Monday, June 27, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

oh nordude didn't

hi every bloggie!
Hee hee!
Want to know what it's like to hang with me
from momma's perspective?

(*sorry about the video quality- not enough light in some parts)

hee hee.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

my tripballs 2 vermont part deux

hi every bloggie!

Finally... remember I went up to Burlington VT
over Memorial Day weekend. Drum roll please...
introducing part deux to my tripballs.

If you've never been to a marathon... it's long.
Even watching it works up a hunger.
I made sure I didn't become malnourished and weak...
Yummers. The pawfect menu.

And I ALWAYS say hi to little humans
Ya know why? They always food.
See- I'm checking them out. Oops that's the wrong pocket.

See these guys! My friend Sandra who was running,
her sons love watching me on my norwoodsworld webcam!
They couldn't wait to meet me!!! Cool dudes

my fanclub

Okay for most of the marathon I sat like this....

Sophie sat like that...
my new BFF @sophiebrador

But then I got super tired balls... or bored... I don't know which.
Momma thought it was funny.
I stuck my peanut head under the barrier and onto the race course.

Norwood's version of cheering

Me and Sophie were getting hot and tired.
But I think she just liked pretending not to look at me.
Hotballs. Me.

So we finally hit the waterfront and went for a dip in Lake Champlain
Sophie at her old age is still a champion swimmer.

sophie being a labrador

She even stole the ball from the chocolate labradork.
Ha! That's my girl!

Sophie totally stole the ball from the choc labradork

Rut roh. What does he want.
Look what a dork he is...
This dude wanted one of my treats

Oh.. I guess he wanted a treat.
Labradorks always want food.
Thanks alot!
Loose lips

After our swim, we went up to Church Street.
It's pedestrian only with lots of shops and restaurants.
Sophie made me go shoe shopping.
Sigh.. waiting in the shoe store.

Sophie has me shoe shopping- girls huh!

Bored with shoes so I went outside and lookie!
Better than kittehs!

Can u believe I put my snooter on this?

Dudes were totally on leash
and I put my snooter on them.
Can u believe it?

better than kittehs

Then the best part of the trip happened..
Dude was trying to be all tender with me.

A tender moment

Wait a minute. I smell stripper poles and beer farts.
It was NIGEL BUGGERS! The famous celebrity NIGEL BUGGERS!
And Neil and Mrs. Author came to meet me and Sophie and her momma!

a dog blogger meet up

Check one off the bucket list. Wow.
Everything you thought about Nigel is true.
Look at him.. he thought I liked foggers...

Buggers breath fogger
I told him no buggers.. that's fRoggers no foggers.
Strange dude but I like him.

There's nothing better than meeting up with your dog blogger pals!
Finally I'll leave you with some video from my visit.

These meet ups are great funballs.
Nigel is hosting a FOBS Friends of Buggers Reunion in September
If you are interested in a meet up, this will be a fun one.
We just might be there.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

wordless wednesday

* Okay momma just realized tomorrow is only Tuesday-duh??
Wishful thinking....oh well you can hump 2 days in a row then..

Sunday, June 12, 2011

ain't no mountain high enough

hi every bloggie!
okay over memorial day weekend, we hit the road!
yeppers we drove right thru the Green Mountains.

rest stop on way to burlington vt

and headed to Burlington VT.
I got to stay in the fanciest hotel.
Lookie it had a bottle opener in the bathroom!
You can sit on the toliet and drink beer all day!

We r staying in a cheap hotel but have the best perk

Okay the reason we went to Vermont was to
cheer on a few pals running in the Vermont Key Bank Marathon.

I'm getting ready to cheer on @sconesvt & @petfxr

But what was even better was I
met a few of my dog blogger pals too!
No mountains, no distance can keep us apart.

Here is Sophie! When in Boston, she always goes to visit Archie & Agatha!
But I finally met Ms Sophie aka @sophiebrador!
A tweet-up!

me & sophie @sophiebrador

I think she loves me.
Wait there's more..... that's Alett!
She's a tweeter too @petfxr and is running!
Yeppers- that's the infamous Toffee & Riley.
Ahh toffee alett and riley

Here's a close up for my fav square pal Eric who LOVES toffee.
I snootered her up close for ya pal.

Not so innocent

Me and Sophie hung out all day.
I think we were bestest friends for awhile.

Water break

Are you ready!? Here is me heading to our meetup.

Did you see that lil Joe Stains dude?
He wanted absolutely nothing to do with me.
I smell like frogs. Why wouldn't dude want to pal around with me.

Lil joe stains dude

Oh sigh... that's alright.
He's missing out on all the funballs.
Lucky for u, momma had her videocam out for lots of the weekend.
Here's more race funballs.

Jeepers I was getting hungry.
Momma and Sophie's momma stopped to eat.
Here's my best pout- no dogs allowed inside the dining patio area.

I think Sophie got me beat though....
She may as well have a sign saying... starving..weak.. please feed me.

Okay.. .this is only part one.
more VT funballs coming. Stay tuned.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

cheeseburgers and k9 paradise

hi every bloggie!

Oh yeah! Cheeseburgers baby!

In honor our Angel Joe Stains

we celebrated cheeseburger weekend!

Momma said the drive thru line for McDonald's was too long.....

so she made me one herself!

Lots & lots of gooey cheese! She is from WI remember.

Here's the meal prep.

A bed of sliced bananas topped with cheeseburger chunks.

This burger's for you pal! Love & Miss ya Joe Stains

That's what true friends do....

Speaking of friends,

I've been making tons of new pals at Gates Pond.

Yeppers... a hussie.

Go figure she wouldn't stay still for a pic. Blurry hussie.

Huh.. I gotta get closer to this dude.

Hold up!

Hey woo kinda look like me.

Who's your momma?

Bandito Cattle dogs!

Hey lil dude! Stop!

I'm gonna get woo

He's a rottie lab mix.

Only 10 months old and he runs with his momma

around the trail. He even started wearing a bell like me now!

Oh yeah. Remember Stella?

She comes here too.

It's been too long Stella! We make a QT pie couple.

I sure treasure my new and old pals!

Wish you were here too!

Wish you were here