggie!

Lookie here.
That's a funballs place called Lake Boon.

It's pawfect on a warm afternoon!

and the leafers like to swim too!

Oh.. yeah... the swimming hole is pretty secluded.
Pawfect for a match of chomp zooomies.

Yep that's right. Not just zoomies... chomp zoomies.
Tula's here. She unhinges her jaw and alligator snaps
at me when I zoomie by her. See she's ready.

Game on!
I always forget the saying "Akitas don't play well with others"
she wants a piece of me... lookie!

Good thing she doesn't swim.
Well....we do have funballs together.
Here's the proof.

Momma wanted to save this one for last. She says it's classic me.
I get easily amused by anything the moves...
leafballs, my shadow, the waves... sigh.

If all goes as planned, the paranorwood fright week starts monday.
Get ready for some frightful funballs. muuuuaahh.
Thank you to those who sent in your costume pic
for the conga line pawrade.
A big ribbet shout to
Sarge for spreading the word!

Monday, October 17, 2011

monochrome mondays

Umm... I'm trying to visit your bloggies and blogger keeps logging me out.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

a lazy sunday leafer peepin' afternoon

hi every bloggie!

Fall balls has arrived!
Get your leaf peepers on because do I have some
beautiful fotos to show woo.

okay we'll start with moi!
sporting my autumn bandana collection.
my fall profile

Now ready? Last weekend it was an unbelievabley
hot day. It was 89F here in Masterchewsitts.
So I had to hit a trail that had swimming.

fall foliage reflection

Yeppers we went to the Hop Brook Marsh Conservation Land
which is also connected to the Sudbury Memorial Forest trail
See leaf peepers! Pops of colorful fall foliage!

leaf peeping

woo might remember I've been here a few times.
And the trail goes along an abandoned railroad track.

norwood on the right track

To get to part of the trail, woo have to walk on the
scary see-thru railroad track bridge.
Underneath is the river. Woo can see thru the tracks.
Ready.... eeeeee oouwzer!

Then woo have to go thru froggerville marsh land. That's my favorite part. Here's me with fun aunt dee.

Tula doesn't go on the trails
so FAD goes with us. Some day Tula.
See how pretty it is....

leaf peeping

whoops forgot something.
insert moi!
a dog's life

I swam like a fishies.
Come lookies.

Yeppers the sunbeams couldn't keep up with me.
I was having fun catching those stick fishes.

swimming fool

Until FAD wanted to take my stick fishies.

let go Fun Aunt Dee!

Rot roh. The teacher came out.
I got a good talkin' too.
rut roh

Luckily my attention span is 5 seconds and
I forgot about it. Now where's that stick fish.

Umm... I don't droolies much but look close.
I have a nice stringer hanging. Cool huh?

me again

Back at another pool.
I'm ready for action. Usually I see black snakes to catch around here.
disturbing the peace

awww.. a reflecting moment.
swimming leafers
swimming fall leafs

Yup. Fall balls does me happy!

autumn brings out my best side

Okay peepers.. pack'em up until next time.

Friday, October 14, 2011

the Paranorwood Fright Week Fast Approaching!

hi every bloggie!

the big fright week PARANORWOOD 2011 is coming fast!
I'm still looking for woos to send me your halloween costume
photos for the grande finale pawrade.

here's me all ready for it last year.

And woo have to revisit the pawrade from last year.
You'll definitely want to be in on it this year!

Woo can wear a real costume or photochop one on!
Send to norwoodunleashed AT by Oct 23rd.

See it's not that bad....gulp
Fright Week starts Oct 24-28...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

peep show

hi every bloggie!

lah lah dee doo dah.. home alone again.
do you ever feel like someone's watching woo?

hey wait a minute!
is that you?

Come on! Let me out!
Please! Please please!

Wait a minute! I'm not gonna strip teaz for you!
I'm already nude and it's not that kinda pawtee.
Thanks for nothing!
lil boy blue

peep show over.