Monday, April 25, 2011

sometimes u feel like a nut

hi every bloggie

Umm. ahem.
Here's my cousin Tula.
Yeah. She's minding her own bidnezz.

I don't know what came over me.
Oh yeah.. a case of the nutties.
big shockalocka.

I know I know
I am nuts for doing that in front of Tula.

Rut roh!
I switched her nutty switch now.


Yep I'm nuts!

Oh my hiking pal shawnee the shepard is have a
Where in the world is shawnee contest?
for earth day.
It's easy peasy to enter.
You have until April 30th.
Check it out.


  1. He he he! Norwood - you're craaaazy! We loved how Tula is just looking at you the whole time as if to say 'what the....?!?!'

    But as you've shown - nuttiness is contagious - she's after you, run Norwood, RUN!!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  2. You made TM go cracker dog? Watch out.


  3. You better be careful, Norwood! TM is beginning to walk on the dark side of cracker dog? SKEEEEERY!

    i should have been more specific! That was Stumpy's favorite TWO-legged boy that came to visit.

  4. I think I have the right answer fur Shawnee's Contest.

    I don't know if you should have wound TM up that way... you know about Paw Backs.

  5. its been scientifically proven (by us) that nutty woofies are the most brilliant woofies ever to be!!!! so welcome to our club norwood

    pibble sugars and wee wiggles
    the pittie pack

  6. Bet you loved teasing Tula:) One of these days you two are going to do zoomies together all over the trails.

    Have a great week.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. What a blast!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. Looksto me like she had a smile on her face while watching your nuttiness!


  9. I sure hope whatever it was you were rollin' on had a decent enough stench to keep Tula Monster from eatin' you.

    Happy Easter Funballs~ better late than never!! (I didn't look at you at the pet store pawty 'cuz I was playin' undercover dawg cop and I didn't want you to recognize me and blow my cover.)

    I prefer your froggeh mask over the ears any day of the week. But that's just my opinion.

    Woofs and opinionated slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  10. Haha! Glad Tula Monstah didn't get to find out how many licks to the chewy center! ;)

    Anyway, we LOVE nuts!!


  11. Looked like you two had a great time! I'm gonna go check out that contest.

  12. Yee Haw! That music has got me stomping my paws Norwood! Let's have a hoe down!
    your cat pal,
    p.s. still get tickled seeing you & Tula interact with each other. Fun for your Mommies:)


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