Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wacky wednesday

hi every bloggie!

Guess who?

Yeppers that's moi!

Where's norwood?

Here I am on my morning walkies.

I'm not only known as Nordude...

but aka the Flasher.

huh? I hope I don't get arrested for lewd acts.

happy humping....

oops there i go again.

Monday, September 26, 2011

i don't taste like chicken

hi every bloggie!

It's me! Every weekend, I hang out at the park.

and Tula meets me there.

Oh yeah. See we are chillin' like villians

But I always get a strange feeling.....
ummm... watching my back.
watch your back

See! Tula's always licking her lips around me!

I think Tula thinks I taste like chicken.
Is it because I'm free range?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

king of the world

hi every bloggie

Jeepers it's already late into Septembah
and I'm still posting my August photos.

Oh well the last weekend of August
I got to do one my new favorite things

Yeppers I put on my swim outfit

it comes with a handle.
i don't know but my FAD (fun aunt dee)
thinks it's funny. hardee har har

Well I think I look super fly!

This one's for the ladees.
Your boy toy here.

I can swim like a fishee in that vest.

I swam right over to the island.
I took it over ! froggeh boy de isle

Oh wait... FAD has sun chips.
Gotta go!

And we paddled off to the coast.
I met up with this little dude.

He was all in my bidnezz

I had to show him how to fish.
But dude wasn't interested so we did zoomies for a bit.

Then off to the other islands.

whoa! you gots to have good balance
to be king of the world!

kayaking fool

I'm gonna miss kayaking.
See you next summer.

Friday, September 23, 2011


hi every bloggie!

I don't know what it is...
but something always comes over me on Fridays!

take me to your leader

Friday, September 16, 2011

funballs friday

hi every bloggie!

It's Funballs Friday!

Camera Roll-11

Have a ball too!


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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Day Remembered.. by Norwood

hi every bloggie!

Yesterday we did a few things in remembrance of 9.11.
Okay here's me and momma right after we finished
running 9.11 miles. Yup. I did it too in honor
of all the dog heroes. That's the furtherest I've ever run .

Finished our 9.11 dedication run

We planned out our run pawfectly. At the half way point
we stopped to participate in a ceremony at the Hudson Fire Dept.
That's me checking out the cool trucks.

Hudson Fire Dept

The Hudson Fire Dept waited two years to obtain a steel girder
from the World Trade Center. Today they unveiled the new memorial.

Camera Roll-91

It was a truly honorable ceremony.
Momma had to remove my bear bell b/c I was making too much noise.
I didn't mean too.

Camera Roll-90

Here it is. The new memorial.
Can you believe that piece came from the WTC?
I'll be silent while you view it.

Camera Roll-92

Camera Roll-93

Camera Roll-96

Camera Roll-86

I don't know if you can tell in the black and white,
so I put it in color. Amazing how the sun sent its sun rays right on it.

FX PhotoStudio Image

Here's the local newspaper's article and a photo gallery of the event.
I'm glad I went and also ran to honor our canine heroes.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget 9.11.01

Today we remember.....

On this day ten years ago, I was working from home in Columbus, Ohio and had the TV on in the background. I saw the breaking news and stood there astonished. I called my co-worker who had lived in NYC to inform her. As I was talking to her the 2nd plane hit. I thought perhaps the 1st plane was an accident just like many others. I stood there in absolute disbelief. The images and news still have same impact on me today.

This past Friday, at work we honored and remembered four employees who lost their lives that day. I didn't work for the company in 2001 but many employees did and remember it vividly. There was a recent article about one of the employees, 9/11 victim Peter A. Gay honored with bench in Onset. I thought I share it.

In my town of Marlboro, the town hall posted 3000 flags in honor.
Here's a view of this wonderful tribute.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

now that's alot of hot air!

hi every bloggie!

Every August there is a hot air balloon festival
right in the field where I take my regular walkies.
Except this year.... lookies
stoopid new rules.

but that didn't stop me from watching.
It's too cool!
So I got there at 5:30am to watch lift off.

That's Tula and Fun Aunt Dee .
Toolie wasn't happy about all the folks
out so early during our regular walkies time.

She told FAD that! Grrr!

While we were walkies,
you could still see them in the distance.

Momma kept stopping to take photos
Ummm.. this is boring me. Let's go.

La la la laaaaaahh

Okay here's a short video of the hot air ballooon lift off.

and I'll leave you with my fav foto of the day.
I think they should have a balloon
w/ my bandana print!

Now that's alot of hot air!