Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mango- Thank Woo 4 Being a Friend

hi every bloggie

The stunning news spread quick across blogville this morning. 
Our beloved Mango has passed to the rainbow bridge.

I sure am lucky because the mango estate is only miles away from my lily pad
Can you imagine joining blogville and learning RH lives around the corner?
Is it possible, he's bigger than my cousin tula?! Whoa.

With that said, I searched thru my archives and 
found my fav memories 
with Mango.
Grab a bone and beer. 
Sit back and enjoy. 

Mango getting fresh with me. 

Ha ha .. Mango is a skool fool 

Mango vs Tula duel at grad skool

My bet's on bubba. Lookie at him go!

Ah agility bubba.  He sure could move for being a RH dude. 
I can't find me and tula and mango dancing...
but will leave you with this handsome photo. 

Thank you for being a friend
Run Free Pal!