Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring is in the air!

Yesterday I was reading the news and saw this article "Signs the Big Night is Coming"

The peepers are coming!
The peepers are coming!

Yup... it's true. Listen up. Sounds of Spring are everywhere!

(Sorry camera lens was a bit dirty but you can still listen)
Chasing geese..honk honk
Peeper chatter- chirp chirp!

This year it's not happening until April.
I looked up last year and the peepers were chirping back in March! Wow. 


  Spring has Sprung

Saturday, April 06, 2013

spring fling

I do believe Spring might be here!


So I had to hit the trails!
Yup. Delaney Wildlife Management Trails is the 
best place to kick off the new season. 


Wait. Hold up.
First you gotta rub all in it!
Ahhh! Now I smell like spring!

Rollin' Dirty! #spring #getoutdoors

Which way to go!
Muuaaahhhh the trails are all mine!!!!


See Running like a Fool!
Ladah dee doo dah!


Then out of nowhere.....


Faster than a speeding bullet.
This dude Mr. Darcy shows up and zoomie chase ensues.
Dude's wicked fast.... husky and greyhound mix.
You thought I was nutty.


Then he tried to pull a nutty on me!
Dude I'm not your girlfriend. 

No worries...

I still reign Supreme!
This is MY house!


Ummm until I ran into this pack. 
Don't worry. I moved over.

@scrappydo yesterday many horses were on it! Too bad you're not closer! Plus this group had the 2 lil dudes with them!

 Spring Fling done and out.
Toodle loo