Sunday, July 25, 2010

a beach boy

hi every bloggie

This is part two from yesterday's post. I hope you didn't take off your flip flops. The smell of the ocean breeze! Ahh! The sea breeze blowing thru my fuzzies! Ahh... yes. I was born to do this! Look at me! I was being mr. lifeguard watching this lady swim back and forth in the swim area.

Yep move over david hassselhoff! I'm the HNIC (head norwood in charge) Ladies please stop swooning.. okay don't stop.

Here's me practicing my lifesaving- okay ball-saving techniques!

Yesterday the thundering herd watched my short video and heard mom say" he lost his off leash privileges". I think it might have something to do with this....

Umm bunnies are not suppose to hide in bushes on the beach. It ain't my fault. Okay so this was mom's view for awhile until she snatched me up. It was like a game of "where's waldo" but with me.

Do I look like I'm up to trouble? Pretty good -who me? expression right?

I had lots of fun trolling the sand dunes!

And there was tons of shellfish!

A fun crab playing hide n seek and there were snails all over the place! I think my pal Honey the Great Dane would've loved the little crabs.

Okay- here's a small snippet that summed it all up!

H & G- Hi and Goodbye! Oh don't forget to wash your feet off. Your mom will NOT want sand all over the house.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

shadow shot sunday #114- in the sand dunes

hi every bloggie!
Okay so last weekend as part of my birthday festivities, I headed down to cape cod. Yep, got up nice and early to make fresh paw prints in the sand, catch me a crabby style breakfast and run wild & free in the sand dunes (which technically I'm not suppose to do but... I highly recommend it) Here I am at Chappy (Chapoquoit) Beach! I looked down and noticed shadow dude was here too - pawfect for this week's Shadow Shot Sunday in the Sand Dunes
And I think this one is a bit spooky but I like how it shows off my bell! ching ching ching!
Someone else had to get in the shadow action.
But now for the best part. Lookie here! We walked along the board walk! Shadow dude didn't give me much space. Alright ears up!
Now ears back- travel mode
Ears up! Huh? This could be a Vegas act.
Are you ready for the live version? Get your flip flops on... let's go!

And I think that's a wrap! Thanks for tagging along with me and my shadow! Check out other cool shadow shots at hey harriot's bloggie!

Before I head out.. Happy Birthday to my supersized pal El'bow! You might still have time to enter his birthday contest! Come on and join the fun! I'll post my card to him tomorrow!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

show stealer!

hi every bloggie

Thank you every bloggie for the birthday wishes! I even met new bloggie pals who came over from froggie pantaloon wearin' Miss Khyra and Bendy Merdie's bloggie! Or was it the cake... not sure but glad to meet you all.

So get this.... I have grad skool on Saturday mornings. Yeppers and that Relentless Huge Mango comes to class with me and so does cousin Tula Monstah. You'd think there would be a size limit but nooooo.. Don't worry I still maintain my suck up teacher's pet status. See.. that's me in my super khool bandana from JD & Max. They sent it to me all the way from Egypt. Their FH took a vacation there a zillion years ago and thought of me during her vacation! Can you believe it? It's my name in hieroglyphics. Anyways.... back to class.

Since it was my birthday, I brought in delicious cookies for everyone and asked for a group foto. Everybody had to wear a fancy pirate party hat! I must warn you that this is a full inclusion class. It includes our graduate ruffian dogs- like Tula so you'll understand why we are not close together.
I tried to maintain the spotlight like a good birthday boy but that RH kept pestering me. Next thing I knew he slithered like a snake right up to me. LOOOKIEE! esch! a moose up close!
Then he had the nerve to pull out his crayon and try to write me a birthday message.
It is NOT that type of pawtee...
Dude.. get ahold of yourself. You know what they say about mouth breathers. I'm just saying. Nonetheless, it was a great birthday class! Peewee can you talk to your brudder about appropriate pawtee etiquette!

