Sunday, January 29, 2012

dudes will be dudes

hi every bloggie!

Lookie! I was snowshoeballing again.

a snowdude

Last Sunday it was a pawfect winter day to hit the trails.
Cloud porn. 


Yep. I put my mittens back on. 
We hit the Charm Bracelet Trails. 
I be blazing!

blazing the landscape

I was off! I saw this dude and ran to tackle his hu-dad.
Then it was game on!
His name is Sonny.  
And he wears a remote control collar. 

Here we go again... chase

Hee hee I came when called but lookie at the remote control boy.
Way back by the tree.
He's eating poop .

trail blazing

So his hu-dad brought out the walkie talkie thing.
It went Bee boop bah.
Here come's Sonny. With his stinky poopers breath.
You probably can smell it. 

sonny the poop eater

Off we go. 
Sonny's hu-dad said the coyotes were active last night 
and he saw a killed deer and possum on the trail. 
He told momma she should carry pepper spray on her but it 
was a Sunday afternoon w/lots of peeps out.  We weren't too worried.
I'm a crackah dude. I got this.

i am snowdude

Then I ran into this dude.  
I forgot his name.. something like Marka. 
I think he looks old but he's only one.  

coming at ya

Here lookie.
 Momma says I'm a jerk boy sometimes w/other dudes.
I just like to play ruff.  Crackah funballs. 
What's the biggie deal?

rumble in the jungle

See. I think he likes it anyways. 
The chase is on. 

the chase is on

eeerrrrttt.. we put on the brakes.
What? You have sweet potato sticks?
Nom nom nom. 

give us treats!!!

I ate his treats and said goodbye to that dude.
Off to finish up trail blazing.


Are we really done? 
Come on! Let's go further!!!
That's what dudes do. Come on. 

just by the hair on my chinny chin chin

Until next weekend.. Oh that's right. The snow melted already.
Sigh. That's all.  Tah tah

Saturday, January 28, 2012


hi every bloggie!

happy weekend!  This weekend it's in the 50s but 
I'm here to report about last weekend!  It finally snowed!

Last month I ordered a new mitten supply for the winter
 from and waited and waited and waited for snowballs.

My new mitten supply came!

Saturday morning it started snowing and snowing.
Yahoo! I put on my mittens.
Momma put on her snowshoes.
FAD (fun aunt dee) came too. 
Tula stayed home... She's not so much of a snow adventurer. 

showshoes for everyone

Off we go!! 
We actually tried to go to Gates Pond trail 
but our car wouldn't make it up the hill so we just went along the Assabet River.


Look at me snow blazing!

See! Winter has finally arrived. 
The river was frozen. The snow was a bit deep covering my mittens.
Oh.. furry handsome me.


Hmmm the river waters froze in action. 
I'll take the bridge I guess. 

frozen river

Oh no my face froze too. 
If woo don't know, you can find lots of good things in the snowballs.
I'm particularly fond of the frozen goose pate.
Plus woo get a cool looking beardballs. 


See.... frozen lippers too. 
I hate to see Mango's frozen droolies.

frosted lippers

Oh no where's Norwood?
Hee hee I blend. 

snowshoe adventure

Okay enough photos... let's GO!
Geez.  Can woo believe it?
The 6 inches of snow is already gone this weekend.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

pile on

hi every bloggie!

Lookies. I'm wearing my christmas present
from grampie and granne.  It's a Ruff Wear approach pack

Yeppers it's a backpack.  huh?
Momma started piling all kinds of things in it. 


Meanwhile she tried out her new walkies stick. 
Geez. I'm glad she has to carry something. 

new walking stick

You'd think the extra stuff would slow me down.
Nope.  Come ON!
Today we hit the Marble Hill Trail in Stow. 
(can you believe there wasn't any snow?)


Whoa. Wait. 
I heard bauwk bauwk. cluck cluck. 
Oh the trail is a conservation area found right behind an elementary school
and nestled in a residential area if you are wondering.

That house along the trail had chickens hanging out in their yard. 
Hmmmm. I bet I could put one in my backpack. 
I bet I could. Sweet. Pile on.

Oh that's when momma called me. 
COOOOMIIIINGG!  darn it. No chicken tonight. 


No worries. I can still fly. 
Hee hee I look like a super nordude!  a caped crusader!

A few spots along the trail, I noticed rocks piled on. 
Okay.. momma says I do this for like 500 zillion times...
Watch out. Dirt is a flying. 

Along the trail we saw even more rock pile ons. 
Sometimes the rocks are trail markers. 
I guess kinda like my kick back markings but for humans.

New backpack

Hmm. But this pile on... I think they were just silly hikers
playing a game of trail JENGA 

Wait. I gotta an idea.
 I decided to make my own rock pile on with me!


Momma said that was ridiculous and stop being a jackass. 

Wait.. is that why I have this backpack?
She gave me that job... neener. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

another episode of neener neener

hi every bloggie. 

Okay. Woo see this picture. 
It's a picture of a me. The star of the latest hit show "Neener Neener".

(Psst. This is a couple weeks ago- notice no snow)

Photo Stream-853

Woo might recognize me from the Chomp Zone Show starring Tula

Well we shot the latest episode of Neener Neener 
right at the Tula estate in her backyard. 
You are in luck.  The latest episode is showing right now. 

Photo Stream-999

Oh sshhhh. Okay. I'll be quiet. Watch.

How much will woo give me to fart?

Photo Stream-844

Ha... I'm crackah not stupid.
Neener Neener Toolie

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

winter basics 101

hi every bloggie!
Can woo believe it?
It finally finally snowed here. 

good winter morning

It wasn't much and the first batch was more slushy. 
But I will take it. 

 Now don't tell FAD but I have secret footage of her foto shoot with Tula.

Oh momma said that's really to show how ridiculous i am.
Mmphft. Human trickery. 

Okay every bloggie. 
It's been so long since we had snow, here's a back to basics
snow funballs lesson for you. 

As you can see, I try to master the Cheoah slide but of course I put 
a nutty spin on it.  Okay.. back to funballs. Gotta go.

Monday, January 16, 2012

monday's plans

hi every bloggie.

it's monday.  


hmmm. i think i'll just stay here all day.

yep.. that's what i'm gonna do. 
oh can you get me a snack before you leave. 
and i'm thirsty too.