Saturday, August 20, 2011

pawrole release pawtee

hi every bloggie!
hey I almost forgot to tell woo.
While I was away from bloggieville,
momma dropped me off at lock up.

She said we were going shopping-see!
But that's the kennel lobby- trickery.

I didn't know she went to texas!
And to make it worse, she went to visit the Happy Heelers~
Yep Gus, Louie & Callie without ME!!!

Lookie! I fit right in there!

And momma shared my cookies with them.
I wanted to give them in pawson.

I'm still mad about it!
But now comes my release pawtee!
come on you're invited!

(*pardon the narrow camera angle-
momma forgot to hold her iphone sideways for the wide angle view- duh!)

Free at last! Free at last!

So just to recap- after lock up I went directly
to lake chauncy and the charm bracelet trails.
I swam and swam and swam

and I zoomied


and zoomied!

and I fell in love with
Mi bell na-bell. Yeppers that's her name- na-bell!

Whoops- private moment:P

We did a little dancin'

Na-bell loved me!

then more pups came to the pawtee!
bombs away!

Dude just like to stare at the ball in the water.

So I challenged him to a swim off and he got in.
Weird but he won.

Okay it's on like ping pong!

Last one in is a rotten eggballs.

This was the best release pawtee evah!

And it was topped off with a trip to DD!

Now that's a welcome home!


  1. we see she is trying to win you back by giving you a donut....the nerve visiting those guys without you!!
    Benny & Lily

  2. Hey Norwood!
    Wow, I'm glad you got sprung! I've spent plenty of time in the slammer doing undercover work and it's no fun fur sure. Looks like you got amazing swimmies, zoomies and treaties!! SCORE!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. Benny and Lily said a mouff full!! HOLD OUT BUDDY.. THAT thingy was just the HOLE pawt MAKE her give you the WHOLE pawt too!

    OHHHHHH Na-Bell is beautiful.. I hope you are gonna ask her to be your DATE fur the Big PAWm that's comin up SOON.. CHOMP CHOMP buddy befur somebuddy ELSE sees her and Asks Furst.

  4. Wow, a munchkin! Nice treat! Aw, you fell for the classic we're going shopping trick! Sorry about that, but your release party looked fun!

  5. Wooo Dude that looks like some pawrole release pawtee. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  6. you had me up to the roll in the mud-- any souvenirs for you from Texas

  7. seems to me that lock up isn't too bad!


  8. Wow, she's going all out to keep you from being mad at her!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. Oh where to begin, Norwood??? First, so glad you are released! Wooos! You look so, so happy to be out. And what a fun trip - great pics! I think hu-Mom can be forgiven for that sneaky "shopping" trickery since the fun trip and DD was a good way to make-up!!! Glad you're out Nor-pal!

  10. She left you and went to visit other dogs?! That's just wrong! I hope she does a lot of belly scratching to make up for it all!


  11. The best part of this post was that donut hole at the end, Norwood - hope the Mom gave you more than just one:) Fun zoomies with a beautiful gal Na-bell. YOu two sure hit it off very well.

    Happy weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. And we forgot to add how happy we were to see The Happy Heelers and their peeps - we really miss their blog.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. Hi Norwood, sorry you were locked up but the party looked fab. Looks like Norwood's got a girlfriend hehehe. Your treat looked very yummy. Hope you didn't have to share. No worries, and love, Stella

  14. We can't believe your mom made that visit without you, Norwood, but your parole pawty was so much fun and so sweet, especially the donut treat!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. Well, we know parole did not come from good behavior (just saying), so glad your mom finally showed up with bail money. Looks like an awesome party!

  16. Nowwood,
    Now that a gweat getting out of the slammew pawty
    ! I love the moosic, the zoomies, the cookies, the watew and the company
    I think given all that, you can fowgive youw Mom fow cvisiting those cool healews wifout you..and finding a new love to boot?
    I think youw day is complete
    smoochie kisses

  17. Glad that you are free at last. Looks like you are making up for lost time for sure.

  18. As horrifically sounding as it is with your mom throwing you in lockup so she can go has funballs with udder dogs without you, I is thinking it mite all be werth it fur the guilty trip parole pawty afterwards. That be looking like a total blast!

  19. I think that's the best release pawtee ever ever ever!! Na-bell looks very sweet :D

    Glad your momma felt guilty for leaving you behind but hey... the pawtee was worth it all :)

    Thanks for your comment and suggestions on feeding Dom. We appreciate it a lot. We might be going a bit raw when he gets better.

  20. Obviously with a release partay as good as that one, the guilt is eatin' your Mom up. You can probably do all sorts of no goodballs until she gets over that guilt trip. AND had I known you were gonna be in lock up - your Mom coulda dropped you off at my house on the way and we coulda partayed the whole time she was gone. Make sure she knows that for any more tripballs she's gonna take.

    Woofs and trippy slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  21. That was one amazing party! Wow! Super zoomies funballs.


  22. You said it Norwood...that's the best welcome home EVER! You & Tula have the BEST Moms in the WORLD!
    your cat pal,


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