Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a desert here?

hi every bloggie!
I have some furry exciting news to share with you!

I explored a new trail this weekend.
Yep! I went to this conservation land called the Desert.
Yah! I was prepared for sand in my toes.. maybe a camel...
Okay, come on! Let's check it out.

Doesn't look the desert so far.
Let's keep going.. looks like masterchewsits still.

Okay a bit spooky in black and white.
No sand that was all ice and snow.

Hiking on a new trail

Water. Not a desert.
Whew.. good thing the bridge is here or someone would
get mad if my mittens got wet.
another hiking foto

Oh yah and part of the big news is
Tula and FAD came along!
Why is that a big deal?
Well when Tula sees other dogs, she gets a bit ... rowdy.
She use to only walk parking lots at odd hours and
now she's on a trail system on a Sunday afternoon!
She did furry good hiking today.
My FAD never thought she'd be on a trail if woo asked her a year ago!

FX PhotoStudio Image

Okay I never disappoint.
You know there's exciting live action...

Oh.. taking a furry handsome break.
I'm still wondering why they call this place the desert.

FX PhotoStudio Image

Anywho, here's the other big news.
Woo see we came here because I'm starting a new service.
Once a week I'm going with this ladee from Pups n Pals.
She takes a small group of pups hiking
during the day for a group adventure.
I get to go while mom is working!
She always takes the group here so we checked it out.


I think we agreed!
We loved this trail system!

I can't wait to come here with my new pals.
Maybe they know why it's called the desert.
Happy Tuesday! Toodles!


  1. Norwood it looks very cold on the trail. Where is it? And, we have to say we love your snow booties.

  2. New pals.... hmmm not as good as your blogging pals right Norwood ??
    This place looks pretty neat matie.

    Noah x

  3. HI Norwood,

    We think your mom has a little problem with her geography - that place doesn't look like a desert to us. We don't think that it snows in the desert!!! And DID you see any camels --- wwe never saw any in your pictures.

    Anyway - it looks like you will have a fun time with your new puppy pals. Maybe you & Tula can visit again too!!

    Loves & slobbers from Ruger & Neve

  4. We never knew the desert had snow! That looks like a very cool place to hike to us, Norwood!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Good luck in your new service, Norwoood! I bet you'll have lots of fun with you new pals!

  6. Wow, these are some beautiful pics and it looks like an amazing hike!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S: I posted pictures of my super duper jacket today (the one you donated for Blueberry's auction)

  7. I have never seen snow in a desert. Are you sure that isn't Cool Whip on a Dessert instead? Did you taste it???

  8. If we could get somebody to take us hiking while Mom and Dad are at work, we'd be very happy pups! You're living our dream, Nordude!


  9. Wait - we can have the hu-dad earn us kibble AND get walked on trails? Where do we sign up?

  10. Mom now has this gleam in her eye and I am sure she is tryin' to figger out how she can quit her day job and become a dawg trail ladee too.

    Your Mom is the BEST for makin' sure you get lotsa funballs each and every day.

    FAD has done furry good work with Tula too and we give her a high five!

    Woofs and gleamin' slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  11. LOVE the last photo! Norwood, you and Tula are the luckiest doggies around to have such GREAT mommies!
    Life is GOOD:)
    your cat pal,

  12. woooo who cares why its called a desert it looks a great place for walking.
    I see on your video you and Tula were sniffing the same bit of ground, she has come on a long way.
    I love the end to your video, that is such the cuteist hadsomeist face ever. High paws pal.


  13. Norwood, Riley is wishing she was there to hike through the "desert" with you. Although it really doesn't look very desert-y. She was starting to get jealous of Tula girl, but then she realized that's your cousin. I'll try to keep a better handle on her, I promise!

    Elyse (and Riley)

  14. Did you know there is a Desert in Maine? Yup, by Freeport. They call it "The Desert of Maine" just because they are super original. Momma says it's kind of a touristy trap thing but it is an actual sand desert caused by the glaciers. Wierd huh?>

    woof - Tucker

  15. Looks like you found a great new place to explore. But I must agree...doesn't look much like a desert to me.

  16. A snowy desert?? Interesting!
    I am sure you enjoyed a lot your hiking!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Woohoo Norwood! That is certainly a different desert than we have here in AZ!! We like yours better. Snow is wayyyyy better than stickery cacti. Oh, and congrats to Tula on her newfound schmoozing abilities!
    BRD & Hootie

  18. I'll say it again You are the luckiest dog ever!!Sandy Hi's from Honey- Avery, Gingy and Papi Chulo

  19. You are one energetic dude! Good thing you have so many outlets for it. It is most gratifying to see the huge progress Tula has made, too! She's worked very hard and it's wonderful it is paying off.

    Jed & Abby

  20. I agree - it sure doesn't look like a desert. Please tell us when you find out why it's call "the desert".

    It sounds so cool that you get to go there with a bunch of buddies while mom works. That's great! (although I'm sure that you'll miss mom ;)

  21. Yeaooo!!! Blue booties and a hike with Tula! Fantastic. Love this desert parkie. Looked like a lot of very neat areas to check out on the map. And, wow!!! Pups n pals sounds super and perfect for you while mom does the workie thing! We just met a gal picking up a neighbor furpal, that takes pups on long hikies with her...similar to yours, and my mom thought it sounded great for me on her longer workie days and an alternative to Camp K-9! Love camp, but might also like long hikes! Keep us posted please!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  22. That sure does not look like a desert to me!



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