Sunday, February 28, 2010

prickley peters take over my blog!

hi every bloggie!
Do you remember I was missing in action for awhile. Well don't worry... the Lacey beast did not bury me under the snow. Mom went to Arizona for work and since the weather has been less than nice upon her return, I thought I'd let her post some warm weather fotos.

I mean even though she was in Arizona, it was only 50 but finally got to 70 the last day in Scottsdale. Unfortunately she complained about doing alot of this.... sitting inside in 65 degree air conditioning. Geez! Always complaining.

While the outside looked like this.. okay okay she can complain.

I spent the entire week at day camp which I guess was day and night camp. I emailed her fotos of me so she knows I'm having fun. See? Momma's lil angel- hee hee

Okay here comes her novice photography. I'm not the focal point so please don't worry.. I don't mind. Since cactus are not typically found as a new england native species, she was fascinated by the huge cactus garden at the resort.

These prickley peters are cute to her.

And as you can see they are quite huge.

Mom did have some human fun for a change with co-workers... a little wild wolf slot action, drinks with old men at a dive bar and a free happy hour after the conference.

Then she hit Old Town Scottsdale. Here's a few fotos from the local stores! She loves the colors

and unique collectibles. Huh I thought Tula's cookie face would have made it up here.

ole ole ole ole! cha!

Look Lorenza and Frankie... a dachshund collection.

Always fashionable and handle with care... you break you buy. Is that true?

Check out this lovely lady who greeted mom at one of the stores. She reminded mom of Asta with her fashionable pearls.

I don't know why but she thought this guy was kinda cute. Maybe because he's offering 1/2 off margaritas- I bet.

And this always blows her mind.. guns? The only loaded gun she sees is my wicked pissah!

Finally.... stuff for me and brucethecat. Lizards and frogs and turtles everywhere! Everywhere! She even bought that top frog for me! He bobbles his head on my fridge now!

On Valentine's day, mom returned and got me from day/night camp. We immediately went to the park. Wahoo! I was very happy to be free! Look I'm imitating the prickley peters- pointing mine in the sky! Okay I hope next time she'll have to take me along!

Friday, February 26, 2010

eYewatch friday- style & grace edition

hi every bloggie!

Happy eYewatch Friday! This week the weather has been crazy.. 40s and sun, then blasting snow, then torrential rains and flooding and back to snow. That's New England for ya! So to start I thought I'd show you some New England fashions for this type of weather. It starts with your car.
You must decorate and leave messages on it when it snows. Tula left this one for me... GB (aka that's me goofball) and she drew me a frog head. Ribbet! See fun and fancy.
And since it's dark 99% of the day, I always wear my trusty reflector vest. We all know about my bell... yep quite handy in the winter too. Mom can hear me if I get out of sight...chasing and tracking norwoods- ha.. i love tracking my own scented snow tracks!
Then of course my mittens are a must in super cold and snowy conditions. Gotta keep away those evil iceballs.
Mom at times looks like the unibomber... See? Quite scary at times.

Now to demonstrate how our winter fashions are also functional... I will demonstrate mitten application to the snow (Stumpy this one's for you since you had to see it to believe it) and mom will demonstrate graceful winter walking and talking.
(please excuse her annoying commentary and voice- she's not happy with her narrating but I made her post it anyways)

And I will leave you with my eYewatch foto! eYe watching woo!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

winter wednesday

hi every bloggie!
Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.netWowzer.. winter wednesday is right! Today winter came back! Check it out. This foto is from my morning walkies.
Wet sloppy snow stuck onto everything!
Ha... mom tried to get a "jail" shot but I wouldn't let her. I'm not behind bars.
In fact I was very busy watching that evil creature.. the bobcat snow plow that was following me all over.
I stood guard to make sure the evil bobcat snow plow didn't come into my fun time area. Okay now I have something to show you.. do you want to see my new trick?!! I can balance snow on my snooter.
Hey how about that thundering herd! Would this count as a gumdrop nose?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

do not disturb

hi every bloggie!
This is crazy. I was tired. Oh yeah... don't believe me? Well I was trying to snooze but fun aunt dee was over. She thought the sultry sounds of her velvet voice would help lull me into a deep slumber.