PS after class that night Mango was sickies! Dude feel better! You have all my pawsitive energy and I'll even bring more cookies to class!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

yipee yahoo! it's today!

hi every bloggie!Free Smiley Courtesy of

Yipee! Today's the day!
Yep- it's my barkday! And let me tell woos, I have the coolest blog pals ever! Weeks ago my pals El'bow & Hauwii and Sanne sent me this extra kool birthday card all the way from Belgium!
It gets even better. Inside it's filled with Mastiff Slobbers!
Then they instructed me to open the pressie and I did! It's me leaping like a frog!
How kool is that! Now the next super kool birthday wish is really KHOOl b/c it's from Khyra and Merdie... they did it up froggie style!!! check out part one!
I always did like Merdie's froggie style but the shorts are pawfect! And Lady MFT (Khyra).. I didn't know ladies burped but I kinda like it! Then lookie what happens!

Floof and Frogs! My little boy heart is about to explode! Check out the entire post if you didn't see it already.!

And after that fun, Brucethecat threw me a huge pawtee with ribbet beer and singing catpals all at the lily pond! I don't know how he arranged that from Florida but dude really knows how to throw a pawtee!

Then my galpal Stumpy posted a PSA about my barkday! And my monstah cousin Tula sent me this great frogified e-card . I know we'll be celebrating with cake and cookies at grad skool today so more photos to come.
Okay.... time for cake! Come close... closer. Take a bite. Hey that was my nose! I meant the cake!
It's gonna be the best day ever! Thanks to my blogland pals!
PS.. mom's far behind on blog comments but we do read all your posts! Thank woo for always coming to say hi and see what I'm up to!

Friday, July 16, 2010

oskar's all about your people day!

Hi every bloggie!
Today I'm gonna dedicate my bloggie post to my pal Oskar's cool day called....
So I'll start now. I live with just my mom- Debi.
That's us on my "gotcha day". She only knew me for 2 hours and look! Can't stop hugging me!
We live in Marlboro Massachusetts which is ~45 miles west of Boston. She's 40 and single. Yep.. long story but I've tried posting ads on to find a dad... no luck yet. Anyways, she's lived here for almost 8 years now. Let's see mom is a certified vocational rehabilitation counselor which means she counsels people with disabilities regarding employment. Right now she works for a defense and technology contractor-Raytheon and when an employee has a medical condition that becomes a barrier to work, mom helps that person get accommodations to enable them to work. Pretty cool. She's worked in high school special ed programs, non-profits, insurance companies and even prisons!

Anyways, mom originally is from the land where beer and cheese are plentiful. Yep Milwaukee Wisconsin- well a suburb of it West Allis. Here's the nice lakefront view of Milwaukee.
Mom grew up with 2 siblings. One you may know as Fun Aunt Dee (Tula's mom). FAD and mom are twins- yep I can tell them apart too. FAD is 7 minutes older. The other sibling is Uncle Dave who I never met. He passed away about 10 years ago from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I heard he was a mailman and would bring his mail route doggies cookies .
After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison! Go Big Red! She moved to Columbus Ohio and attended graduate school at THE Ohio State University! Go BuckS! So that means she a huge sports fan and loves college football and basketball games!
While in Ohio, mom finally and I mean finally got a dog. You see, growing up there was a strict rule... no pets. You'd think they'd stop at no drugs but nope.. no pets too. Her first dog was a west highland terrier-pure cracker dawg too- name Scruffy aka scruffball or peepie. See he even climbed this tree! cracker!

Then a year later, mom got snoopie! He was a super laid back peacemaker kinda dude. Never caused any trouble ever. You can see it in his eyes too. And mango thought I was a suck up.
After living in Ohio for 10 years... Mom decided to make a change and move out east. She packed up Snoopie (Scruffy had gone to the bridge)and headed east on I-90. So ... voila.. back in present day. Snoopie had congestive heart failure and went to the bridge a couple years ago. That's when I enter the picture!!! Thanks to Paws New England and Petfinder.

Let's see some things mom likes: hiking, running, biking, swimming- which is great b/c I love to do all those things.
Some things mom can't do without: cheese, wine, iPhone, iPad, iMac and yes... ME!