Hmm.. not so much funnie - miss fun aunt dee. Mom says never wake me. She works hard to make this happen. My recharge time is very brief.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

i'm back! in living color!

hi every bloggie!
Whew! What in the world was going on! I've been MIA- missing. I bet some of you thought Lacey Beast had something to do with it. Well... I won't bore you with my story but let's just say when mom returned from her trip-  We had a bit of an emergent move thus internet free for a week. It's not suppose to rain in your apartment. It was flooded!  
But dah dah dah daaaah.. my best blog pal Brucethecat saved the day! He helicoptered me to my new pad... ha get it.. froggies included. Whoo hoo!  Leaping good fun!
Actually, I was asked to post the real reason- my lips were a bit busy..


and stuck together

i could barely breath-the peanut butter stuck my lips together.  Finally after a week, I'm unglued and ready to blog.  I knew you would understand!  Ha! just kidding

I missed everyone. I was also very sorry to hear about Wally, Penny Patches Poppy's Dad and now Poppy and Hamish. It's a sad time here in dogblogville but we are the best in times of need!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Technical Difficulties

hi every bloggie,

please excuse me! Mom's back from her trip,
but we're experiencing technical difficulties.

Stay Tuned..while we interrupt your regular norwood blogcast.

Hosted by

Smiley from
in the words of the terminator, i'll be back!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

enter at your own risk

hi every bloggie!
Every Saturday my Fun Aunt Dee comes to visit me. She should know by now, there are certain risks you assume when you come over. (poor foto quality-sincere apologies but I think you get the picture-hee hee)

Laying on floor- you assume the risk of my frisky fresh attack.

Sit on the floor with me- you assume the risk on a non stop game of fetch and tackle. Hee hee.

Oh.. I'm at day camp for the week. Mom decided to travel to the great desert state of Arizona for work. Please visit my day camp web cam to keep me company... I love my camp pals..but miss my bloggie buddies.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

the norwood razzies

hi every bloggie!

The Mango Minster Best in Show was announced and congratulations to my pal Clive and Murray! Woot woot Hollah! That was quite a dog show! And a Rentlessly Huge Thank you to Mango for being the best MC and honoring me with the important task of judge. (albeit I may have to go into the witness protection program) Okay.. now for more fun. The norwood razzies. My personal awards to the terrier group. Here we go!

I just love the stylings of Chip. His terrier beard is something to adore!

Of course you can't have a dog show without the terrier fashions. Here are my favs for the fancy pants award.

Okay this crew made me hungry. I wanted to put a slice of cheese on them and eat'em up.

One minute sweet the next minute salty... see for yourself.

And Miss Fergie took a literal approach to the contest. Nice interpretation!

The next group sent me wonderful "friendship tokens" over the last few weeks. I really cherish our friendship... even NOW right?

These terriers really know how to be terriers with an elegant crackerness.

No words required here. Thanks Jake for being a love bug.

This is an award right from the heart. Not just any one can style head gear. Trust me. But Baby Rocket can...

This crew works in pairs. A deadly combination.

And for the most distinguished terriers.. who profile the non cracker-insane terrier side.

Cute.. so cute... perfect 10s on the aaaawwwwhh meter.

And the reason I may need to hit the witness protection program. Miss Lacie is out for blood now that her brother Scruff landed an honorable mention and her beastly self did not. If I turn up missing- you know why.

And let's not forget the karaoke gift of Hamish aka as Hambone. He'll close us out of the norwood razzies.
hambone raps by norwoodsworld

BTW Hamish hasn't been feeling top notch- please visit to wish him well.

And remember, life is more fun when you embrace your true self. Every once in a while... go cracker. It'll feel good.